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YouTube Inc. was founded on 14th of February 2005 on San Mateo California. I don’t have the exact hour but I say that an 9:45am will be more likely to be close to reality. On the 9th October Google aquires YouTube company as is written in the Google press release:

“MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 9, 2006 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced today that it has agreed to acquire YouTube, the consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos through a Web experience, for $1.65 billion in a stock-for-stock transaction. Following the acquisition, YouTube will operate independently to preserve its successful brand and passionate community.”

Charts are posted here.

Anyway, looking on the YouTube chart we see that there are 4 planets in Aquarius ( Sun, Mercury,Neptune and Venus) forming two close and strong conjunctions: Sun-Mercury and Venus-Neptune. The Aquarius emphasize it shows the avant-garde business developed by Youtube and also the worldwide spreading. Venus conjunct Neptune it’s a clear symbol for TV, cinema, movies and videos. The trine with Jupiter bring up the internationalization of the YouTube.

The Moon position in Taurus it is an indicator of the fast accomodation of the users and easy to use facilities offered by YouTube. All his users are feeling comfortable with the YouTube website and philosophy.

Another interesting issues about YouTube chart is the lack of oppositions and reduced numbers of squares. At the first glance it might seems a very good thing. But as we all know squares and opposition are the ‘engines’ that are driving our life in achiving our purposes. In this case , YouTube by having no oppositions is having a reduced ability to set up partnerships and collaborations. YouTube acted alone and the only way to expand was to be bought by another company (Google in this case).

If you using the 9:45am hour we have the Moon in 1st house (popularity) , Sun-Mercury-Juno-Uranus and Venus-Neptune in 11th house (expansion to the large masses, amplify the use of new and innovative services). Also Pluto in 8th house and as a ruler of Descendant (7th house cuspide – the partners) it might indicate the takeover action from another company.

If you look at the moment of the Google-YouTube transaction (9th October 2006) We see some interesting facts:
– Progressed Moon is on the cusp of natal 2nd house at 2 degrees Gemeni and forming a trine with natal Chiron. In the natal chart Chiron is in 10th house (of the management) and receiving no major aspect. This is a indication of the difficulties of the company management for finding ways to expand the company. Progressed Moon offered an alternative: selling the company.
– Jupiter in transit in 7th house (do not forget the Jupiter is part of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square) and forming a trine with natal Saturn
– Sun and Mars in transit over natal Jupiter

If we compare the YouTube and Google charts we have also some interesting facts:
– AS-DS axes are inverted meaning the Google AS conjunct with YouTube DS.
– Google Saturn is conjunct YouTUbe Ascendant : Google is the older, saturnian entity who can offer YouTube solidity and stable grow. Or it can act as the implacable force meaning the YouTube had no change of escaping Google.
– Google Juno conjunct Google Jupiter – the perfect indication of an partenrship and collaboration
– Strong opposition between YT Sun-Mercury-Juno-Uranus and G. NN-Venus-Mercury and between YT Venus-Neptune and G Mars. Counting the fact the YT has no opposition in the natal chart we can say that these sinastry aspects acted as a powerfull force of attraction.

Looking on the Google chart and transits we see the followings:
– NN transit over natal Jupiter in 5th house: Google plans and strategy included this expansion in the entertainment area (5th house).
– Sun-Mars transit over Juno : excellent opportunity for setting up partenrships and signing contracts
Jupiter in transit in 1st house and trine with natal Jupiter: expansion, expansion and again expansion. But I’m a little bit carefull about the long term profitability regarding this aquisition. Remember that right now Jupiter in Scorpio is the focus point of a T-square (mentioned above). My opinion is that the future events it will show that the YouTube price  was too high (1,6 billion USD) and some legal actions (see the copyright problems) will have negative influences. In the support of this ideea I bring up the progressed Moon on the Google chart.Now is on the 9th house, 27 Cancer and is very close to some hard aspects: opposition to natal Neptune (illusions), square with natal Saturn and with natal Juno. And soon it will leave the Cancer sign for Leo. Also progressed Sun is closing to his perfect oppsition with natal and progressed Jupiter (in 1-2 years). In my opinion there will be some risky actions from the Google part which wil generate some legal troubles.

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