US Presidents – astrological analysis

Jupiter just start its retrograde movement on my 6th natal house. So let’s do some analytical and ‘care to detailes’ analysis…

Now that everybody is focusing on the next year elections for Presidency in US I though that will be interested to find out what are the astrological aspects that can be found in all 42 presidents charts. For do this I used Configuration Hunter software and Microsoft Excel.

Technical aspects : because I didnt used the exact birthhour and place I’ve omitted the Moon. It will make the result not so accurate. I’ve took in consideration the following aspects and orbs : conjunction ( 8 degrees), sextile ( 4 degrees), square (8 degrees), trine ( 8 degrees) and opposition (8 degrees). The planets used in this analysis are: Sun, Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and Juno.

The results of the analysis can be viewed here on Google Docs. The list is orderd descending by the percentage of the aspect from the total no of presidents.

Looking over the results I was a little surprised about some issues: the heavy presence of Juno and Chiron aspects. Actually half of the presidents had an Chiron-Juno aspect. As we all know Chiron is an asteroid which indicates the guide and the bridge between old structures (Saturn) and new ones (Uranus). Juno is about relationships and partnerships. This combination, Chiron – Juno, show us a person which has strong abilities to use ability to make partenerships for promoting an ideea or to make a change. It also show us that a person with this aspect is also helped by others to become a leader and to open new doors and perspectives. All presidents that made history are having an aspect between Juno and Chiron: starting with George Washington , continuing with Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and not finally George W Bush. Another interesting aspect is that there is no Chiron-Juno squares. Mostly , 16, are conjunctions.

The second most occuring combination is that between Venus and Saturn. I think that this combination is an indication of autocontrol and how to impose your will over feelings or desires. 50% of the presidents had this combination in their chart.

Next we have several interesting combinations: Jupiter-Chiron (45% of the presidents) , Mercury – Juno (43%) , Mercury – Chiron (40%) , Sun – Juno (40%), Sun – Jupiter (40%) and Uranus – Chiron (40%). As we can observe Chiron and Juno are very present in most of the presidentials charts and in combination with powerfull and expanding planets : Sun, Jupiter and Uranus. From my point of view this might indicate the ‘visionary’ aspects and the ability to work and influence large masses of people’s.
At the opposite side there are Sun-Neptune, Mercury- Neptune and Mars-Juno with an occurence of 17% (for each combination). This is another interesting aspects: lack of Neptune involvement in the presidential charts. In my opinion I think that this result show us the Neptune is blurring a lot and the persons under his influence is not able to communicate his message very clear. Also Mars – Juno is not good for diplomacy and is adding a lot of ego in all relationships and partnerships. Since Lyndon B. Johnson no other president had a Mars-Juno combination.

Another lack of combination is the between Pluto and Sun ,respectively Mars. And moreover this combination is found to the ‘warrior’ presidents like Bush family. The Senior Bush has Mars trine Pluto and Junior has Sun trine Pluto.

Looking on the resulted analysis many conclusion and interesting facts can be extracted. I will stop here and in a next article I will analyze the candidates charts related to above findings. To see who will win the race to the White House ….

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  1. Having done a study like this on another subject, I can say that you uncovered some very important findings. Having 40% to 50% of a group share any configuration is more than statistically significant. Bravo on some excellent work.

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