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For me Terry Oldfield music is a continuous source of inspiration and meditation. I’ve discovered his music 10 years ago and at that moment I didn’t know who is Terry and I knew nothing about him or his activity.

Now I would like to invite you to discover the person behind the music by making a short astrological analysis of his birthchart. Using information from his website (www.terryoldfield.com) and other source of information I’ve found out the he was born on 12th of August 1949 on London and it has Leo rising. Based on this data’s I was able to create his chart. Still the hour of birth is not exact and this chart is a proposal.

Chart is available here http://www.ciuboda.com/acharts/v/Persons/TERRY.gif.html

Terry Oldfield is double Leo sign (Sun and Ascendant) and with Pisces Moon. He is the perfect example of how to use in a positive manner the powerfully and creative force of the Leo sign.

The most interesting aspect in the chart is the conjunction Sun-Pluto in 12th (in my opinion this is the correct positions and not in 1st house). This position is the ‘engine’ that drives Terry to continuous inner search for enlightenment and gives him the ability to access different level of perception. It’s no wonder that now he is conducting a meditation and yoga class.

If we look further at this conjunction we can see that positioned on the Venus-Mars midpoint. This midpoint is a sensible point from the creativity point of view. Is the place where the creative energies (Venus) joins personal expressing forces (Mars). This conjunction is very powerfully and it provides and excellent background for creative manifestations and spiritual evolution.

Neptune ,the mystic and the imaginative energy, is in sextile (60 degrees) with Sun/Pluto/Mars-Venus-midpoint. No wonder that his music is so meditative and relaxing and has the ability to translate you into a imaginary land.

“Terry left school at 16 to travel the world and worked as a roadie for various bands including the Byrds, setting-up stage and sound mixing systems.”

Sounds like the following aspects are explaining this early run away: Mercury conjunct Saturn in 1st house , sextile Uranus and square Chiron (4th house). Mercury conjunct Saturn in first house outline his early search for an identity and speeding up the process of growing up. Uranus adds the need for independence and search of the new worlds. The square with Chiron adds a strong need for seeking his purpose in this life. At 16 years his progressed Sun reached the Mercury-Saturn natal position. No wonder that this was the moment when he decided to travel all over the world.

Terry traveled all over the world, from Greece to India, and finally made Australia his home. North Node in 9th house and trine with Sun/Pluto (Pluto ruling 4th house – his home) shows us the importance of traveling and visiting foreign countries and also the fact that he decided to set up in Australia and not his birth country UK.

“Terry’s career began in the earnest when he was asked by the BBC to compose music for scenes called Great Railway Journeys of the World.” (year 1982).
Another milestone in Terry’s life. IN 1982 progressed Sun reached natal Venus.

“In 2001, Terry moved to Australia and many new directions have opened up for him there.” –progressed Mars on natal Pluto (Pluto ruling 4th natal house) , progressed Lilith on natal NN and progressed Venus in 4th house.

I will end up here my article not without saying: THANK YOU TERRY for your music!


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