Tayyip Erdogan , President of Turkey – Inauguration time astrological analysis

We all know the events that took place on 15th of July 2016 in Turkey . From astrological point of view it’s an event that be analyzed using many techniques and methods. It’s a rich subject and I’ve read many good astrological analysis involving different charts.

Usually when I analyze political charts I’m relying on inauguration chart of that official – president, prime minister etc. I was lucky to find  on Youtube the moment of Tayyip Erdogan inauguration – 28th of August 2014 14:13 Anakara, Turkey. The chart raised on that moment will describe all events related to Erdogan presidency and how things will evolve.


Looking at the inauguration chart we can outline the following interesting elements:

Sagittarius Rising at 9:42 perfect trine with it’s ruler, Jupiter, at 9:25 Leo. In my opinion this is the ‘bonus luck’ that Erdogan had it and lead it to the failed coup. The Ascendent is also in a positive aspect with Moon (sextile) from 10th house. This will outline the public support that he will receive. But the Moon is affected by Neptun by a quincunx and it makes the public support to be very volatile. Things can change very quickly from ‘ love’ to ‘hate’ .

Mars conjunct Saturn on the 12th house cusp – 19th degree of Scorpio. Strong enemies which in time will alter the Presidency power. Venus and Lilith (Black Moon) are both at 19 Leo and perfect square with Mars, Saturn and 12th house cusp. This is a very difficult aspect and amplifies all the revenge instincts. Venus as a ruler of 6th house is blocking those who fights against the President. Venus in our case might represent those people who knew about the coup but didnt want to take part. Venus as a ruler of 6th house can be translated as the enemies of my secret enemies – 6th house on derived houses is 7th from 12th. Lilith conjunct Venus shows me that there were persons who knew about what will happen but refused, didn’t had that courage to take part.

Sun in 9th house , ruling the 9th house and opposing Neptune is an important element. 9th house is also the place of those who are below the President and trying to take his place. It’s the 12th house from the 10th. The 9th place is the follower of the leader in a race and he waits from his mistakes and errors. Sun here shows that there are quite a few important ‘2nd place’ persons who are ready to take the leadership. Neptune opposing Sun is making them weak and unable to make a clear plan. Also generates errors in evaluating some opportunities.

If we looking on the transits for 15th July 2016 – see chart below – we can see some interesting aspects:

Turkey Erdogan inaugural chart - transits 15 jul 2016

Saturn retrograde at 10 Sagittarius on top of the Ascendent. This is a clear aspects describing the events that took place. Mars in 12th house and Saturn on Rising gave power to those ‘ secret enemies’ of the President and forced them to act. But Neptune on transit it was at 11th Pisces and squaring Saturn in transit and Ascendant – the illusion of power.

Venus, Mercury close to natal Jupiter and reinforcing the ‘ bonus luck’ provided by natal aspect between Ascendant and Jupiter. Jupiter in transit was at 19th degree of Virgo and close to natal Mercury and on sextile with natal Mars-Saturn. In my opinion, Jupiter here created the ideea that a military coup has no legal and moral support, it’s not right. It’s like people were more against this type of action rather than loving the President.

The progressed Moon was at 29 Libra and on 23rd of July will move into Scorpio. MC is also at 29th of Virgo and it will move into Libra on April 2017. This changes shows us that things will change on how people will react and feel over what happend. The 2 years period of progreseed Moon in Scorpio – where there is Mars and Saturn- it will be very hard for the President and it will support dramatic events and extreme actions.

Another method that I find useful is the Solar Return. And looking on the SR for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 – the current and the next year – we see some interesting common elements:

Turkey Erdogan inaugural chart - SR 2 years

Moon is in 12 house in both years. This means that the plots will continue and the public support of Erdogan it will be decreased in time.

Mars on the cusp of 6th house on both years. In 2015/2016 chart it’s conjunct with Venus in Leo and in 2016/2017, next year, will be conjunct with Saturn in Sagittarius. In my opinion, Mars here will destroy all the plans and actions of the ‘ secret enemies’. It also indicates the retailation actions from the President. He is hitting hard on those who he thinks that are against him.

– The 2015/2016 chart has Ascendant at 24 Pisces and the 2016/2017 chart has MC at 26 Pisces. This places are very close to natal IC found at 27 Pisces. It’s an interesting placement and from my point of view it’s giving power to the President. Having AS and MC over the natal IC he can control how things will end. Any atack on him until August 2017 it will have a reduced chance of succes.

What will happend next?

Retrospective astrology is beautiful and easy to do it. But we are not real astrologers if we are not trying to deal with the future tendencies.

From my point of view , the first part of 2018 it will be very dangerous for Erdogan Presidency and the chances for him to step down are increased.

Let’s see why…

The Solar Return chart for 2017/2018 is different from the previous ones and shows a clear decrease of the President political support:

Turkey Erdogan inaugural chart - SR 2017

The Ascendant is at 23 Virgo, right on the natal Mercury in 9th house. I translate this as a strong debate and question regarding the legitimity of his presidency. AS is also quincux South Node – again not a very positive aspect.

Mercury , the ruler of the Ascendant, is retrograde at 2 degrees Virgo, burned by Sun and in 12 house. Mercury is also the MC ruler. Very weak position for the chart ruler. Also the Sun, an important figure of this chart, is on 12 house.

– DS on 23 Pisces – 3rd time in a row when a cardinal cusp on SR hits the natal IC.

Moon is in 3rd house at 22 Scorpio and quincux with MC, sextile AS and square Mars. What a combination! It’s a dangerous position for the Moon and shows a lot of powerful emotional drive that can act as triggers for various dangerous activities. Also I think that will be a lot of debates and talks on the President close circle. Also the Moon is close to natal Mars-Saturn in Scorpio.

Mars on cusp of 12th house and therefore returning to his natal placement. This it might be an indication that the secret enemies are regaining power. North Node conjunct Mars in Leo would add some support. Saturn is conjunct Lilith and over the IC. Saturn for Erdogan presidency is the enemy as we can see it in the inauguration chart. Now Saturn is controlling how things will end – this is IC.

With Mars and Saturn controlling 2 important houses and the Mercury as ruler of AS and MC being vey weak I can say that it will be a very, very difficult year for President Erdogan. And Jupiter in Libra trine MC I dont think will be strong enough to counter any attack. Perhaps , Jupiter will help in finding a diplomatic solution (being the ruler of IC and DS) to what will happend.

On this type of analysis I’m using the Lot of Kings and Sultans from Al Biruni. On this Solar return chart , this Lot is at 20:40 Sagittarius and conjunct with Saturn. Another indication of the difficulties that will come regarding the President holding his position.

So far, we see that the year between August 2017 and August 2018 it will be very diffcult for President Erdogan.

Looking on the progressed planets (secondary progression) we notice that on January-March 2018, Moon will be at 18-20 degrees in Scorpion crossing over natal Saturn-Mars and 12th house Cusp and square natal Venus/Lilith in Leo. This is a powerfull influence and in my opionion these 3 months period of time will be the most dangerous and active within that Solar Return Year.

Turkey Erdogan inaugural chart - SP 2018

Looking at the transit for Jan-March 2018, we see the followings:

Turkey Erdogan inaugural chart - TR 2018

– Mars will be conjunct with Saturn at 8
degree Capricorn – close to natal Pluto at 11 Capricorn and squaring natal Moon at 6 Libra.

– Jupiter will enter into 12th house and at 9th of March will go retrograde at 23 degrees on Scorpion. Jupiter will be crossing 3 times the natal Mars-Saturn conjunction on the 12th cusp. We will have a super combo: natal Mars-Saturn- Jupiter in transit – progressed Moon – Solar Return Moon!!! All in Scorpion and 12th house cusp.

– Pluto will square the Nodes and quincux the natal Venus.

– Mercury on 22nd of March will go retrograde at 16 degrees of Aries and right on the natal Uranus. I think that this aspect will trigger unexpected events.

For me all the above influences it’s a clear indication that chances that President Erdogan will keep his position after August 2018 are reduced. And I think that things will not be easy for people of Turkey.

The last chart I want to share with you is the Solar Ingress in Aries for 2018:

Aries 2018 Ankara

– AS 3 Libra square Mars/Saturn and oppose Sun. Venus, the ruler of AS is in Aries and conjunct Mercury, Uranus and sqaure Lilit and Pluto.

– Mars conjunct Saturn on IC and squaring Sun and AS/DS.

– Moon as the ruler of MC and the Presidency in 8th house squaring the nodes. There is a trine to Saturn and Mars which might help in finding a diplomatic solution.

Thank you,

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