Sydney hit by massive blackout – astrology point of view

“Central Sydney was plunged into chaos due to a massive peak-hour power outage that forced the closure of major road links, blacked out traffic lights and left hundreds of buildings in darkness.

The fault hit four major cables which supply two sub-stations in the city at 4.45pm.”  Source The Australian

The event date was 29th of March 2009.Let’s take a short look on this event from astrological perspective…

If we look on the transits for the city of Sydney we can find a list of many exact aspects:

  • Lilith (BlackMoon) transiting natal Saturn in 3rd house – 3rd house might be the indication of high voltage cable that failed. Also Pluto was just entering 3rd natal house
  • Jupiter transiting natal Neptune – amplify all occuring events and it’s an indicator for public panic
  • Mars in transit makes a perfect Trine with natal Mercury
  • Ceres retro transiting natala Venus – financial loss generated by domestic activities. Also being in 11th house is an indication of unexpected events.
  • Saturn exact trine to natal Jupiter
  • Sun square natal Vesta

Transits to natal Sydney

All above transits are below 1 degree orb.  Pretty interesting the number of those exact aspects.

Also the event took place on perfect conjunction Venus retro – Mercury in transit. In my opinion this was the trigger aspect of this blackout. Venus is strongly present on the various charts of this event:

  • by transit is retrograde
  • by Secondary Progression is also retrograde at 19th degree of Sagittarius
  • on Lunar Return is retrograde and on exact position of the Ascendant: 12th degree of Aries

Venus retro on Ascendant and ruler of 2nd hous (money) on Lunar Return is an indication of some financial loss for that month. The AS -Venus ruler , Mars , is on 11th house – unexpected events and electricity.

Lunar return for Sydney blackout

Charts available: Transits to natal and Lunar return

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One comment on “Sydney hit by massive blackout – astrology point of view

  1. I think you’re onto something here regarding Venus. Always did have the nagging suspicion that Venus is quite important in events that have little to do with what modern Western astrology considers to be Venusian. In the Mayan world view, as you probably know, Venus is one of the most influential planets, eminently connected with warfare.

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