Sun-Ceres conjunction in Leo : a pattern of power change

Each year there is a Sun-Ceres conjunction taking place on our sky. Each time a different sign and with a different energy and symbolism. This year , Leo is our host.

Sun conjunct Ceres in Leo presents some particularities because here the Sun is in domicile and very powerful. Also this conjunction in Leo is not happening very often. Using Configuration Hunter tool, I’ve found out that Sun-Ceres conjunction in Leo is taking place once at 9 and 14 years.

Doing a quick research on the events that took place under Sun-Ceres in Leo I’ve found some interesting patterns. It seems that around this conjunction there are some political events regarding nations independence and border delimitation.

The previous Sun-Ceres conjunctions in Leo were:

July 1999 : India recaptures Kargil, forcing the Pakistan Army to retreat. India announces victory, ending the 2-month conflict.

August 1990: Gulf War:  Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to the Gulf War. East Germany and West Germany announce they will unite on October 3.

July 1976: North Vietnam and South Vietnam unite to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

August 1967: The State of Tamil Nadu, India is established.

August 1953: Korean War Korean Armistice Agreement: United Nations Command (Korea) (United States), People’s Republic of China, North Korea sign an armistice agreement at Panmunjom and the north remains communist while the south remains capitalist.

August 1944: WW2 full campaign against Germany and Japan

July-August 1930:A military junta takes over in Peru.

July-August 1907: Korea becomes a protectorate of Japan.

The current Sun-Ceres conjunction will take place on 18th of August 2013 – the exact aspect moment. The next one is on 2022 followed by 2036,2059 and 2082.

Let’s discuss a little bit about Sun and Ceres meanings.

In Greek mythology we have Zeus for Sun and Demetra for Ceres.  They were brother and sister and Zeus was ruling in the sky while Demetra was a goddess living on Earth.  Demetra is responsible with fertility , agriculture and crops.

She has a strong link with the idea of the land and how it is managed.
Conjunction between Sun and Ceres  might be translated as a moment of ‘brother talk’. All the discussion are taking place on the Leo sign , the Sun’s domicile. Sun and Ceres are talking about power control and how things should be managed.

Ceres is also related to fear of loss – she lost her daughter. Being conjunct with Sun in Leo it can strongly increase the fear of losing power of those who are leading. And this fear might lead to ‘peace treaty’ or agreements to solve out disputes.

Ceres it can become very violent. When her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped she destroyed everyone standing on her way.  There is no surprise that during the Sun-Ceres in Leo conjunctions there are violent actions. Right now as we close to the perfect conjunctions the situation in Egypt becomes more and more violent with a lot of deaths.

Also is interesting to see what event will be in 2013 that will relate to our pattern of political change.



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