Steve Irwin – Astrology profile of a Crocodile Hunter


As you probably already find out , Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter is not longer among us. It’s a great loss for everyone! I always looked fascinated to his Croc TV series and I was thinking how ‘crazy’ he must be by doing this. For me a little snake can be a terifiant experience ..not thinking on a crocodile or a serious snake.

I’ve looked up for some information about Steve in order to build up an astrological profile. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out his bith hour. Looking to all collected infos I am able to propose a birth hour. All the charts can be viewed here

But first let’s take a look on his chart without counting houses

Sun in Pisces combined with Moon in Libra show us a charismatic person , ossessing an extraordinary ability to attract others peoples attention. Sun – Chiron conjunction indicates the teacher role played by Steve through his TV shows and his activities. He opened our eyes about the crocodile world ..and not only crocs.

Mercury – Saturn conjunction is an indication of his mental strength, being able to remain focus and calm no matter how dangerous was the situation.

A very important aspect is the Mars- South Node conjunction : show us the Steve tendency to dangerous actions. He was looking for all the dangerous activities because this was his way to express his strong internal ‘fire’ energy. This position indicates dificulties in controlling a person energy and actions and requires a very strong auto-control in order to survive on long term. Also this conjunction is in square with Neptune – prone to risky bravery actions (Neptune is also a symbol of water-oceans).

As previously mentioned I have a birthtime proposal. This would be 06:00pm resulting an Gemeni Ascendent (around 10 degrees). The proposed chart can be seen <>

The Gemeni ascendent is compatible with Steve personality: dynamic, good speaker, very curious.  The Moon it is placed on the 4th house : it is well known that the familly it was very important for Steve. And also it outlines the legacy recevied from his family (hi is continuing the work of his father). And do no forget that on childhood he moved with his family from Melbourne to Queensland.

Mars-South node and Mercur-Saturn conjunction are in 8th house – a important indication about his death and also for all his accidents (small ones).  Jupiter , Sun, Chiron and Venus on 9th house outlines his connections with foreign worlds and countries (also visiting but also his world wide reputation). As we can see the 3rd-9th houses are activated. This is an indication of his continous research on animal life.

Now let’s take a look of the sinastry chart with his wife Terri , born on 20.07.1964. We see a lot of interesting aspects:
– Saturn of Terri conjunct Steve’s Sun : karmic connection – Terri gave Steve the solid ground on wich he was able to express his personality. And Steve triggered the Terri’s need for security.
– Terri’s Moon conjunct Steve’s Descendant : excellent emotional communcation
– Steve’s Ceres conjunct Terri’s Jupiter: Terri helped Steve to evoluate on the emotional level; helped him to expand his feelings and emotions.
– Terri’s Mercury conjunct Node North of Steve : good verbal and mental communication
– Terri’s Ceres conjunct Sun-Moon midpoint of Steve : intense feelings

As we can see the multitude of the conjunctions show us that this relationship was an important one for both of them and also there was a very strong karmic component.

Now let’s move to the tragic moment of his death. I have two charts: transits and secondary progression.

If we look on the transits we observe that Steve for was in a middle of important medium and long term aspects : Uranus still too close with natal Venus, Node North over Midheaven, Saturn on North Node, Neptune on South Node and Pluto on Sun-Moon midpoint and Jupiter on Neptune. Impresive list of transits…and all of them show us one things: huge transformation of his life! I don’t want to enter into a debate regarding if Steve could avoid death now or not…but I think that if he were aware about this aspects and if he will action based on this probably it would had a change of surviving. But it always appear this ‘but’…

And not counting that on his moment Mars-South Node conjunction was active: it appeared also on his natal chart but also in transits…and on his 4th house cusp.
Regarding fast transits we noticed: Venus on natal Uranus, Sun-Juno on Pluto, Ceres on natal Mars-South North.

Regarding progressions….things are outlining the same aspects.
Moon progressed on natal Ascendant and square Pluto, Jupiter (progressed) and Sun. Also this aspect is sustained on his influence by Ceres progressed on 12th house square natal Sun. An important series of aspects which combined with transits can give us a good overview of the importance of the period.

Also Sun and Mercury in progression was in opposition with natal Moon. Jupiter in progression over natal Sun, Chiron over Venus.

I hope that the below analysis was helpful for you and further analysis can be made based on this starting points. What I don’t like is that often were are able to analyze extraordinaries persons only after their death! Only in that moment we are realizing all the great things made during the life. Only than we are becoming aware of what we have missed.

Thank you Steve for everything that you have done for us!

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  1. Indeed/ May his soul rest in peace By the way, what would you say , are the astrological indications in a horoscope showing death by crocodile attack?

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