Star of David : Ceres-Venus-Saturn/Moon-Juno-Jupiter-Chiron

This morning I was looking on charts I observed an interesting and perfect Grand Trine formed by Jupiter-Saturn-Ceres which will occur on the date of 5th of May 2007. Looking more closer I’ve observed that a few days before a super Star of David configuration will take place – 25th of April 2007.

Star of David
This Star of David configuration it will be formed by Ceres, Venus, Saturn/Moon ,Juno,Jupiter and Chiron. By his definition the Star of David is a very powerfull configuration with a strong vibration from 6 or more planets or elements. From my point of view this Stars are energetic portals which ,used in a proper and conscient manner, can allow us to receive guidance and energy from higher levels. But this is a very static configuration, it’s an opportunity. If you do something with it you will get results. Otherwise you wont feel it.

Now let’s take a look at this Star of David…

I’ve choosed the 25th of April as a moment of this configuration because of the Moon position – conjunct with Saturn and also because most of the aspects are forming and not separating. From my point of view this is the most powerfull moment of this configuration. As a time frame this Star of David is forming around 24th of April and it last until 2nd of May.

This Star of David is a Fire-Air configuration with no Earth and Water elements. Also is containing only Yang signs. So, we have a very dynamic energy involved here with a strong focus on communication and creation. This Star can be used on two different levels:

  • Spiritual : it’s an excellent opportunity to increase your level of self-confidence and also to meditate on your role in this universe. Step away one minute from your daily taks and think about your purpose in life, about your karma and more important about your dharma (where you wanna go).
  • Material (Real world) : starting a new project focusing on communication and creativity is an excellent choice. Now you will be able to focus more clearly on your goals and also you will find ways to better express your abilities and inner powers.

Analyzing each planet and element we observe the followings:

  • Ceres in Aries and trine with Moon-Saturn : you need to start showing the world what is inside you! You can eliberate yourself from ‘negative’ emotions by expressing them into the world (Ceres in Aries). Doing this in a conscient manner you will control this energy flow and you will keep your freewill. Otherwise Ceres in Aries might bring events in your life that will shake you emotional status. Moreover that Chiron is opposing Moon-Saturn.
  • Grand Trine Ceres-Jupiter-Saturn : this is the engine of this Star of David. For describing this combination of element I will use a company slogan : ” Go Create!”. Jupiter in trine with Saturn (a re-done aspects) is the foundation of your future developements and Ceres in Aries is receiving this energy and ‘force’ you to create, to give life, to express your potential and manifest your spirit. The other Grand Trine Venus-Juno-Chiron is coming to sustain your actions and to give you the ability to improve your communication with the others. It also emphasize the creativity (Venus in Libra) and originality (Chiron in Aquarius).

In conclusion I can say that we should use this ‘magic’ moment to do something , to start a project or just meditate on your life.

Go Create!


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