Societe Generale 4.9 billion euros loss inflicted by Jerome Kerviel – astrological analysis

You probably heard about the biggest trading loss ( 4.9 billions euros) caused by Jerome Kerviel to Societe Generale. If not you can read more information about this event on TimesOline .

The main ideea is that a single person , Jerome Kerviel, inflicted a huge loss to Societe Generale – the bank were he worked as a Trader. The purpose of this article is to analyze the astrological influences of this event. We will analyze the Societe Generale and Jerome K. natal chart and also transits and progressions.

Societe Generale was created on 4th of May 1864 and Jerome Kerviel was born on 11th January 1977. Looking on the natal chart of SG will not e very helpful and will not offer us interesting infos about this event.

But Jerome K. chart presents some interesting aspects. The most important seems to be Venus in Pisces square Neptune (aplicant aspect). It’s a clear indication of the trading and stock market influences on Jerome. Pisces it’s about financies and money while Venus there indicates desires and expectation of winning. In particular Venus in Pisces is offering a strong financial intuition and ability to ‘feel’ the market trends. But in Jerome case the Neptune squaring Venus is showing us a higher risk of losing and making wrong decisions. This strong need for winning is sustained in his case by the lack of control. He doesnt know when to stop. From astrological point of view we have Pluto squaring both Sun and Mercury-Mars conjunction. Also the Moon depending on the time of birh (unknown to me) might get very close to Pluto. My opinion is that Jerome is very ambitios and posses a strong financial intuition ( he made a strong profit on the previous year – this is the reason that he able to deal with such amounts of money). But this desire of winning took control over him and made him push a little bit to much. In my opinion he lost his control…the ‘power’ got him. Jerome didn’t want money actually…he needs to win , to beat the system.

Now let’s take a look on the synastry chart between Jerome and Societe Generale.

Synastry SG - Jerome

The strongest aspect in my opinion is the Saturn (SG) conjunct Pluto (Jerome). This aspect show us that SG (Societe Generale) was the perfect ground (Saturn) for Jerome ambition and desire for winning (Pluto). Also SG managers ( Saturn – people in power) was impressed about his skills ( do not forget that he had succes before this loss happend) and also dreamed about making a lot of money. Of course the official version is that Jerome acted by himself and broke a lot of internal regulations…but I think that it was a mutual and tacit agreement. If he won everything it was perfect…if not he will be hold responsible. It’s so easy…

Other interesting aspects are:

– Jerome’s Venus in Pisces conjunct with SG Mars: inflaming the bank desire for winning.
– Jerome’s Chiron conjunct SG Venus-Moon: I think that this huge loss will triger a ‘cleaning’ activity both on the bank level and also on the trading market.
– Jerome’s Lilith-Jupiter close to Sun-Pluto on SG chart. : another perfect example of overestimating the some abilities and resources.

There are also many other aspects that are giving us a complete picture of bank relationship with Jerome K. It’s also interesting the both entities had a direct aspect between Sun and Pluto: Jerome has Sun square Pluto and the bank Sun conjunct Pluto. Also there is a similarity on Jupiter-Lilith relationship: Jerome has conjunction while SG has square.

Now let’s take a look on the transit of the moment and the impact on both charts.

First Societe Generale…transits for 24th of Jan 2008 – the moment of the official announcement
Societe Generale transits

The first thing to noticed is the influence of the Mars transits. The entire ‘business’ came out to the surface on the moment when Mars retrograde return to natal Uranus. The first transit occured on September 27th and I think that this is the moment that things started to go wrong for the bank…the effects were seen on January when European stock markets suffered heavy losses of about 6%. We should not that also Uranus was making a direct transit over natal Mars outlining the unexpected series of events causing this huge loss.

Another interesting aspect is Ceres over natal Sun-Pluto. It’s all about security and corrections. Ceres brought a severe correction to the bank high risk activities…actually to the bank greed. And finally we should not forget about Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – changing powers.

Looking on the progressed chart of SG (not attached here) we can see the Moon squaring the natal position and Mars doing the same square aspect to his natal place. Also the progressed Jupiter is conjunct with his natal position – on the natal chart Jupiter being retrograde SG had for many year Jupiter progressed retro and now is the return to the original position.

Now let’s take a look on the Jerome transits…

Jerome transits

Here the things are a little bit more clear…Jupiter was exactly over natal Mars-Mercury on the moment of the arrest and official statement. In a traditional approach this aspect should bring him good things…but do not forget is all about amplify and getting large…and entering on Capricorn earlier made him very confident in his abilitiy to see the market trends. Another interesting aspect is Juno transiting natal Neptune …smell like betrayal and prison. This influence is outlined also by Lilith transiting natal Juno.

On the progressed chart (not attached) we have Mars-Mercury conjunction re-done – this time in Aquarius. Also Sun progressed was making a Grand Cross with natals Saturn, Jupiter-Lilith and Juno. Venus proggresed is also in a bad position: opposition with natal Moon,Ceres and Pluto and square natal Mars-Mercury.

Of course there are many other aspects and influences to analyze and discuss. I will stop but I invite you to comment any other aspect that you observe and consider important.


This is a good example of “What if companies will use astrology for analyzing their business?”. In the case of Societe General it will probably help it reduce the risk and damages. But some things happends because it has to happends!

Jerome from what I can see is a collateral victim. Yes…he done all this wrong tradings…but why nobdy stopped him! You cannot say to me that when you as a bank didnt know to have opened trades in amount of 50 billions EUR (more than your market capitalization)?! If you didnt knew it it’s very bad …and all the managers should quit. And how can I trust you to be my bank if you don’t know who is playing with your money? Or if you knew and didnt do anything it’s even worst…

Starting from this example I will try to do a analysis on other major banks and see how there are doing…of course from the astrological point of view.

All the best,


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