Saturn-Chiron cycle or transcending from personal to global

In traditional astrology planets from Sun to Saturn are considered to be individual/personal planets (with influences on the person itself) while the Uranus, Neptune and Pluto represent groups and collectives of persons (with influences on large scale).
The Chiron is the missing link between this two groups and his role is to integrate the individual into his community (globally speaking). It also help us to express our potential in the outer world.
In other words Chiron is the making the translation from Saturn, old structure and the last refuge of the individual conscience, to Uranus , the freedom of being part of higher conscience.Cycle importance
The Saturn-Chiron cycle shows us the periods in time when the human kind is making important steps in becoming aware of this spirit. It deals with important changes in the mentality of masses and social movements. very often this changes are not easy ones and occurs only after a series of dramatic changes.

A full cycle Saturn-Chiron may last from 60 years to 185 years and it’s starting with the conjunction. The milestones or the main checkpoints are sextiles, squares, opposition and trines.

Current and previous cycles
The current Saturn-Chiron cycle started on April 1966 and it will end on June 2028. Previous cycles were: 1819-1883 and 1883-1966. In this moment, year 2006, we are at the end of the 19 years of opposition between Saturn and Chiron!!!! On 21 June 2006 it will be the last perfect opposition.

1883- 1966 Saturn-Chiron cycle

On 25.04.1883 there was the perfect conjunction between Saturn and Chiron on 26:16 Taurus. This aspect marked the starting of the cycle.
As the first ‘interesting’ thing I noticed the conjunction with Algol star (not a very close angle). No wonder that during this cycle we had World War 1 and World War 2. There were some violent times and intense social movements. Also being in Taurus indicates the important role of the material accumulations and security issues.

Another distinct and important characteristic of this cycles was the 17 years period of Saturn-Chiron square aspects (between 1935 to 1952) with exact 20 perfect aspects (zero orb). Note that these square are after opposition aspect.
During these time we had several major events which changed the world from the ground: Hitler dark period, World War II, Spanish civil war, ONU and World Bank appearance, Indian independence and start of de-colonization and emergence of the ‘Third World’, appearance of communism , creation of the state of Israel, NATO alliance, Korean War, Warsaw Pact and starting of the Cold War. We can see here how in a not so long period of time the entire world was completely changed!

During the times of the first square period (1913-1914) the World War I started.

Other aspects times:
– between 1883 and 1910-1911 (from conjunction and to sextile): Radioactivity discovered(1896); Einstein theory of relativity was announced; auto industry started (Ford , Mercedes). From political point of view we have the forming of China republic.
– on 1916 and 1917 during the Trine aspect the Russian Revolution took place. Also communism appearance as ideology.
– between 1930 and 1932 the trine period: penicillin discovered.
– between 1957-1958 the last sextile : Sputnik 1 – first space satellite, formation of EEC (European Community), The first integrated circuit

1966 – 2028 cycle
On 13th of April 1966 a new conjunction took place and a new chiron-saturn cycle started.
The conj. was on 23:53 Pisces.

Between 1966 and 1986 those 2 planets had a fast moving period and 14 march 1986 reached the first perfect opposition. Starting from that point and until now, meaning 20 years between 1986-2006, (last opposition will take place on 21 June 2006) there were 25 perfect oppositions aspects.

If we look back in time we see that the same radical changes on the world, similar with the 17 years period of square from the previous cycle. The most important event is represented by the end of Cold War and the end of the communism in Eastern Europe and Russia. The separation between West and East is no longer existing.
Another important global event that took place during this time was the terrorism and religious wars. All over the world we assist of bloody conflicts on the name of God: Bosnia and Kosovo, Iran, Israel and the list continues. We should not forget that this cycle started with an Pisces conjunction. If on the previous cycle the battle was based on material and territorial ground now the war has another source: religion.

On 2012 (16 November) we will enter in the trine phase which will last for about 2 years (05 august 2014) and there will be 5 perfect aspects. I think that starting with these period we will assist to some major shift in the world mentality and life approach. The following square period (2016-2017) it will be too short and will not have a strong impact (negative).

This cycle it will end on 9 June 2028 with 6:55 Taurus conjunction.
About the 1966 – 2028 Saturn-Chiron cycle I will return in a future post because I think that is important to analyze this 20 year of oppositions.


If you look at the Saturn-Chiron we can see the it is closely matching with periods from our time were the human kind was forced by external events to evolve and to become aware of the fact that we are all the same species and we are forming a huge family. And we are living on the same house…called Earth.

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  1. There are so many astroids….do you really feel that chiron has a significant place in astrology in itself? Or is the massive size of Chiron sufficient to cast such influence….of do you view Chiron as the major influence of all the astroids, or the best representative of the astroids?


  2. I think that Chiron is important in astrology not only by his size but his interesting movement. When Chiron reaches its perihelion, it is actually closer to the Sun than Saturn ever gets, and at aphelion Chiron reaches almost to Uranus’ orbit. In my opinion Chiron is a link between Saturn and Uranus.

    For more info about Chiron and why is important I recommend reading the following articles: and

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