Richard Hammond – car crash – astrological analysis

“Richard Hammond is a British television presenter best known for co-presenting Top Gear along with James May and Jeremy Clarkson from 2002 onwards.

At approximately 5:45pm BST on 20 September 2006 Richard Hammond was seriously injured in a car crash while filming for Top Gear at the former RAF Elvington airfield near York. He was piloting a jet-powered Vampire car, which is theoretically capable of travelling at 370mph, in an attempt to break the UK land speed record. He was said to be travelling at 280mph at the time of the crash. He is being treated at the specialist neurological hospital Leeds General Infirmary and is currently in a serious, but stable condition”

Source: Wikipedia

Let’s take a look at Richard’s horoscope chart… We know that he was born on 19th of December 1969 at Birmingham,England. The birthhour it is unknown. I’ve drawn the following charts: natal, natal with the accident transits and natal with progression on the accident moment. All charts can be viewed here.

Looking to his natal chart we observe the following interesting aspects related to his accident on water:
Mercury square Uranus: a clear indication of an high risk of sudden accidents by driving and mobility. Uranus is dealing with unexpected actions and accidents and Mercury is ruling all sorts of movement vehicles. It also affecting the nervous system (luckily Mercury in Capricorn is in trine with Saturn).
Mars in Pisces square Neptune in Scorpio. This is another hard aspect that outline a potential danger from accidents.

But this hard aspects are balanced by a series of positive influence of other planets:
Sun sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn : excellent stamina and energy. Good health and also good recovery after an injury or accident. This aspect is strengthen by the fact the Sun is in Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter.
– Also Mars is in good aspects with Saturn-Moon and Jupiter: endurance and plenty of energy to be used in case of emergency.

If we look at the accident transits we observe the followings:
– Lilith (Black Moon) and Sun were on exact transit over Pluto and square with natal Sun – It is a very powerfull and distructive transit amplified by the fact that PLuto on transit is very close to natal Sun, preparing for the second comeback.
– Mars on transit over natal Uranus  and square with natal Mercury: accidents , accidents and again accidents. He should avoid taking any suplimentary risks on this days.
– Neptune-Ceres transiting natal Ceres. This aspect is showing that from the emotional point of view there is a very important period and a series of events will lead to maturation and becoming more aware. I think that accident will make Richard re-evaluate his priorities in life and it will put in balance his family versus career (risky stunts more precise).

On the progressed chart we have: Sun-Venus (close conjunction) square natal Saturn-Moon, Ceres close to natal Mars, progressed Mars close to Chiron and in oppostion with natal Pluto. All this aspects are adding more importance to the  events occuring in the life of Richard in this period of time.

Finding the birth time will probably add more exact informations and a more detalied analysis it can be made.

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