Retrogrades astrological statistics

Retrogradation in astrology is an interesting topic and it’s almost impossible not to use it in your daily analysis.

These days I start working on an astrological statistical analysis on chess players. I’m using a list of 1300 Chessmasters players and try obtain some relevant data’s.  One interesting topic is related to Mercury retrograde. I’ve obtained the scores and I realized that I didnt had a benchmark to compare with.  So I start to look on retrograde movement over larg time periods.

I’ve used Configuration Hunter database which contains daily records of planets movement over 400 years. I’ve compiled 160000 days within the 3rd of Aug 1653 – 26th of Aug 2091 time interval and obtain some relevant statistics on retrogradation.

From all planets Venus has the shortest retrogradation period -> 7,21% from total analyzed days.  On second place is Mars on which the retrogrades phases counts only for 9,45% of total days.

Below you can see the full table – major asteroids included:

Retrograde statistics

The values in this table can be used in any astro-statistical analysis as a benchmark.

Also I’ve done an analysis on distribution of retrograde movement on zodiacal signs.  And there are some interesting facts:

– Venus is retrograding less in Sagittarius 0,44% compared with the most visited sign Geminni 0,74%

– Mars is retrograding less in Aquarius 0,38% and 0,42% compared with Leo 1,24% and Virgo 1,25%

Below you can get the full table:

Retrogrades in zodiacal signs

I hope that this data’s will help you in your studies. If you find some interesting correlations please feel free to comment here.



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3 comments on “Retrogrades astrological statistics”:

  1. Hi, Dan, this is very valuable and painstaking work on the retrograde cycles. Thanks for doing it. Is the 2nd of the full tables an error? You repeated the same table as above, when it looked like there would be a table of the time each body spent in all 12 signs. I’d like to see that–it seems like in the past decade or more, Mars was retrograde in Scorpilo more often than any other sign, but maybe that’s just a phase in a shorter cycle. Regards, Donna Cunningham

  2. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for point out the error! Indeed it was the wrong table. WordPress played me a trick.
    Now everything should be fine.

    All the best,

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