Who will win the UK Premier League in 2008?

The UK Premier League football championship for 2007/2008 is highly disputed with 4 teams fighting to win: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. The current standing at this moment – 21st of March 2008 – after 30 games is the following:

  1. Manchester United 70p
  2. Arsenal 67p
  3. Chelsea 65p
  4. Liverpool 59p

There are only 8 games to be played and many of them are very important.

Let’s take a look and see if astrology can provide us an answer or a clue regarding the 2007/2008 Premier League championship. There are many astrological techniques to apply here and a lot of information to analyze. I will resume only to the team charts and transit until 11th of May 2008 – the last game day.

The chart teams were raised for the following moments: Manchester United 26 April 1902, Arsenal 11 December 1886, Chelsea 14 March 1905 and Liverpool 15 March 1892. I will not write down the entire analysi but only the important aspects.

For Manchester United we have a Saturn in retro making a strong trine to natal Sun-Mercury-Mars and sextile with North Node. This aspect offers the team a good stamina and ability to focus on the important games that will come. Jupiter also is making a nice sextile with the natal Venus providing MU with goodluck and success.

For Arsenal we have a strong influence from the Jupiter crossing the natal Mars and Juno but in opposition with natal Saturn. This aspect even that at the first glance may look very positive is not. Jupiter it will amplify the Mars energy and will make the team more prone to mistakes and accidents. Last time Jupiter transited this part of the zodiac was 12 years ago when Arsenal made a 5th place in Premier League. Also Saturn is transiting natal North Node and squaring Mercury and Pluto. Not a very good aspect and as a prove in the moment when Saturn retro make a perfect square aspect with natal Mercury it lost the 1st place in the table league.

For Chelsea we have a Saturn retro making good aspects with natal Venus,Jupiter and Uranus but opposition to it’s natal placement. Also Jupiter is making two positive sextiles with natal Sun and Mars. Good energy and ability to obtain good results. Ability to score goals.

For Liverpool we have a Jupiter squaring natal Moon,Lilith and Juno. Is not a very good aspect and it might indicate that the team form is not very constant one and they will have ups and downs. Perhaps Saturn trining natal Mars it will make them more focused on the objective and to be able to save from a bad result.

In conclusion…

My opinion is that Manchester United will win the championship this year and the first 4 places will look like this:

  1. Manchester United
  2. Chelsea
  3. Arsenal
  4. Liverpool or Everton


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