In search of the POWER: Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn

Among the 12 signs of the zodiac , three of them are so called ‘power signs’. It’s about Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Power signs doesn’t mean that these 3 signs are much more stronger and powerful than the others. It means that persons born under the influences of these signs are persons are in search for ‘power’. Being born under Leo-Scorpio-Capricorn influences means that you have in your chart personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) or other elements (Ascendant,Midheaven) in those signs.

Now let’s discuss about ‘power’ and what I understand by this term. From my point of view ‘power’ means energy, either internal or external. Everything in this Univers , in this World is power , is energy. We are living – or at least we should live- in a equilibrium between the energy taken from the outside world and energy released. But very often we are having problems with maintaining this equilibrium and we become sooner or later ill (physical or emotionally). On a practical level by ‘power’ I understand knowledge, information, money, political power, need for control , sex etc. Basically it’s any form of energy that we deal with in our life. Power is not positive or negative…but how we are using it makes it good or bad. The power, the energy must flow continuously.
Those 3 signs mentioned before – Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn – are more prone to gain more power, more energy. But they are doing it for different reasons and motivations.

Leo – needs power for putting himself in a better position , for gaining recognition and a higher statute in society. The Leo person must shine and he must accept this role with care and wisdom. He/she should not block this energy or to abuse. It is well known that among the managers,leaders or persons with high exposure to public there are a lot of persons with Leo influences.

Scorpio – needs power to protect himself. Being a watery sign, fear is very present and active. The Scorpio feel the need to control others because his affraid of them. He thinks that is more likely to be cheated rather to have a positive relationship. The more he/she fears the more he/she tries to control. And at the first sign of problem it will explode. Scorpio is most powerful sign of the zodiac. But the problem is this extra-power. They often are having troubles in managing this immense energy. This way they are radically transforming everything around them.

Capricorn – needs for the power itself. He need to know that he is in control, that he have the ‘knowledge’. He doesn’t need to be in front line or to control others. The main problem is to make them stop….the Capricorns are in search for the absolute. They are searching the ultimate power , the source of all sources. That’s way they have troubles to stop from this permanent search. Another issue is how you as Capricorn are dealing with this ‘power’. Are you willing to share it or keep it for yourself? Keep it for your self it might slow your evolution and you have to come back to learn the share lesson.

This ‘power’ influences are very strong but subtile. And it can be masked by other elements and sometimes the person is not aware about this race for more power and energy. And as I said before ‘the power’ can take many forms…from food and sex to money and political ambitions.


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34 comments on “In search of the POWER: Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn”:

  1. Leo is my sun sign, Moon is scorpio, Rising sign is Capricon. How would this affect me?

    I have very strong will power, I complete things, but most of the time, Im confused with why I do things. Why is this so?

  2. I thought you might find this interesting: I typed in a search for just these 3 signs because I work in criminal justice and have noticed that a noticeable majority of the criminals I work with are born under one of these three signs! I randomly looked it up to see if there was sort of astrological explanation, and lo and behold…

  3. I should also mention- in case anyone is ready to get offended- that my husband is a Capricorn, my son’s a Scorpio, and my dad’s a Leo (only one of them’s got criminal record :).

  4. Wrong! Leo is the most powerful sign in astrology! It’s the only sign ruled by the Sun and is truly exalted Scorpio’s planet, Pluto (some astrologers claim Pluto exalts other signs but facts are that Pluto reached its highest point so far in Leo!) Leo isn’t just a lion but the near invincible Nemean Lion that could only be hurt by its own claws! Leo is also a fixed (immense determination and endurance) fire (physical activity) sign compared to Scorpio who’s fixed water (emotion). Leo is the most powerful sign! Get it right!

    1. Okay, Let’s be logical. It’s really not even close. Scorpio is the most driven, the wisest, most RESILIENT, and and most passionate sign… There defining characteristics are the very definition of strength and power. Scorpio possesses 3 signs… the scorpion, the eagle, and the most iconic Phoenix, retaining both fire and water. They are the most vengeful and dominant, surpassing all signs in endurance. So don’t try surpassing one of them, they will not be defeated. Leo’s power is motivated by recognition, Scorpio’s power is motivated within. Scorpio is THE strongest physically, and emotionally. This is known by most astrologers. Get it right!

      1. Lol…Oh please! Go back to school because you got a lot to learn! Scorpio is nothing but an emotional, weak overrated spider! Leo is represented by the near invincible Nemean Lion who was only surpassed by the mighty Hercules himself! Scorpio, on the other hand only managed to kill Orion through trickery and stealth like those loserst always do. Leo would take down any challengeresponses head on and WIN! Leo was the OMLY sign who was classified as both “bestial” (primal instincts) and “feral” (savage and uncontrollable behavior whenot angered). It is also the only sign ruled by the Sun, a star! Pluto is ruled by the tiniest, farthest planet that’s been demoted to a dwarf planet! How pathetic! You were right about one thing. This contest isn’t close at all! LEO is hands down the strongest PHYSICALLY as well as, mentally! THAT is agreed by most astrolgers! So take your butthurt attitude elsewhere! LEO rules the zodiac! Leos surpass the weak little spider without even TRYING! Go back to school, fool. Get your facts straight! Like an African story once said: “When the lion roars, everyone cowers. When the spider roars, no one listens!” Bam. You just got pwned.

        1. Points tend to get lost when you come across from those who come across as. desperate to prove their point. I, for one, have dated both a Scorpio and Leo male (my only two significant boyfriends, in fact.) and while I love/d them both for countless reasons- I will admit the Scorpio was way more powerful. (At least on me!!)… my Leo is stubborn as hell, but that’s not power. There’s a silent, stoic wisdom to the majority of the scorpios I’ve met. And to me, wisdom is the ultimate power.

          1. And I’ve dated both Scorpios and Leo’s before and Leo was was more powerful. Being shady and emotional does NOT make one powerful, but blending compassion with passion, drive with fairness DOES. Sorry, but Scorpio does NOT compete with a Leo in terms of power.

        2. Capricorn is the strongest sign. It is a falseness that they are cold. I have only ever met warm, inviting Capricorns. They are quiet, not showy like a Leo, but these two signs like each other/ Scorpio also likes Capricorn for its resilience. Leo is not stronger than Capricorn because Capricorn is not impressed by all that showmanship. Capricorn might be resentful that it takes him longer than Leo to get his due success, but he will be successful.

  5. The eventual rivals for power are capricorn and leo…sometimes capricorn wins while most of the time leo wins !!!..
    Besides the power game…as a leader leo has much to offer than a capricorn..
    leo has broader horizons and very rich in giving others than capricorn…
    capri’s being conservatives have limited offers for others and also think and care less for others …
    they are not that compassionate and intelligent than leo’s are. Period.

    1. Agreed completely. Some spider’s relative does not even begin to compete with the mighty LION. These uneducated people need to get it straight.

  6. no particular sign is “stronger” than the other eleven. also, you people arguing in the comment threads are bad at spelling. Leo, Scorpio, and Cap are all equal. they have different areas of strengths and weaknesses. PaganSun is obviously a self-promoting Leo. pff.

    1. @Another Sign… And the author was probably a self-promoting Scorpio… But you didn’t call him out on HIS SIGN or tell us yours, did you?! Hypocrites… Pfft. Indeed.

  7. Capi’s don’t play. Well said Susan. Some people ask me why i don’t talk much … well i will say they wouldn’t like what i have to say. Very cold and with huge amount of reserved power.

  8. who are always easily seen in a crowd, setting or in at a gathering? Who brightens depressed people who need inspiration or motivation? Who are holeheartedly generous? resilients? Fearless? Bold? Enter where we the other eleven dare not? Who love taking arduous challenges? Even when they are unable to get education are self educated?
    Let’s spare some thoughts for the following people: Alexander the great, Napoleon, Leonides, Hector, Heckles of Nemean Lion, Oddyseus, Samson, Solomon, Gandhi, Moses, Ataxerxers, Bill Clinton, Madonna, Johnny Nash, Bill Cosby, Barack Hussein Obama, Monica Lewinski, F. Marcus, Fidel Castro, M.R. Abass, Arthur Castrous, to mention but few, have been said to be having one thing in common! Guess what? 2+3=5………..5=beauty, 5=strength, 5=attraction, 5=intelligence, 5=wisdom, 5=heart, 5=sex, 5=love, 5=power, 5=brightness, 5=joy, 5=Kingdom, 5=bliss, 5=temper, 5=challenges, 5=attention and 5=invincibility! Etc……….ultimately, FIVE is equal to LION/LEO!
    We the remaining eleven must eat our humble pie and
    follow “em” because we can never catch up! to have em as leaders, nothing can scare the hell out of a team and no matter the quantum of a task or common goal, they will always lead their followers to VICTORY!
    an age old adage adds that “Even death fears the Lion”, so who are WE to dare!

    1. Mohammed Ali…
      King of boxer..

      Master of WWE.
      Undefeated champion
      Bill Goldberg..

      F1 racers
      All r capricorns…

      King of rock n roll
      V r all pack…
      And v r

      Lone wolf..

      All Capricorns should be proude ..of this u…v achieved what all world desire ultimate power undefeted..
      leo & Scorpio
      In ur DREAMS…

      1. The list for Leo celebrities and powerful influential people is literally a mile long. In fact, according to one article at least, Leo has the most BILLIONAIRES with Cancer having the fewest. So yeah Leos rule.

  9. Capricorn is the 10th sign, the Midheaven of the Zodiac and as such is the most ambitious. Talented and reserved, as a winter sign would be, they hold their power like a mountain faces the storm. The Sun is at its weakest point in midwinter and the glacially moving Saturn informs the perseverance and power of the sign. These three power signs are always attracted to each other, for they recognise how the power is being expressed through the filters of the signs. Aries is also a strong, confident sign but it uses its energy to change things quickly and impetuously. Glamorous power couples tend to Capricon/Leo relationships amd they enjoy each other’s company, though they think very differently. They have much to learn from each other. Nobody trumps a Capricorn in the long run, because they are not looking for revenge or flattery, just the manifestation and recognition of their talents which have been long honed.

    1. Perfectly said. You finally made sense of it (the insanity which is me (a Capricorn)) in an impressively minimilistic amount of words! 🙂

  10. I would like to be positive here. I am a Capricorn Sun sign, with Scorpio Rising Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo, so I have some of all of these signs
    Hmmm …… Power. I seem to have it whether I like it or not! My Sun in Capricorn is of very good benefit to me educationally and I am good at learning new skills, it takes me a while I never for rarely forget that skill or many educational facts. That is quite a lot of power there already as education helps in many fields. I can also share my knowledge, again I share by example. I live making progress by climbing from skill level to skill level -all very satisfying to me. My Ascendant and Venus in Scorpio on the positive side means men can find me very attractive, especially those who like being hypnotised! When I try to control the opposite sex it tends not to work, but listening to them and being interested in them does and I have always l enjoyed doing both. Having Mars in Leo means I can often make them laugh as well and cheer them up. In other words I think it is possible to learn to use whatever power you have in a positive way. I also feel that no one sign tops another in terms of power. Also if you re-read the article it says “power is energy” and energy can take many forms., not just personal supremacy or ‘winning” or getting the upper hand! So have fun with all your powers, and use them wisely and well. That is what I think this article is saying. Lastly but not least, using power for the good of mankind got us where we are today and may be our best way forward.

  11. I read those cmts it seem like ppl trying to promote their sign, I’m a Leo but I don’t care as long as I’m good nothing can smack me down, why y’all so serious? It not about the zodiac sign it about your personality too, Capricorn/ Scorpio/ Leo? Who care?

  12. I find all this quite interesting. My horoscope that comes in the newspaper seems so vague and impersonal. So I used to give little credit or concern to predictions according to my astrological sign. Over the past 5 years I’ve been on a path to spiritual enlightenment and self discovery. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my prevailing patterns. I’ve become particularly interested in similarities between my various relationship dynamics.
    Some unprocessed grief with my ex of 6 years (and father to my children) has recently surfaced. I’m realizing now how much baggage I’m still carrying from our relations. Him a Leo and me a capi, we were in constant power struggles which I never realized. I could go on and on. But he completely blindsided me. He ALWAYS won. ALWAYS. To this day, I can not seem to apply my new knowledge, courage, and strength to gain fair playing ground with him. He is highly manipulative, spoiled, and self-righteous. I don’t NEED or even want to “win” some elusive power struggle with him any longer. Don’t get me wrong- I’d love to see the snake that finally spooks his high horse. Simply I just want acknowledgement for all that I did to keep our picked fence from blowing away during storms. I want him to admit how absent he truly was even when he was present (men’s rec softball, coed rec softball, rec volleyball, coed rec pool league). Fat chance though I know. 8 hour work days 5 days a week and all his recreational activities afterwards left me by myself to raise our small children. Yet he ended up with all our furniture, our house, and eventually took both kids then somehow is labeled father of the year??? To this day, he is still an absent present father… Leaves their step mom to raise our children.

    Was it karma that miserably shattered his ankle? Sure to never play those serious recreational sports again (maybe I’m slightly vindicated), he’ll probably just spend more countless hours playing Gears of War or Destiny. But for this Christmas I’m totally bahhumbuggin it :/

    I feel quite ridiculous expressing this on here. But I’ll never see any of you. So I suppose it’s actually a safe venting zone.

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