Pictures from my holiday in Vienna, Austria

Two more days and I will return home from my 1 week holiday in Vienna (Wien) , Austria.

It was (and still it is) a real pleasure to discover this beautiful city full of history places and other attractions. Of course I’ve made a lot of pictures and I’ve uploaded some of them for your enjoy. Visit for the pictures album.

Also today I visited a book store and for my surprise I’ve found an entire area dedicated to astrology. I think that were more than 50 titles….but for my disappointment only in german.  So a good overview of the pictures from the books and move on!

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PS. While I was in holiday I read about the new planets reviews …so there will be 12 planets…interesting…12 planets for 12 signs. Ceres it will be the subject of a future article because I’ve found some interesting correlations in the mundane astrology.

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  1. I forgot the name of the bookstore. But if you will go on the shopping area in downtown ( mariahilfer strasse) you will find it. There are more bookstores under the same brand.

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