Online astrology tools – new updates


I’ve done some improvements on the online astrology tools from Configuration Hunter  .  For both tools  (  Aspects on single chart and Synastry)  I’ve added the posibility of defining custom angles or aspects.

For doing this you simply select the angle you want ( below Aspects and orbs) and also the desired orb. You must select an orb higher then 0 ( at least 1) in order to process your custom aspect.

Now it’s very simple to observe aspects other then the major ones ( conjunctions, sextile, trine, square and opposition). You can work with any angle from 1 degree to maximum 180 degrees.  By setting the orbs for major aspects to 0 (zero) you will get only your custom angles.

For example here (click here) you can see all the 54 degrees aspects from a single chart.



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