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Dear all,

I’m proud to announce the launch of a new online astrology tools “Planet position hunter” as part of Configuration Hunter website!

Planet position hunter is an astrology tool that allows you to search in time for various planetary placements.  Using this tool you can build complex search criterias …all online and free.

Configuration Hunter astrology tool


  • Daily positions from 1st of January 1900 to 22nd of November 2036 (in time the time frame will be larger)
  • Search for 15 planets and elements: Sun to Pluto , North Node, Lilith , Chiron, Juno and Ceres.
  • Specify the exact degree position or degree interval (Ex. Sun in 10 Capricorn or Sun from 10 to 20 Capricorn)
  • Check for retrogrades movements
  • Multiple search criteria (Ex. Saturn in Virgo plus Jupiter in Gemeni)
  • Select results display type: Sign degree (ex. 13 Capricorn) or Degrees from 0 Aries ( 283 degree)
  • Specify the exact time interval (optional)
  • Summary and detailed view of the results
  • Each daily position is computed at 12:00pm GMT time (pay attention when you use Moon in your search)
  • Search results are limited to 150 daily positions due to server performance

Try it for yourself! It’s totally free!   Click here Configuration Hunter Astrology Tools



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