North Korea nuclear test – astrological analysis

On Monday, 9th October 2006 at 11:35am local time, North Korea had his first nuclear test, becoming the eight country in the history withs nuclear weapons. The tests were taken place on the North Hamgyong Province.

This tests has an huge impact on the global politics and the worst fears of the world came true: an unstable country and political regim is having nuclear weapons.

From the astrological point of view this event is part of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-Squre configuration. The chart raised for this moment can be found here.

Besides the classical planets I’ve added also the Hades , the Uranian planet, because his symbol is related to nuclear bomb. Hades on short is the symbol for chemistry, coal mines, secrets, waste materials etc.

Looking on the chart we observe that the test were done under a very powerfull Grand Cross formed by Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune-Moon. In other words the Moon by her fast movement triggered the effects of the T-square. I will not insist on the meaning of this square because I’ve already done it in a previous post.
More interesting is the house disposal: Jupiter oppose Moon in 11th-5th houses and Neptune oppose Saturn in 2nd – 8th houses. As we know 2nd-8th house axis is a very powerfull , energetic area with strong energies vibrating there.

Another ‘nuclear’ aspect is Pluto in 1st house oppose Hades in 7th house and in square with North Node – South Node. This position outline the distructive side of the event and also desperate need for power of the North Korean leaders. The square with NN-NS indicate that their actions are against the natural and normal evolution of his country and peoples. The ruler of the Ascendant , Jupiter is in Scorpio and receiving only hard aspects. For sure this event will not lead to anything positive.

Now let me show another interesintg perspective of this chart. I will analyze it from the midpoints perspective.

Firstly we have Sun on the Venus-Mars midpoint – the Venus and Mars energy is directed to Sun. Pluto is on the Venus-Uranus midpoint and Saturn is on the Sun-Hades-Mars midpoint.  Moreover the Sun-PLuto midpoint is on the Jupiter postion. And the Jupiter- Moon midpoint is on the Neptune position while the Saturn-Neptune midpoint is on the Jupiter place. What does it means?
It means that the entire chart energy is directed to Jupiter and Neptune planets; it is bouncing from one planet to another. And most important is that those two planets are in hard aspect (square). The fact that this chart energy has no fixed exit point or at least some good positioned exit point means that this nuclear tests will generate a very ‘explosive’ situation from the political point of view.

I haven’t study the North Korea natal chart to obtain more detailes and I cannot see how this tests will reflect on his policy. It will be interesting to see what will be the response of the region countries which are directly involved. China and Japan already expressed their opposition to this tests.

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