Uranus-Neptune mutual reception and linked houses

Starting with January 2004 Uranus entered into the sign of Pisces creating a mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius. A mutual reception is a position where 2 planets are placed in each other sign of rulership. In our case Neptune is in Aquarius – ruled by Uranus and Uranus is in Pisces – ruled by Neptune. Those two planets found in mutual reception are linked by an ‘underground’ energy bridge and each planet is receiving and sharing some characteristics and information with the other one.

I will not talk about the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception meaning even that is a strong and powerfull link with direct connection with our evolution (spiritual and also technological). Just an example: Television (Neptune) and Internet (Uranus) are merging and forming one single entity – see previous analysis here. Therefore the interes for websites like YouTube and other video hosting services is not a surprise.

What is interesting about this long term mutual reception is that in any chart raised in this period of time we will have to houses linked. By linked houses I mean two houses where their sign rulers are in the other house. For example: the cusp of 2nd house is in Aquarius with Neptune is in this house and 3rd house cusp in Pisces with Uranus within. The 2nd and 3rd house are linked by the fact that 2nd house ruler – Uranus is in 3rd house and viceversa, the ruler of 3rd house – Neptune is in 2nd house. The linked houses concept presented here is different from the ideea of linked houses where 2 houses have their cusp in the same sign. Maybe there is another term for the presented situation.

So for each chart drawn now ( new babies born charts, events charts, solar returns, moon returns etc) in most of the case we will have two linked houses. This means that the life domains indicated by those houses are linked and the events happening there are correlated each other. These houses are acting in a unified manner and the person influenced by this aspect is having difficulties in separating those two life areas. Returning to the previous example with 2nd and 3rd houses linked we can say that there is  strong connection between money and travelling or between money and communication. Maybe that person is able to gain money or goods only in extend of travelling a lot for example. It also depending on the rest of chart. I’ve tried to gave you just an ideea how to interpret it.


PS. It’s my third post in a row containing a direct analysis of Neptune….no wonder that Jupiter is transiting now my natal Neptune.

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