Neptune Sagittarius generation and the Jupiter transits

In this moment I’m under a the strong influence of Jupiter transiting Neptune. For me it is a very spiritual time with a very strong energetic impact. It’s like an opening and awaking time. Starting from this personal observation I’ve took a close look on the Neptune in Sagittarius generation.

Those born under the Neptune in Sagittarius period are very spiritual and I think that they have an important mission in this life. I’m not talking about each individual but from the generation point of view.

Neptune entered in Sagittarius on 6th January 1970 and his transit lasted until 18th January 1984. After this date Neptune returned for a short period of time from Capricorn on Sagittarius on retrograde movement.

So, we have a generation formed by persons born between 1970 and 1984. Now, on 2007, this age of this generation is between 23 and 37. Is the age when Saturn return occurs and where each person is starting to integrate in this world and to bring his energy and knowledges. On short is a period when each person born in this time interval is becoming aware of his ‘life purpose’ and start sharing to the world their ideas.

What I found very interesting is the connection between Neptune and Jupiter. This is mostly important because of the fact the Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. But also there is another strong link: Jupiter shows us the personal evolution, the way we are extending ourselves in order to fulfill our dharma. Neptune on the other hands is the spiritual power which provides us a link between our personal actions and our dharma. Neptune is our dharma, our life purpose from the spiritual and karmic point of view. Is the place where we can bring our contribution to the world, to this home called Earth.
In my opinion this generation is a generation of healers and they will teach others how to access other sources of energies which now are hidden.

If we analyze the Neptune in Sag. period and connection with Jupiter we will found some very interesting connections.

On 4th Jan. 1970 Neptune entered in Sagittarius. On 3rd May Neptune retrograde into Scorpio  and on 6th November 1970 is returning to Sagittarius. On 14th Jan. 1971 Jupiter make its entrance into Sag…this means that on January 1971 we were under the influence of Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions. Also Mars where there. In other words Jupiter welcomes Neptune and make him feel like home in Sagittarius.

On 18th January 1984 we found the same super conjunction but on the 29th degree of Sagittarius. Jupiter and Neptune are moving both in the same time into Capricorn. It’s the ‘farewell party’ offered by Jupiter  on the honor of Neptune. Interesting isn’t it? The Neptune in Sagittarius period is marked on the beginning and on the end by the conjunction with Jupiter.

So we have a very powerful generation of persons born between Jan. 1970 an Jan. 1984. This generation is very connected with the Jupiter transits, esp. transits in Sagittarius. The Jupiter transits over Neptune in Sag. on the personal level are marking important moments in each person life. Are the moment were each person is becoming aware about his inner life, about their soul and the subtle energies that are flowing around us. And in the same time their are becoming more aware about the essence of life and about their goals. Together and in the same time acting separately this generation is changing the world. We all know about the 2012 year and the changes that will come. Remember that on 2012 this generation age will be between 28 and 42 years – in other words each person will be passing through the Saturn return. It’s an age of maturity and were each person is expressing his maximum potential.

Jupiter between 1994 and 1996 was transiting Sagittarius and also the natal Neptune of this  persons. But this generation was too young ( 11-25 age) for making a difference and to become aware about their powers. But it was a awaking period of time for them done by learning and experiencing new things.

Now let’s take a look on the 2007 year when we have the Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is an important year for this generation which now is 23-37 years old. And we will see the first results in the following years. Do not forget that Neptune will enter on Pisces on May 2011, opening new doors for human kind.

It will be interesting times to live and personally I’m happy to be part of Neptune in Sagittarius generation!

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6 comments on “Neptune Sagittarius generation and the Jupiter transits”:

  1. The Neptune in Sagittarius generation, which I’m a part of btw, will be the ones who bring people together to create a real global community. It’s very interesting that Neptune’s transit in and out of Sadge was marked by a conjunction to Jupiter. Oh, and there is another connection between Jupiter and Neptune, both are exalted in Cancer. They are also the ancient and modern rulers of Pisces. 🙂

  2. Neptune in Sagittarius Generation!! We are here to make a great difference in a wonderful time of human existence. This one is going to be about harmonizing and unconditional love.

    1. its not an illusion i have felt what this article has said my whole life. And i definitely had no influence from my parents.

  3. WOW! I was born under this. When it was the 10/10/10 i decided to do some meditation. At some point something told me to put my hand out and i felt this life force energy leaving my hand, it was so powerful i knew i was giving it to someone…It happened again and this time i squeezed my hand….Anyhow thought nothing of it afterwards. The next day my friend rang me and said..oohhh my god! Your not going to believe what happened to me last night, but i was trying to sleep but couldn’t as i thought there was someone in the room, i then saw a dark shadow of you…and i felt you give me this life-force energy man…i felt you do it twice and this time you squeezed my hand. Also once i sense someone i can guess there date of birth…but am unclear why this happens to me i do feel i came here with a strong purpose to help the world evolve from its fear ways and move into a less fear way of thinking.

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