My experience with relocated Lunar Return

Solar and Lunar returns are one of my favorite tools in astrology. These techniques are very useful if you want to see what are your strong and weak points during the analyzed cycle.  In the last 3 years I’ve paid a lot of attention to the Lunar Return charts. Every time when Moon is returning to it’s natal position we can draw a new chart that will show us how we will perform during the next 28 days. The chart is cast for the location where the Lunar Return gets you.

I know that there are a lot of debates about relocation. I’m a firm believer that relocation works and during the last 10 years I had many chances to convince my self of that. The purpose of this article is not to argue about the idea of relocation. I just want to show you my first experiment of Lunar Return relocation.

On 12th July 2016, a new Lunar cycle was about to start for me and the lunar chart was not appealing to me. So, I decided to change my location from Bucharest, Romania to Luton, UK. Therefore, on that day I took a flight to Luton on early morning, stayed a couple of hours on the airport and returned back to Bucharest. I was lucky that my LR (Lunar Return) moment was around lunch time and I was not forced to spend 1 night in Luton. Armed with one book I took a one day trip to UK just to change my Lunar return chart.

For me LR charts are showing the energy level and the emotional response for that period. Relocation – solar or lunar – does not alter the events you are living but changes the way you are able to deal with what’s coming. My first concern about LR chart is to see if I will have a good level of energy.

For the 12th of July 2016 chart – see below on the left – the Moon is on the 12th house, with Scorpio Rising, Mars in 1st house and Saturn on the 2nd cusp. That didn’t looked good for me. From my previous experience, every time I had Moon in 12th house I got ill and it was a difficult month even that nothing important really happen. For me personally, having the Moon on late Libra this position on 12th house means also a Scorpio Rising.  This Scorpio rising is problematic for me because in natal chart usually is targeting 6th house. This means that Moon in 12th on LR is triggering the 6th house on natal. This is the reason that this type of LR chart is not something that I enjoy. For others, Moon in 12th house might not be so problematic. But, for me it was and I decided to make a change. I wanted to make a change also because during this cycle I was going on holiday. And nobody wants to get sick during the holiday.

Lunar Returned Relocated Luton

For Luton my LR chart has a Libra rising – see above chart on the right – with Moon in 1st house. Mars moves to 2nd house and Sun, Mercury and Venus are close to MC. For the Bucharest chart I also did not like the Mars as the ruler of AS being quincunx (150 degree aspect) with Uranus. Now, Venus the ruler of AS is on Leo in 10th house. A much better position for a AS ruler. Still, Uranus remained important because on the Luton chart it was squaring MC/IC. I admit that I saw this aspect only after I returned from my trip.

How was my 12th July – 8th of August period of time?

The answer is : very good. I had a very good level of energy and I was able to enjoy and keep a good moral to all things that happen to me. I was clearly had a 1st house Moon and not a 12th house Moon. I had no medical problems. Usually when I’m low on energy I got a migraine for couple of days. With Moon in 12th house, every time I had a difficult migraine session. But not this time. The Venus in Leo, as a ruler of AS, gave me this attitude of ‘I deserve to be happy and to enjoy my life’. For sure it was not the perspective of Mars in Scorpio as the ruler of AS.

As I said, relocation does not change what you have to live. It’s only changing your perspective and reaction to events. Which, in my opinion, is what is really important in our lives. During this period of time I was under a Jupiter in transit squaring my natal Mercury (ruler of AS). Therefore I expecting that my level of focus and my attention will suffer. No matter where I was relocated on my Solar/Lunar return, Jupiter it will blur my Mercury. But I accepted and tried to be more careful.

3 days after my LR, I got my driving license suspended for 1 month. It was my mistake. The police car was behind me and I failed to give pedestrian priority. It was no real danger. The person who start crossing the street was 3 lanes away from me. I saw it but I didn’t had the reflex to stop it. Rules are rules and I got my licenses suspended. The event didn’t bother me because I knew that this types of events might occur in my life. I was happy that nobody was hurt and the car was intact.  During that trip I was more careful that usual and I can say that there were 2 other occasions on the traffic that could got worse. I think that the Moon in 1st house gave me more awareness of my emotions and more control of my reactions. Having a Moon in 12th house in LR you have difficulties in understanding what’s happening with you.

The entire holiday period I had a very good time and I was surprised of my good moral and my good level of energy. For sure I was not with my Moon in 12th in LR.

In conclusion…

My relocated experiment on LR was a success. My goal was achieved. I was healthy and happy.

It’s true that I don’t know how things were if I stayed in Bucharest. But for me, making this change worked fine. It was my first LR relocation. I already experienced Solar Returns relocation and things were accordingly to my choice. My next SR will be relocated 🙂

In my view, the relocation is a process where you can do something for you. It will not change your destiny or alter your path. But it can give you the opportunity to improve your reaction to anything that will come in your life. It’s like working with Universe, working with your own Destiny. Another good part of the relocation is that you will be more aware about yourself and take more responsibility for your (re)actions.


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