Romanian 1989 revolution – mundane analysis of the communist regim change

As we all know 1989 it was a highly important year for global politics. It was the year of eliberation for the Eastern European countries from the dictatorial communism regim. Romania was one of these countries and its revolution it was among the bloodiest and brutal. Many people died in December 1989 fighting for freedom. We still don’t know if the 1989 event was a revolution or just a regim change…it’s still an important issue here in Romania.

The purpose of this article is to analyze the 1989 events from the Romanian natal chart.

For this analysis I’m using the 1918 chart for Romania : 1st of December 1918 12:10pm Alba Iulia 23:35E 46:04N. I will not analyze the natal chart of the country. I will just focus on transits and progression for December 1989.

Below you can find a triwheel chart containing the natal chart (inner ring), secondary progression (middle) and transit (external ring).

Transit and progressions for 1989 event

As you can see the regim change in Romania was marked very clear:

  • First we have a triple combo involving Jupiter and Pluto: Jupiter transiting progressed Jupiter and natal Pluto. All these 3 planets are on exact 6 degree Cancer. It’s a very powerfull aspect and in my opinion is the trigger of the entire revolution.
  • Secondly we have progressed Sun on the natal Ascendant and also NN transiting over. The interesting part is that Sun was progressed in 12th house when Ceausescu came to power. And now moving out from this house is marking the regim change. Also we notice that close to them is progressed Ceres – actually NN is on exact position over prog. Ceres. This is an indication of the human lifes loss and grief for romanians on December 1989.
  • Another important aspect is the Pluto transit over natal Midheaven on 16th Scorpio. It’s all about power shift and the head of state change.
  • It’s interesting to observe the also Vertex is amplified in this chart…in progression over the natal Moon. Also Juno is transiting this position. The Moon is the clear symbol of the people of Romania. Vertex progressed bring a new face , a new view of this country in the world. Juno is all about political connections and in extension with all the written laws ( constitution change).

Besides this aspects there are also many minor ones. I just one to point out only those that seems important to me.


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5 comments on “Romanian 1989 revolution – mundane analysis of the communist regim change”:

  1. Hi Dan

    Although I usually am fond of the modern Romanian state foundation of 1859 as the correct chart for Romania, it’s interesting to look for connection in this chart as well, which stands for the Great Union of the 3 main traditional Romanian principalities, therefore possibly more like a spiritually fulfilling chart for the Romanian nation, rather than a chart which would give a a general characterization for the people.

    So, it is in this context that I understand the progressed Sun conjunct the ASC as the the end of the dark tunnel of communism and beginning of what people expected in Dec 1989 to represent freedom.

    However I don’t see in the image you posted the transit of Pluto over the natal MC, as t-Pluto is at 16 Scorpio and n-MC is at 10 Sagittarius. The transit of Pluto is however very meaningful in the other chart I mentioned previously, where it squares the natal Sun at 16 Aquarius, which stands for the revolution (Pluto) against Ceausescu’s regime (the Sun).

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Radu,

    I know that you use the 1859 date for Romania. I think that both charts will work because there are both relating to the same event. I think that also the Mihai Viteazu unification moment it will work fine.

    In my opinion also the 1918 chart is a mirror for romanians. For me the Moon in Scorpio is very suggestive and showing us both the difiiculties we’ve encountered so far but also the fact that we , as a people, are so less united and radical in manifestation. We are the only ones to kill the communist leaders from the entire Eastern Europe.


  3. Hi again

    I know they both work, but they work differently, possibly reflecting different aspects of the Romanian pshyche. For instance when I think at the Moon in Scorpio, the first thing that comes to mind is the so-called Dracula legend, which is great for tourism, but so far of the true Romanian spirit. The Romanian people are probably better reflected by the Moon in Pisces from the 1859 chart.
    I say probably because so far I still don’t understand very well the main differences between the two charts.

    I wrote some months ago two articles on Romania:

    I’d love to see this topic expanded in more series of articles. Would you happen to have the time to collaborate with me on writing more on the astrological profile of Romania?


  4. Hi Chloe,

    Thanks for your message!
    I’m ok …it’s just I didn’t have too much time for this blog. I had to focus on other projects. But I will return soon.


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