Moon Progression and Solar Return chart

Dating events in a Solar Return chart is a tricky thing to do and there are a lot of methods and techniques used. I just want to point out a new method that I’m using (recently – not for a long time) in my analysis on Solar Return chart.

The technique is very simple and is based on the secondary progression of the Moon over the Solar Return chart. Because the  SR chart is only 1 year chart the Moon will progress only around 12 degrees.  It is interesting to observe if in those 12-14 degrees , the Moon will make new aspects to any other planets or is changing sign. Of course conjunctions are most important ones. Oppositions are showing external events while the square are more about changing our internal conditions.

You should use the exact moment of the aspect and an maximum orb of 1 degree.

Give it a try and post here your comments and results.

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3 comments on “Moon Progression and Solar Return chart”:

  1. You wrote: “It is interesting to observe if …. the Moon will make new aspects to any other planets.” Just to be clear, I’m assuming you mean the Pr Moon making new aspects to planets in the SR chart? I’ll take a look at this to see what might be happening. I’ve studied and taught astrology for over 40 years and find the SR chart to be one of the hardest from which to pull information that seems relevant to the year for which it is drawn. Keep looking for the “missing piece.”

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