Powerful configuration on 13rd of November 2008: Jupiter-Uranus-Saturn

In this post we will analyze an important astrological event that will take place on 13rd of November 2008: Saturn opposition Uranus linked with sextil/trine Jupiter. I don’t know if there is any name for this configuration it’s a very poweful one. On this date ( at 6:00am) the configuration it will be at the maximum and will be also highly activated by the exact Full Moon aspect.

Here you can see the chart of that exact moment:

Configuration on 13 november 2008 Saturn Uranus Jupiter

Now let’s discuss about this configuration and its meanings. The engine of this configuration is represented by the Saturn-Uranus opposition. As we know this opposition is very strong and represents an important moment in our evolution: it’s the moment of moving on the next level or on the next phase. Saturn is the representation of existing structure and what is fixed in our lifes. Uranus on the other side represents what new ,what must be build next. The opposition show us that we reached an important moment in our evolution and we must make a change. Im talking more about our conscient and our awareness. We will move on the next level…we have to. But this switch it will not happend immediately…it will take some time . And this aspect is a long term one.

If you add to this picture Jupiter trining Saturn and in sextile with Uranus we start to understand more about the importance of this astrological event. Jupiter is the peacemaker in this conflict between Saturn and Uranus. Jupiter is building a bridge between old and new. The sextile to Uranus is more practical and it will have a stronger impact. My opinion is that the switch is from old structures (Saturn) to new ones (Uranus). And Jupiter represents the 3rd alternative and it will mediate the existing conflicts.

From my point of view this configuration is all about politics and our leaders. This configuration will mark the start of a new ideology and a new way to do politics. It will not produce any strong effects in sort time but it will add something new on the political stage. We should remember the future influence of Pluto in Capricorn. If you relate with existing political events we rapidly notice that the configuration it will form during the USA Presidential elections – the maxim point will be reached 11 days after the elections from 4th of November.

If you look up closely to the configuration chart ( see image above) we notice that 13rd of November is a very powerfull day. Full Moon with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus and both squaring Neptune. Actually there is a perfect T-Square Sun-Moon-Neptune. For me this T-square is not a good sign and it might be telling us that a ‘huge’ lie is preparing for us.

Also we observe that Jupiter, Saturn , Uranus , Sun and Moon ar all in the same degree range and if you add a virtual point in 21 Cancer we will have a Star of David configuration. This Star of David it will be activated on the natal ( personal or mundane) chart. If you have planets or other element close to 21 degrees Cancer you should pay attention to that period of time. I’ve done a short look up on the US presidential candidates and I’ve found that only John McCain has an element close to that degree: his Midheaven is on 16 degrees Cancer. Maybe he will be the next president…who knows 🙂

Now let’s talk about how this configuration was formed ( Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus). I’ve done a little analysis and extracted 4 major moments:

  • 21-January-2008 : Jupiter exact trine with Saturn
  • 29-March-2008 : Jupiter exact sextile with Uranus
  • 22-May-2008: Jupiter second exact sextile with Uranus – Jupiter retrograde
  • 13-November-2008 : the maximum point of the configuration

Forming of configuration

This timeline is telling me the followings: Jupiter first ‘discuss’ with Saturn and prepare it for the changes to come ( start of the caucuses and conventions for US presidential – if you consider Saturn to be the old structure and the past we might think that in this election case might reffer to Clinton’s). Next Jupiter has two negociations rounds with Uranus : on 29th of March and on 22nd of May. Now the new direction si brought to the surface. Regarding the US elections timeline you can take a look here and see how this dates will relate with the real events. Also this double encounter between Jupiter and Uranus is important also because Jupiter will be first time on direct movement and secondly will be retrograde. I might say that first it will be a promise/deal that will be made and on May this promise/deal will be revised and re-analyzed. I think that Jupiter will be quite tricky here. The last phase will occur during the US elections date and in that moment things will be arranged and we will start to move on a new direction….even that we will have no ideea about this! Things will be revealed later.

If you look back in history we will find that this configuration appeared only one in the last 100 years: February 1967.

1967 configuration

It is interesting to see what happend there on the political level. And what we have found:

The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution : “The Twenty-fifth Amendment (Amendment XXV) to the United States Constitution partially replaced the ambiguous Article II, Section 1, Clause 6 of the Constitution, which deals with succession to the Presidency, and establishes procedures both for filling a vacancy in the office of the Vice President as well as responding to Presidential disabilities.” This amendment has been invoked six times since its ratification.

… 1967 January 26 – The Parliament of the United Kingdom decides to nationalize 90% of the British steel industry. Hmmm…this remind me about the current nationalisation of the Northern Rock …still from the UK Parliament. Interesting.

… 22nd of February 1967 Suharto takes power from Sukarno in Indonesia

…. 15 Jan The United Kingdom enters the first round of negotiations for European Economic Community membership in Rome.

I hope you found usefull this article and if you have any questions or comment please reply here.


7 comments on “Powerful configuration on 13rd of November 2008: Jupiter-Uranus-Saturn”:

  1. A very interesting article!
    In my natal chart, I have the North Node at ~ 20 deg. Cancer and Chiron at 19 deg Taurus, so this should also be an interesting time for me!

  2. Hi George,

    I think that this period of time is important for you because you will be receiving ‘instructions’ for what to do next in your life. It’s all about your life goals.

  3. do you have any instuctions on how to interpret a birth chart and creating a chart for the date of death of someone, to applying insight into the “afterlife” of the person charted ??? Ive seen lady on a famous psychics show on american television, claim, she has been able to gain insight by cross compairing the d-o-b with the date of death and it sounds like she may be just compairing
    abc to abc, and if a + c are the same, she will then claim, the afterlife and possible event(spiritual tasks/paths/lesson) to be the same over all path after death, and possible reinterpret, b, as it differs from the living chart…..
    I would like to attempt this kind of reading for my friend and family, but would like to find some instruction on a more definded way to approach this kind of duel-chart reading/interpretation

    thanks in advance for your time and insight,

  4. Hi Anon,

    I don’t have this kind of astrological interpretation. Actually is the first time when I heard of this type of analysis. Personally I’m not so sure if this type of analysis is possible to be done. And more important: everything that is karmic in astrology is very easy to be manipulated because it’s hard to obtain evidence and prove your words. I can make you a beautiful story about your karma …a true fairytale. But it may be far away from the true. I think that we should stick to this life and to learn what are our karmic lessons – not on what happend in the past but more what is the present result of our past actions.


  5. Hello. I found this site researching this opposition. Perhaps you can offer some insight into my own chart. The opposition takes place in my chart exactly conjunct the MC/IC (MC=18 Virgo). Also squares my nodes in the 1st and 7th houses. Jupiter will trine/sextile these points and the full moon will conjunct my sun/saturn conjunction in 12th house Scorpio (Saturn=23.32/Sun 24.22). I have no planets at 21 Cancer, which will fall in my eighth house, but Mars squares at 22.32 Libra. Full moon in Taurus would create a similar pattern on the other side of my chart (6th house), wide trine to MC. Any thoughts?

  6. Oh, forgot to add — Pluto will also be in conjunction with my natal moon (27.27 Sag) and trining its natal position at 28 Leo. Open to suggestions.

  7. Interesting- very!
    Hi, just landed on your page following astrolinks…Pratical and concise! Went straight into the 6th house analisys, since my natal saturn resides at 2 dgr Cap and within 5 dgr of my 6th house cusp. By transit, it will be within 1 dgr of my natal Venus, Bit scary, but hope to actually make it with a kind of positive manifestation of beauty and harmonious/art form .
    I also love the chart type, I’ve only seen iit once before and that was the chart for the Harmonic Concordance, in actual fact, I find the two charts to be quite estetically and geometrically similar. It’s also very interesting that you provide the Holographic point of release, the potential for a 6 point star…..21 Cancer, this degrre also very close to my asc.

    Thank you.

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