Jupiter – Uranus cycle

In 2007 for almost the entire year we will be under the influence of the Jupiter-Uranus square aspect. In order to fully understand the influence and the importance of this aspect I think that we should analyze the entire Jupiter-Saturn cycle. This year square if the last square of the cycle before the beginning of a new cycle in 2010 which will mark also the ending of the current cycle started on 16 February 1997 at 2:13am GMT time.

In my opinion Jupiter- Uranus cycle is related to human progress and evolution. Mostly from technological point of view. It ‘s about changing of old paradigms and society structures and replacing with something new. This cycles show us how we ,as individuals, are using our need for expanding (Jupiter) in order to integrate with other individuals and how we are transforming the entire world (Uranus). It’s about human spirit of expansion and future development. It is outlining the trends of our evolution, where we want go as humans. It’s also emphasize the need of individual freedom and the breaking of old and traditional boundaries.

The present Jupiter-Uranus cycle started in 1997 and it will end in 2010. The conjunction Jupiter-Saturn took place on Aquarius at 5:55:27 degrees. The cycle from 2010 will be in Pisces. An interesting aspect is that the previous cycle didn’t occurred in Capricorn but in Sagittarius in February 1983. Therefore we have skipped the Capricorn cycle – it’s like you don’t have time for a slow and stable development but we are in a rush for change.

Back to our current cycle… Here you can see the chart of the start of the cycle.

First of all, the fact that the conjunction took place on Aquarius sign is a solid confirmation our technological evolution since 1997 and until now. And I’m talking mostly about the Internet which made a huge shift in our life’s and way of living. It is not only a tech breakthrough but a social , psychological and spiritual one. The fact that all these tech changes produced a strong and powerful shift in our personal life’s and also in the way we are relating with others individuals is fully suggested by the Ceres conjunction with Jupiter-Uranus. Ceres in a mundane chart is related to the events which have a strong impact on the human conscience and affects the way of living of each person. In our case we can say for sure that all this technology evolution affected (in a good way) our life style and all our habits. The trine between Ceres and Moon it’s a indication of an easy assimilation of the new changes by individuals. Peoples from all over the world switched immediately to the new environment without the need of a transition period.

Looking at the chart we observe that in Aquarius there are besides Jupiter, Uranus and Ceres also another 3 important planets: Sun, Venus and Mercury. This position emphasize all the Jupiter-Uranus influences and brings new energies that will support the transformational process. It’s like all the activities represented by this cycle having a strong Aquarian influence.

Another remarkable thing on this chart is the positions of Saturn,Mars and Pluto in perfect (same 5 degree) sextile , trine and again sextile with Jupiter-Uranus. Mars in Libra brings the need for relationships and for communications. Saturn in Aries is the expression of ‘stubbornness’ in becoming a pioneer and road opener. Starting with 1997 we were the witnesses of many new business that were started ( the Dot Com boom) and despite the problems and difficulties occurred the initiative spirit didn’t melt down. Now with the Internet doing business is much more easier and everyday new fresh ideas are rising. Now everyone can become the next Internet success story. Pluto in Sagittarius is coming to brake any rule and barrier ( legal or not) that might stop the Jupiter-Uranus series of events. Actually we have a T-minor configuration formed by Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter/Uranus…and all on 5th degree. A perfect and superb configuration!

AS we can see the chart for the beginning of the 1997-2010 Jupiter-Uranus cycle is a very interesting one with a lot of aspects to analyze. Looking at the dynamic of the cycle we have the followings milestones: May 99 Sextile , June 2000 Square , July 2001 Trine, 2003-2004 Opposition, 2005-2006 Trine, 2007 Square, 2008 Sextile and June 2010 new conjunction. The first period of the cycle was the boom period of Internet with an extraordinary expansion. But it was a non-consolidated area with a lot of things to do esp. regarding the regulations and laws. During the 2003-2004 Jupiter-Uranus opposition it started a consolidation process and re-thinking of the entire Internet and related businesses. 2005-2006 was a solid growing phase but also the appearance of new technologies and services (like voice messaging and VOIP boom). The 2007 square will bring a new set of rules and legal regulations regarding the Internet, technology transfer and IT activities. But this new rules will not be accepted very well by the market and by peoples and may suffer some modifications and re-thinking. In 2007 there will a series of Jupiter-Uranus square involving both planets in direct and retrograde motion. Things will be done, re-done and done again.

An interesting chart is that of 2010 Jupiter-Uranus cycle with the first conjunction on 0 degree Aries (8 June 2010, 11:13am GMT time). But I will analyze it in a future post.

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7 comments on “Jupiter – Uranus cycle”:

  1. I like what you extensively wrote about the Uranus and Jupiter square. Such a square will be coming into prominance as Jupiter approaches 11 degrees. I wanted to point your attention to the midpoint degree of this square so that you can note in your event planning schedule when to truly be on the lookout for manifestations of this square. This midpint lies at 26 degrees capricorn and 26 degrees cancer. Both the Sun and Mercury are going to transit this midpoint in about 5-6 days from the time of this note.
    Happy planning.

  2. Hi Khalil,

    Thank you for your observation! I will take a look about these transit on the square midpoint. I’m also very attached to midpoints but not in the Uranian style ( 90 dials etc)

    I saw you site and I’m really interested about your Geocentric Symmetrical Midpoint Event Planning Formula. I will give it a try and see what the results are. I will let you know.


  3. What do you think for a person who have 10.50 degree mars and 11.10 degree venus in sagitarious and both square 11.10 degree reto saturn. also have moon in leo 18.10 degree. He got married when jupiter was direct around 18 jan ,
    Now what about next hit of jupiter reto?


  4. Seem,

    It really hard to say what will happend on the transit of Jupiter counting only a few facts. It’s depending on the entire person’s chart.
    If that person got married in a rush or without being sure that is what he want now he might now reconsider his position. And this may lead to either acceptance of that marriage or either leaving it. Or maybe his parterner is going through this process. Like I said without the complete charts is hard to give a complete answer.


  5. Hi

    your readers who are interested to follow up this thorough and informative piece by reflecting on the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries in 2010
    might like to follow my new website “Jupiter meets Uranus”, set up to promote the book I wrote, recently published by the American Federation of Astrologers, researching the impact of the February 1997 conjunction at 5 degrees Aquarius, called “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing”. Best wishes Anne W

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