Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-Squre configuration 2006

On the August-October 2006 time period we are under the influence of a powerfull T-square configuration formed by Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Actually this is a second time on this sign positions when this configuration is forming: between end of November 2005 and mid January 2006 it was the first T-square.

This means that the August-October 2006 events are linked with the Nov 2005- Jan 2006 initial T-square period. This configuration it has influence on many areas from global politics and global economy to personal level. On the individual level most affected by this T-square were person with planets in Scorpio (with Jupiter as a focus point) and with planets in Taurus (forming a Grand Cross).

The charts can be viewed here

Now let’s take a look of the general meaning of this configuration. The actors involved are:
Saturn in Leo : it may implies restriction and blockage from those who are in power. It also means a stubbornness of political forces : they are continuing doing the same thing even that are knowing that is a wrong way or a dead end.
Neptune in Aquarius: this position outline our human conscient opening and accepting new horizons and becoming aware that there is something out there more then our mind can understand. Neptune in Aquarius it’s a long term transit and his influences can be easily viewed on the Internet expansion – as a new form of communications and interaction between humans.
Jupiter in Scorpio: all our hidden fears and all ‘ugly’ aspects of our life are brought to surface. It can be interpreted as an expansion of ‘evil’ part but only for reaching an maximum and being destroyed. It’s the permanent cycle of re-generation. By ‘evil’ part I don’t mean any biblical or religious concepts but only those sides of our life that have a more negative and distructive influence (like war activities for example).

A T-square is a very dynamic configuration and with some very powerfull results. It is formed by two planets in opposition and both in square with a third one. In our case we have Saturn-Neptune oppsition squared by Jupiter.
From my point of view this configuration it means that the clash between politics actions (Saturn in Leo) and human reactions to this (Neptune in Aquarius) will bring up to the surface things that has been hidden and also it will have a powerfull transformation effect in our conscient. The T-square being in Fixed signs the effects will be on long term. I think that some first positive results to this events we wil have on May 2007 (5th of May) when Jupiter will be in sextile to Neptune and trine with Saturn – in other words Jupiter will be in a position for solving the Saturn-Neptune conflict.

But now back to T-square…
The maximum point of the Nov 2005- Jan 2006 T-square configuration it was on te 16th of December (by maximum point I understant the moment were the orbs of the planest involved is to a miminum). In the second period of time the maximum of the T-square it will be on 24th of September 2006.
Chart detail for 24th September 2006
If we are looking on the chart for that day we can observe some interesting aspects…
Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are in Libra sign which implies the need for a decision to be made, the importance of reaching an equilibrium between forces that are in conflict. But more important I think there is the energy distribution on midpoints.
The midpoint is the place on the chart found on equal distance between 2 planets. A midpoint is the place where both planets energies are meeting with equal forces and are creating a new type of energy. We can say that the energy is transfered to that point – by energy meaning also influences and actions.

In our case , on 24th September, Mars will be positioned on the Sun-Mercury midpoint and on the Moon-venus midpoint. This means that Sun,Moon,Mercury and Venus energies are directed to Mars. But more important, Mars-PLuto midpoint (a very strong and powerfull combination of energies) it will be on exact place of Jupiter – our focus point on the T-square. This means that Jupiter is the place where the energies of most of the planets at that moment is blending and combining. This will amplify the effects of this T-square found on his maximum point.

In conclusion…the period around 24th of September it will be an important time where decisions will be made. I’m reffering to global politics. The effects of these actions will be on long term and with positive results for the next year.
It will be interesting to apply this T-square influences on the particular events that are now in the world. If I will have time I will analyze some of them.

Softwares used for this analysis : Astrolog 5.4 and Configuration Hunter

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