Jupiter retrograde and Neptune’s Generations

How will you describe Jupiter retrograde in transit over a natal Neptune?
Blurring mind or divine inspiration? Fog or revelations? I think that both of them. First is the fog, the mistery which tells you that there is something to discover out there. And then you are engaging in this search and the fog, the blur on your mind and soul is transforming you. It may give you divine inspiration or may strength your faith. Or you can go crazy…if you are not open yourself.

Jupiter is transiting our Neptune in his direct motion once at 12 years. Nothing special here.
But what about Jupiter retrograde transit over your natal Neptune?
Now things are little bit different. Jupiter is retrograde each year for about 4 months or 10 degrees. And you may live your entire life without having a Jupiter retro transiting your natal Neptune!

Being curious and also under this influence right now (which made me so blurry that it was impossible to write any new articles for the last 3 weeks…and not that I have no ideeas) I’ve start a little search on this subject. And what I’ve found it’s really interesting.

In my opinion Jupiter retro in transit over natal Neptune is marking some very importante periods of time for the entire humanity and for our future evolution. If you compare the Jupiter retro periods with Neptune generations , as I did in the below picture, you will get some interesting correlations.

Jupiter retrograde and Neptune's generations

For example this year , Jupiter will be retro between April and August and will move from 20 degrees to 10 degrees Sagittarius. And it will influence the persons born between December 74 and Nov 79 – persons with Neptune in 10-20 degrees Sagittarius interval – I’m part of this generation.

You might think that each time when Jupiter will be retro we will have a defined generation that will be influenced by it. But it is not the case. All the Jupiter retrogrades periodes earlier than 2005 is influencing persons with an un-realistic age. For example in 2004 the Jupiter was retro between January and May and crossed over the Neptune of persons born around 1930…meaning a generation of 74 years old. Not mentioning 2003 when we have older persons…actually we had no one alive to be influenced.

Looking on the future years we observe that in 2009 Jupiter will be retrograde from 27 degrees to 17 degrees Aquarius. This mean that it will affect persons born between April 2005 and that moment – it will be a Jupiter- Neptune conjunction. Starting with 2010 Jupiter retro will influence no born or alive person.

So, we have 5 years and 5 generations that will be under the influence of Jupiter retrograde on their natal Neptune. I think that these generations will have a strong impact in our world. I’m talking about the spiritual evolution of our human kind. Of course that there will be also influences all other aspects of life.

The first generation that was under this influence was formed by persons born between September 1946 and September 1951. On 2005, from February to June, they where connected to higher level of conscience and some of them received some ‘gifts’ or information. This process was not a conscient one (with some exceptions maybe).

The next generation was influenced in 2006 and was formed by persons born between October 1960 and September 1965. Compared with the previous generation where the age was between 54-58 years not we have younger persons 40-45 years.

About the 2007 Jupiter retro transits I already discussed. Next year, 2008, the Jupiter retro-Neptune generation will be form by persons with ages between 13 and 18 years. And on the last year there will be only baby born children.

We can observe that in these 5 years ,the age of the persons influenced by this aspects is decreasing: 54-58,40-45,28-32,13-18, max 4 years old. I don’t know what it really means and there are plenty of speculation that can be done. I’m thinking only to 2012 year and his meaning. From my point of view this astrological events represents opportunities to be connected to higher levels of conscience or other dimensions.

And do not forget that Jupiter-Neptune combinations is about health, medicine, spirituality, religion and all aspects related with…and including drugs and altered state of mind. I think that more and more peoples will have visions and will receive enlightenment and wisdom.

These 5 years are opened windows and those generations should pay more attention to their purpose in life. What is changed about you? What is your message?

I hope you enjoy my article. My intention was to point out these events and you may follow your instincts and your vision to add more information.


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One comment on “Jupiter retrograde and Neptune’s Generations

  1. I was born in Sept of ’78 and have Neptune at 15 Sag. These are very interesting times and I can certainly appreciate the need for some expansiveness to my already potent Spiritual dispositions. I do feel hazy yet also recognize that this could do with the impending Saturn-Neptune opposition and being in the shadow of the upcoming Retrograde. While I have begun to feel these energies more (rather than just contemplate their theoretical effects) I also recognize that the next time they conjunct in October will be the 3rd and final (correct?) right before my direct Saturn return. Interesting times indeed for these lessons to start permeating further into my awareness. I appreciated your timeline diagram and the decreasing nature of ages being affected leading up to 2012.

    Hmmmmmm…what do we all have in store for ourselves over the coming years.


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