Jupiter retrograde 2008

We are close to a new yearly event regarding Jupiter and its retro movement. I’ve already analyzed the retrograde movements of Jupiter in 2007 and 2006 .

Technical analysis

Jupiter it will start its retrograde movement on 8th of May 2008 at 11:46pm GMT ( 22:22 Capricorn) and it will return to direct movement on 7th of September 2008 ( 12:32 Capricorn). The duration of the retro period is about 119 days and almost 10 degrees.

Analyzing the Sabian Symbols for starting and ending moments we will have:

  • Start 22:22 Capricorn Sabian Symbol: The army is erect in a long faultless line as resplendent officers confer upon a private two awards for bravery.
  • End 12:32 Capricorn – Sabian Symbol: Back against the mountains towards the East that fringe the roof of the world a fire-worshipper is meditating.

In order to have a complete overview of the Jupiter retro movement we should look back and forward for the dates when its reaching the 22 and 12 degrees in Capricorn. On short the full timetable of Jupiter retrograde is the following:

  • 13-February-2008 : Jupiter at 12:32 Capricorn
  • 08-May-2008: Jupiter starts retro at 22:22 Capricorn
  • 07-September-2008: Jupter return to direct move at 12:32 Capricorn
  • 01-December-2008: Jupiter reach 22:22 Capricorn point

This 4 moments in time creating an exact timeframe for Jupiter retrograde in 2008. This timeframe is composed by 3 periods of time: pre-Retro (12.feb-8.may) , Retro (8.may-7.sept) and after- Retro (7.sept-1.dec).

Astrological analysis

About Jupiter retrograde general meaning I’ve already discussed on the 2007 analysis :

“The Jupiter retro period is important and it has strong influences on our lifes both on personal and on global level. It’s a period where all the expanding forces from our life is ‘taking a break’ and all the energy flow is reversed. In this period of time the direction should be from outside to inside and not viceversa as Jupiter is acting in direct motion. We should pay more attention to all our current involvements and expanding plans and to put in balance each element that are using our energy.

On a personal level it should be a introspective period of time where each person should search for his life purpose or to see how their lives and actions are positioned based on this. We should expand on inside and to become more closer with our inner nature and our soul. Depending on the transits that Jupiter is making on your natal chart you should pay attention to that particular aspects of your life.”

Jupiter in Capricorn is all about power and resources on all levels and I think that is acting like a trigger for Pluto Capricorn-Sagittarius movement.

The positive influence of Jupiter is regarding the start of new long term projects and activities. Now you can start planning and working on your ideeas – just to keep in mind that the results will not come so soon. My opinion is that you will get a ‘profit’ in the moment when Jupiter will reach Pisces in 2010.

The negative influence is that of Jupiter it will amplify the need for more power and more resources – including money. This is a dangerous situation because you will have to go on the opposite direction and re-evaluate your resources, your potential. If we look on the world economy we see it very clear on ‘subprime mortgage crises’ where the bankers need more and more money to cover their losses – these losses are a result of Jupiter in Sagittarius optimism and desire to expand more than you can afford.

The moment of retro is a time for re-evaluating your current situation and stop any expansion plans. It is very wise to stop starting any new project or deal and instead you should focus on your existing businesses. Jupiter retrograde is excellent for interrupting your existing partnerships, personal or business. Now it’s the moment for trying to re-negociate with your partners. All the legal activites regarding separation are boosted and it will solve more quicker.

If we counting the 3 periods of time for Jupiter retro we can reach the following conclusions:

  • pre-Retro (12.feb-8.may) : the events occuring this period of time will be more likely to be re-analyzed during the next period of time. Any problem occured here it might get a solution during the following periods Retro and after-Retro. It is better to be in disadvantage now because you can turn things on your side  on the following months.
  • Retro (8.may-7.sept) :  now you start working on  the problems appeared  until now. You are able to find solutions and way to solve out things. But any  solutions you  may came up is not final yet . You just start working on it and have patience.  Also you should be carefull because some of your ‘strong’ deals might  become instable and you will  have to re-negociate.
  • after-Retro (7.sept-1.dec) : now the problems it will finally solved. But this doesnt mean that you will mantain your strong position…it’s all depending on your initila standings. Jupiter retro comes to balance things. This is the moment when you can start working on new things and put your ideeas into practice.

If you look up on the global events that ocurred starting with 12th of February 2008  and which will have a replica during the Jupiter retrograde period we found some really interesting things:

  • The Swedish government rejects the Nord Stream underwater natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.
  • Kosovo: The parliament of Kosovo declares independence from Serbia.
  • Turkey sends between three thousand and ten thousand troops into northern Iraq.
  • unrest in Tibet  : Chinese police fire tear gas to disperse protesters during the second day of demonstrations by Buddhist monks in Lhasa, Tibet demanding the region’s independence.
  • US elections …interesting to see what will bring Jupiter retro

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2 comments on “Jupiter retrograde 2008”:

  1. I was approached by someone I loved on the 21st of Feb, a week after his soul searching and decision that I am the one for him (after a long and close and sexually charged friendship).

    We were a couple until the beginning of June when he acted out off the bottle — he decided he was an alcoholic at the beginning of May and we had had challenging times for about a month over his trying to stop drinking cold-turkey. Beginning of June, he was awful sober, and I left.

    End of June, when he was still drinking, I ended it until (or if) he decides to get sober.

    Does this mean it’s absolutely over — with retrograde dates?– we were engaged by the end of it, and I’m still heart-broken. But he lied about his drinking when we were together — all through that time of knowing each other, even as friends.

    I love him very much — and he was never a cruel drunk.


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