Jupiter retrograde in 2007

Later edit: You can now read the Jupiter retrograde in 2008 analysis

In 2007 Jupiter will be retrograde between 5th April 2007 and 6th August 2007 and will move from 19:46:42 degrees to 9:55:49 degrees in Sagittarius.

The Jupiter retro period is important and it has strong influences on our lifes both on personal and on global level. It’s a period where all the expanding forces from our life is ‘taking a break’ and all the energy flow is reversed. In this period of time the direction should be from outside to inside and not viceversa as Jupiter is acting in direct motion. We should pay more attention to all our current involvements and expanding plans and to put in balance each element that are using our energy.

On a personal level it should be a introspective period of time where each person should search for his life purpose or to see how their lives and actions are positioned based on this. We should expand on inside and to become more closer with our inner nature and our soul. Depending on the transits that Jupiter is making on your natal chart you should pay attention to that particular aspects of your life.

On a global level it’s a proper time to analyze what we have done until now and see what should we do next. Being in his home sign, Sagittarius, Jupiter is having a strong influences in bringing up to the surface the truth and to make light on politics and on the business enviroment. Of course this will not be a easy thing to do and of course there will be people to fight against it. Also finances, justice and international trading is affected by this retro transit.

It is interesting to observe some aspects that Jupiter is making this period. Especially with Saturn and Uranus. About Jupiter – Uranus transit we already discussed here.

Below you can find a list of aspects forming this year:

22nd January 2007 Jupiter square Uranus
16th March 2007 Jupiter trine Saturn
6th May 2007 Jupiter retro trine Saturn
11th May 2007 Juptier retro square Uranus

9th October 2007 Jupiter square Uranus retro
17th January 2008 Jupiter trine Saturn

As we can see on 6-11th May 2007 on his retro movement Jupiter will re-create the square aspect with Uranus and trine aspect with Saturn. This indicates that a series of actions, initatives and events occured on the beginning of 2007 (and end of 2006 also) will be re-opened and re-discussed. And is about about our future evolution and future politics because the old and traditional forces (Saturn trine Jupiter) are using their power to avoid evolution and changes (Jupiter square Uranus). The same forces that now are opposing to the events and are trying to keep all under their control will be ‘forced’ to accept the reality and to embrace the future. It’s about the balance between what we have to destroy in order to build something new and better. And I’m talking also about peoples conscience.

There are a lot of ‘hot’ things happenning now in the world on all levels. And I’m sure that there will be some storms to come. And not forgetting that next year, 2008, Jupiter will be retrograde in Capricorn, the ultimate resort of power. Hmm, 2008…a year full of elections on different countries…it will interesting.

Here you can find the chart of Jupiter start and end moment of retrogression.

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