Jupiter in Leo – astrological perspective

On July 16, 2014, Jupiter will leave the sign of Cancer and will enter the Leo one. Jupiter traverses each zodiac sign over a year, so, for 12 years, he goes through the entire zodiac circle.

Each period with Jupiter in a specific sign induces a different vibrational state in our energetic field. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and therefore, with its change we also change our perceptions and how we relate to the world around us. Jupiter will remain in this sign until August 2015.

Jupiter, as a general symbolism represents aspirations, goals and limitations that we want to overcome. It represents continued expansion, looking for new experiences and sensations. Symbolizes the philosophy, principles that guide our lives, how we judge our everyday experiences and draw conclusions, are also represented by Jupiter.

When we think of our future we do it in the light of Jupiter. With each change of sign we change our perception about tomorrow, of what is to come. The most important is that it changes our attitude toward the future. And this change is both globally and individually.

At the same time, the sign Jupiter traverses will be strongly enhanced. Jupiter acts as a magnifier, it magnifies and amplifies everything in its path. He removes any boundary and barrier. Jupiter is considered the Great Benefic and is regarded as a planet that brings opportunity and luck. I would add to this classical view some footnotes. Jupiter creates extraordinary opportunities and chances. Only as, what he brings is many times more than we can bear, more than we need. And this often creates problems and difficulties. It’s the classic situation where you need a sum of money and want to make a loan. Suddenly comes the opportunity to borrow a double amount than you originally asked. And suddenly you may end up with that loan, even though you only need half of it. It is clear that later when you have to give back the loan, things are no more so beautiful and problems arise. “

Jupiter in Leo brings primarily a higher dose of optimism and confidence in yourself. He amplifies Leo qualities: generosity, creativity and self-confidence. Next year, from this perspective, is conducive to activities involving the courage to be yourself, to express yourself and bring out parts of you that are now not manifested. Jupiter in Leo helps us to be ourselves, to be natural and feel good in your own skin.

As I mentioned above, there is a risk associated with Jupiter: hyper-optimism. Jupiter in Leo boosts our inner Ego. There is a very fine boundary between ‘ a trust in yourself’ and ‘I am God’. This Ego amplification can put us in situations to believe that everything is under our control, that it’s all good and to ignore a clear situation, ignore certain messages and details. It is very easy, with Jupiter in Leo, to believe that everything is ‘super, good, cool’ and then to wake up that things are totally different. We have to be careful because we can overrate and overestimate our forces. We can easily become egocentric and blind to life.

From my point of view, Jupiter is very dangerous because he has no limits. He amplifies everything, gives everything and more than you can handle. Therefore, my advice is that over the next year to consistently ask yourself if you missed something, whether you over value things and situations in which you are.

The most dangerous thing when you feel over confident is that we tuck in situations unrelated to us, to our lives. We assume the liabilities and responsibilities unrelated with our way. And we do this because we can, because our ego needs confirmation, validation, applause. Ask yourself all the time, if what you want to do is for you, or is just to get confirmation, validation from the outside.

I insisted so much on the shadow of Jupiter in Leo because we can easily turn an opportunity into a failure. And we shall wake up in August 2015 in a point where we look back and see that nothing has really changed in our lives. Leo is a fixed sign. He expects things to happen. Therefore avoid being caught in the trap of waiting for the right time, waiting for an invitation from the outside to act. Consider that those around you are also under the same influence and want to be taken into account. Do not wait for the other to make the first move. There will be much happier those who are proactive and generate opportunities.

Jupiter in Leo gives us the inner strength to do things that normally we do not. But he does not guarantee that things will do happen. It is up to us to act. He will support us by giving us courage, confidence, strength, optimism.

In the last year with Jupiter in Cancer, we have built a solid foundation within ourselves. We put some order inside of us, we got healed and balanced emotionally. Now is the time to take a step forward and build our future. The visualization is of major importance now. Visualize what you want to do. Visualize where you want to go and go for it.

Jupiter governs two zodiac signs: Sagittarius and Pisces. In other words, through Jupiter the energies of the two zodiac signs is manifested.

From the perspective of Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo involves validation of principles and philosophies of life. It’s time to learn to believe in our future, in our happiness. Sagittarius energy favors this year all activities related to travel, overseas, education or activities of a legal nature.

It’s a good year to learn something new or take exams, get certifications and attestations. For some of us may be a time to check how to begin to teach others, to find ways to share their knowledge and life experience. If you feel that you have a message to deliver it’s time to make things happen.

Jupiter in Leo, from the perspective of Sagittarius favors travels and voyages. Some of you will feel the need to break up with their life and seek a new path, a new meaning. If you feel the need to experience something I recommend you to take a break from your own life. You do not have to get rid of everything in your life. It is enough to plan a trip in a place you feel with your heart, a place that attracts you inexplicably.

Also Jupiter in Leo will do justice to those pending trials. But we must remember that justice is done. This means that some will lose some processes and some will win. The idea of justice is not about what we believe. But if you are a victim of abuse then the next year you will have the opportunity to balance the scales and receive support. But if you overrate your position then there are high chances to lose.

From the Pisces’s perspective, Jupiter in Leo tells a different story. Now is when all illusions and projections are scattered. Everything we think about the world is broken into pieces. I would see two main manifestation of this pattern: spiritually and financially.

Spiritually speaking – we include here our beliefs, religion, spiritual practices, etc. – we will experience a cold shower. Many will awaken suddenly. Some will realize that they lack the spiritual side and others will realize that they went in the wrong direction. Unfortunately marketing has penetrated into the spiritual area and the world is full of ‘masters, guides and shamans’. It’s very possible to have a pretty deep awakening process. My advice is that in case you realize that you have been tricked, ask yourself why you got there. And very important: this does not mean that there is no authentic information. You just have not found it. Jupiter in Leo favors finding the authentic ways.

Financially, there will be a shock wave. Globally, it is possible to have a strong financial correction process. It will break some soap bubbles. My recommendation for those who have investments in the stock exchange, to mark their profit now.

On a personal level, I recommend to avoid speculation and activities that involve risk. Save your money and do not venture into risky investments. There is the chance to win big money if you invest little money. Invest only money that you can afford to lose. Jupiter in Leo favors profit from creative activities, what you do wholeheartedly, purely by pleasure.

During the year, Jupiter in Leo will connect in a harmonious way to Uranus in Aries. Jupiter-Uranus will foster new and totally different approaches. Now is the time to have the courage to experience something new in your lives. Make a list of those things that you want to do in an ideal world. Then see to what extent you can do it right now in your life. Uranus supports everything non-conformist and coming out of our normal patterns. If at any time you feel that things are not moving, think what would you do differently, what you could suddenly change in your behavior and actions.

Jupiter will maintain throughout the period is in Leo, a very powerful configuration called Yod with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This configuration is very powerful and will lead to redefine the balance of powers in the world. Is a reconfiguration process that already begun, for several years. Yod’s energy is difficult to control; hence things will happen in a totally unexpected way.

On a personal level it is a process of inner strength reconfiguration, and self confidence. Surely we can find in ourselves new resources, skills we were not aware about. We will have the opportunity to realize that we are very good at what we do and we have every reason to feel proud. Only our Ego can overshadow this feeling because he minimizes those achievements.

It’s like when you want to get first prize in Mathematics but you get to have success in literature for example. Instead of enjoying what you get your mind tells you that you have not done anything because in Mathematics you’re still at the same level. Just maybe Math is not for you.

Jupiter passage through this sign can be divided into 3 steps:

1) July 16, 2014 – December 9, 2014
In this first stage, Jupiter will go through the first 22 degrees of Leo.

This stage is the activation of the things described above. It is the time when we are hereby notified about the topics we need to work on later. It is the stage of risk analysis and projects reassessment. Things may happen that force us to change our attitudes and beliefs.

In a positive sense, this stage should be used as one in which to focus on defining more clearly the adjustments we need to make and redefining some goals. What should be improved and how can we do this? You do not have to act necessarily now but to see what should be changed. Often we easily identify what is not ok but without finding a way to do that thing. There’s no problem. At this stage you just have to take inventory of the things on which you have to work. Solutions will appear later. Now is the right time to outline new projects and development directions.

2) December 9, 2014 – April 9, 2015– period of relegation, apparently of walking back. In this phase, Jupiter is retrograde and will return to 12 degree of Leo

This phase will be for work start, in the way that will be easier to find solutions to the problems outlined earlier. Now is the time to talk, reconsider, renegotiate certain partnerships and relationships. During this period you have to remember that things are still temporary and only after March 6 you will know exactly which is the final version. The advantage of this period is that we can try as many variants we want. We always have the opportunity to return to where we started and to resume. So now we should have the courage to experience new things and see what works for us. If in the previous stage we have defined new projects now is time for work and effective implementation.

3) April 9, 2015 – August 11, 2015
This stage is when Jupiter returns to direct drive and will cross in speed the sign of Cancer. It is the time when things will be finalized and we’ll know exactly what we rely on. Now will finalize the projects started in the first stage. What we do now is lasting and will provide a solid foundation for our future growth. If we take into account these three stages of the passage of Jupiter in Leo, then it will be much easier for us to plan and schedule certain activities. Nevertheless we have free will and to do otherwise. But it is always easier to align yourself with the energy patterns of the moment. Sometimes you strive for three months to do one thing when in reality for two months and half you have not been synchronized, you lost time and you’ve wasted energy.

In conclusion: Jupiter in Leo is a period of asserting personal power. It is a stage of assuming responsibility of our own lives and especially our own happiness. It’s time to get out in the world and be authentic. If we continue to lie to ourselves, things get complicated and we risk losing everything. If you have the courage to be yourselves then the Universe will help and support us. The watchword with Jupiter in Leo is authenticity. Who are you in reality?

Every person will manifest things related to natal chart. Lion Energy in your map will require you to be authentic in that sector of life.

Have a pleasent Jupiter in Leo !


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  1. I like the fact you give some examples about the way a planet can influence us. Some of the positive effects of Jupiter I have noticed already. It is good to know that we must be careful. For some reason everybody looks to have more power now.

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