Hillary Clinton – the next US president? – I’m not so sure

Following my previous analysis about US candidates for 2008 Presidential’s elections I’ve start looking on each candidate profile and see who might be the next president. I’ve started with Hillary Clinton and from beginning I focused on secondary progressions on her chart.

Searching the Internet I’ve found that Hillary C. was born on 26th October 1947 on Chicago, Illinois. The time of birth is indicate to be around 08:00pm. Doing some rectification analysis I think that the correct birth is around 8:25pm. As a source of information I’ve used Wikipedia website.

On secondary progressions analysis I’ve focused on Sun and Moon. The Sun progression is around 1 degree/year while the Moon is much faster: aprox. 1 degree at each 28 days. But first let’s take a look on the Hillary natal chart.

Hillary Clinton chart
I’m talking mainly about the Moon-Neptune opposition on the Aries-Libra sign and 11th-5th house axis. I think that this opposition is very important for Hillary political and personal development. First of all, being on the 5th-11th house axis it will emphasize the need for personal afirmation and it will influence her luck and also public image. This opposition is a very dynamic aspect and I think that in Hillary’s life it was ‘responsible’ for some up and downs. Counting this opposition we observe there are 4 sensible areas on the Hillary’s chart where transits and progression will have a major impact:
– Aries ( 1 to 20 degrees) : position of the Moon and the start of each lunar cycle
– Libra ( 1 to 20 degrees) : position of the Neptune
– Cancer and Capricorn ( 1 to 20 degrees)
The last 2 areas, Cancer and Capricorn, are the most powerful ones because any planet in transit or progression there will make square with both natal Moon and Neptune. It will actually create a T-Square configuration. In my analysis I noticed that everytime the Moon was progressed on that areas Hillary had difficulties in life and career.

Now let’s take a look on the major events occured in the H.C. life when Moon progressed was on the above 4 areas of her chart:
August 1974 : moved to Arkansas to be with Bill Clinton. Also she didn’t passed the District of Columbia bar exam on her first attempt. On that moment Hillary was on a new progressed moon cycle and she started a new life. Also Saturn in transit it was on 13 degrees Cancer making a square with Moon-Neptune.
Nov 1980 : Bill Clinton was defeated on the Governor of Arkansas re-election. From the Hillary point of view it was a drawback , a lose of a social status and position. The Moon was just entering on Cancer and Saturn was transiting the natal Neptune. Here I would like to make a note: I’ve observed that for a candidate not the moment of election is important but the moment of his appointment – or not being appointed in that position. On January 1981 – the date when B.Clinton lose his position og Governor the prog. Moon was at 2 degrees Cancer.
end of 1987- start of 1988: the prog. Moon was on the natal Neptune and Neptune was in Capricorn making a square with its natal position. Unfortunately I have no information about this time period in Hillary life. The only thing I can link with is the family area where probably she found out about Bill Clinton love affairs -still the progre. Moon is 5th house.
September 1994 : “Clinton health care plan”, Hillary’s initiative, is not approved by Congress : “The defeat weakened Clinton politically, emboldened Republicans, and contributed to the notion that Hillary Clinton was a big-government liberal.” ( Wikipedia). The progressed Moon was in Capricorn and squared the natal Moon-Neptune positions.
October 2002 : a new Progressed Moon cycle started for Hillary. And ‘by coincidence’ on this months the first posibilities for a Presidential campaign was outlined by The New York Times

But what is connection witth the progressed Moon cycle and 2008 US Presidential Elections?
On that period the prog. Moon on Hillary’s chart will be in Cancer making squares with natal Moon/Neptune. Is the same position under which by his husband defeat in 1980 elections she lost his position as First Lady of Arkansas. Moreover the progressed Sun is in Capricorn and opposing the prog Moon and squaring natal Moon-Neptune. Also prog. Venus is in Aquarius square to natal Sun. As you can see a lot of ‘hard’ aspects occuring in the Hillary chart for that period of time.


My opinion is that Hillary Clinton will have a tough presidential campaign and I’m not very sure that it will be a success. Whenever the opposition Moon-Neptune is activated by progression or transit she is under ‘illusion of winning’ influence. I think that her chance it will be the experience and the wisdom gained until now. And this experience should make her think twice before taking decisions. Also she should pay attention to her husband advices: Bill’s Mercury is conjunct with Hillary natal Mars – he can guide her actions and also to provide excellent ideeas.

Starting with March 2008 things on Hillary campaign will not be so good. The Moon will progress into Cancer and start forming the opposition with natal Moon/Neptune. Also Pluto is transiting on that period of time the natal position of Juno. And Juno in transit si making its return and start moving backwards…retrograde.

But maybe she has an astrologer to guide her and pinpoint all these influences … and help her.

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18 comments on “Hillary Clinton – the next US president? – I’m not so sure”:

  1. I am interested in what in her chart gives her the convidence to think she can win this race. I couldn’t believe she won the race in New York either. Is there a long term career in politics ahead for her? This was insight, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing about the other candidates as well.

  2. I think her Scorpio Sun gives her a sharp mind, and she could keep a secret and her mouth shut. I think her time of birth is a little off. She definitely has a round face typical of Cancer.
    And the other degrees take in the sign Gemini significantly. So, I give her a place on the cusp of both. She relies on Bill for love and trusts his advice…to keep herself well-balanced. Hopefully…they won’t have serious conflicts. She has got to maintain self-respect in BIG business relationships..or people impatient men will label her as a foolish female. So, perhaps she will use her imagination and see herself as the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT…and it won’t be just an illusion.
    Josie Parent, Tickfaw, Louisiana. julianna77@hotmail.com

  3. Thank you all for your input!

    For Diane,
    In my opinion the Mars-Pluto conjunction plus Saturn in Leo and all squaring Mercury-Venus in Scorpion is the force that push her to politics. She need the power and also she needs to stay in control.

  4. Hi! I have reached the same conclusion in regards to Senator Clinton.

    Michael, I have done transits for election day also.

    In the past when working with Presidential Elections, I have used aspects/markers to Saturn, Jupiter and elevated & personal planets – with particular attention to any & all conjunctions.

    I do use transits for election day, but I also use a composite, a synastric and progressed chart for the U.S.

    Have a look at Ron Paul’s transits for election day 2008, his announcement in March that he is running for President and the New Hampshire Primary.

    Very interesting.

    I believe he will be the next President of the United States.

  5. Dan,

    I believe Romney will win in ’08 as he has the awesome Aquarius Venus grand air trine for a “change” election. Jupiter by cnj transit will hit it around 1/20/09. Would love to know his birthtime though – that would clear things up.

    In Vedic astrology, a fallen Sun (9deg41′ Libra) dasa makes it difficult for Hillary to win. It’s the weakest possible position to within 19 minutes. Also, Saturn by cnj transit will approach Bill’s stellium in Libra — not good for getting wifey elected.

    Need Romney’s birth time badly…A Cap Asc would seal the deal.

  6. I take the 8pm time as off by only a minute or two, not 25. Look at the transits on Feb. 5th after Super Tuesday. Pluto on her descendant. Major spotlight and a transformation in her relationship with the world. I looked at the inauguration date (not Nov. election) because the actual decision might be later, and it looks good to me for Hillary, also for Edwards.

  7. Pluto transiting her Descendent? The Seventh House is the place of open enemies and destruction coming at her from them.

    This Neptune and Moon structure which creates an illusion of inevitability (“WHEN I AM PRESIDENT.”) does not sit well with Americans of all stripes and places.
    We Americans like cockiness (Reagan) if it is confident and good natured, but we abhor ARROGANCE, especially calculated arrogance. Senator Specter commented the other day that we Americans have a hard time accepting people who are overtly calculating. Hillary Clinton reminds me of the villain in a Peter Falk Columbo murder mystery. And Giuliani reminds me of Columbo.

  8. Having read your interpretation I must say that you did a good job on her Moon-Neptune aspect and that it might bring all the illusions in her world.

    Do you know anything about her relationships with her mom?

    what can you say about the square from Saturn and Mars in Leo to Venus and Mercury in Scorpio? has these aspect affected her beginnings? Not to metion that mercury is rather her chart ruler.

    what about the stellium of mars, pluto and saturn – all in Leo… has it not affected the road to success?

  9. You’ve miscalculated the chart; you’ve accidently calculated it for 27 September. On the 26th, the Moon-Neptune opposition was 12 degrees, too wide an orb, IMO, for it to be significant.

  10. The birth chart itself is incorrect. Many are using the 8 AM chart — the 8 PM having been debunked by now — and, with yesterday’s hostage situation in her campaign offices in NH coinciding with the Moon crossing her MC, it would make sense. Recalculate her chart with the new time and see what comes up.

  11. May i say- There is no neptune in Vedic Astrology. And if there is neptune, uranus or pluto then it is NOT Vedic astrology. Vedic comes from the Vedas.

  12. There’s no way Hillary is a 5th house person. She just doesn’t fit the 5th house personality profile, especially when this house’s people tend to be much more natural and seek to shine in their true light. Hillary is too evasive, secretive and sleek for the 5th house. She’s more of a 12th house high dreamer, as a time of 8 AM makes her.
    By the way, a Tarot reading I have made seem to have her taking the democratic nomination.

  13. Progressed Venus square Sun is actually a good aspect to have. With Venus, the difficult aspects are usually found with the inherently tense quincunx and the back-and-forth seeking balance of the opposition. Furthermore, with the correct 8 AM chart, her Progressed Jupiter is in trine with her Mars/Pluto conjunction giving a great deal of energy to her ability to manifest what she wants, her SA Venus is = her Sun (both Bill Clinton and Bush had Venus-Sun contacts when first elected) and her Progressed Sun is in a trine with what is a Virgo MC with the 8 AM chart.

    The past month or so has seen Neptune opposite her Saturn, slowly dissolving that which she thought was solid, as well as Tr Chiron first square her Natal Chiron, then opposite her Pluto/Mars and finally square her Venus.

    But with Saturn now retrograding over her MC — to revisit that angle in August when he moves direct –, she will probably have learned to do more with much, much less: less money, less words, less of those things she found security in (Saturn). And Tr Chiron is now square Barack Obama’s Ascendant and Michelle’s Neptune.

    Interestingly, the same day (March 10th) Tr Saturn leaves her 4 Virgo MC (the 8 AM chart), he’s immediately trine her Progressed Sun as Tr Mars moves to trine her Natal Sun. Does not seem like the “privately licking one’s wounds” chart you’d expect if someone left the Race.

    Then Tr Saturn sextiles Hillary’s Natal Sun beginning in mid-March before stopping to station all the way through May within 1 degree of this sextile … the same time he’ll be stationed square Barack Obama’s Moon (with a 1:06 PM chart) and opposite Michelle Obama’s Venus — with Neptune currently affecting his Mars by quincunx and her Saturn by conjunction.

    I’ve always believed this Primary Season would come down to Pennsylvania and, with her continuing on until April, I still believe it will.

    Interestingly, her Progressed Ascendant begins a conjunction with the US Pluto in early-May, continuing on for the next year.

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