Grand Trine Mars-Jupiter-Uranus in april-may 2006

Between 26 April 2006 (05:00am GMT) and 18 May 2006 we will be under the power of an interesting Grand Trine formed by Mars , Jupiter and Uranus.

Generally speaking a Grand Trine is a very positive configuration wich implies the existence of huge potential of evolving. It has influences in any aspects of our lifes from macro aspects (world or country politics, economy to our personal and inner-self existence).
The main problem of a Grand Trine is that it can remain just a potential without any chance of materialization. A person with such a configuration in his chart will be aware of this immense potential but might have problems in expressing it. Expressing a Grand Trine is always a matter of the entire chart of that person.

Grand Trine Details
Water signs : Mars in Cancer – Jupiter in Scorpio – Uranus in Pisces
YIN as polarity
– Mars in cardinal sign, Jupiter in fixed and Uranus in mutable
– Jupiter retrograde
– Max point of configuration it will be 7th of May

Grand Trine short interpretation
It is obviously that we cannot analyze and evaluate the impact of this configuration in all the aspects of life. But we can underline some characterstics…

Being in Watery signs it means that during this period we will deal with a creative potential based on our inner emotions and ability to feel at a much deeper level. This GT will emphasize all activities regarding art (poetry, paiting …), culture, nursing and helping others.
Being a YIN configuration means that this potential it will not be very obviously expressed and it will occur only as a result of an external influence. Someone, something it will trigger this part of us and will make us becoming more sensible and creative.
And not forget the planets involved: Mars, Jupiter and Uranus and with Jupiter retrograde.
These 3 planets together are able to develop a very strong and powerfull force. We have Mars as a represantation of our will, energy and purpose of acting; we have Jupite retrograde as a representation of our ability to develop and expand (being retro means that this expansion is an internal one….we will expand our inner forces and abilities); we have Uranus with his huge force of chancing and always in search for freedom.

In conclusion I can say that we all have the opportunity to make something creative and to help each other.

Other considerations
As we all now a Grand Trine can evolve very easily into a KITE. All it needs is just a planet placed on the midpoint of any 2 planets from configuration. In this case the potential of the Grand Trine receive a direct channels of manifestation. The opposition of the KITE it will become the motivation and the channel of expressing the existing energies.

In our case I’ve found some interesting facts…

On 27th of April there will be a very powerfull kite made by our Grand Trine and the New Moon. In this case the Sun-Moon conj. in Taurus will become the motivation source and Jupiter will become the place of manifestation. Jupiter in Scorpio it will bring some strong and radical changes and all these changes will appear as a result of a practical and material need(New moon in taurus).

On 7th May , when the Grand Trine will reach its maximum, the Moon will be between Mars and Jupiter and will form a Kite. Also it will be in trine with the Sun. This time Uranus will be the point of exit or manifestation.

I might say that betweeb this 2 dates there is a strong relation: the events on 27 of April will find their final results on 7th of May. The Moon in our case if the linking part. She transferring the light and energy from the Sun to the Grand Trine and also is forcing and outcome.

Also on 16th May there might be some additional results…the Moon will form for the third time a Kite together with out GT. And in the same time (from 11th of May) Mercury will form also a Kite by placing between Mars and Uranus (the place of the previous New Moon). This means that then we will be able to understand and rationalize what is previously happend. Until than we will act guided by our feelings and emotions.

In conclusion…
If you are an artist or are willing to make some activities involving feeling, emotions and less mind than this is a proper time to start. Take some time for yourself: read a book, do some artwork, meditate. Don’t let this moment pass…get your chance…express your potential.

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  1. I’m really feeling this Grand Trine since it is very similar to my natal Grand Trine (same houses, same signs). I have created a lot of poetry lately, and I have been more focused on my creativity and communications than on other regards.

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