Grand Cross Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron from June 2006

Between 31 May 2006 10:07pm GMT and 12 June 2006 7:21am GMT we will found ourselves under the influence of a Grand Cross formed by Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron.Grand Cross characteristics
Opposition: Venus-Jupiter and Saturn-Chiron
Retrogrades: Jupiter and Chiron
Cardinality: Fixed signs
Maximum period: 5-7 June

Astrological interpretation
The Grand Cross by definition is a very dynamic and tensional configuration which has the ‘ability’ to extract all the sensitive things from our inner self (which in normal states are remaining hidden) and to bring them up to the surface. All the 4 squares forming this configuration are representing our inner conflicts and fears. And using those 2 oppositions this fears and conflicts are transposed in our external life. We all are able during a grand cross period to find the best ‘opportunities’ to express our inner conflicts and make a solid projections on the outer world.

In our case we have:
– Venus square Chiron : wounded hearts, in search for healing our feelings
– Venus square Saturn: fear of expressing our true feelings, not able to love
– Jupiter square Saturn: expand or retreat? make a step forward or stay an analyze?
– Chiron square Jupiter: lost of healing powers, lost of purpose and guidance
– Venus opposition Jupiter: in search for true and pure love
– Chiron opposition Saturn: no more time for evolving and searching guidance

On overall it’s hard to estimate the impact of this configuration. In my opinion it will have a more powerful implication on the personal level regarding our life aspiration and expectations based on each person level of spiritual development. It’s a time when we must make a change in our life , to leave the past and move forward. The presence of Chiron in Aquarius and oppose with Saturn means that old structures and ideeas are need to be changed.
Also it depends on the natal charts elements.

History of this configuration
Looking back in time we can see how this configuration was formed. I’ve identified the following important phases (see also the below picture):

31.August.2005 – Saturn oppose Chiron and Venus conjunct Jupiter
18.September.2005 – Jupiter square Chiron and Venus square Saturn
19.November.2005 – Jupiter square Saturn and Jupiter square Chiron
13.March.2006 – Venus conj. Chiron and opposition with Saturn
1.06.2006 – Grand Cross

Grand Cross Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron

And it will continue with:
23.August.2006 – Venus conjunct Saturn , Venus oppose Chiron and Venus/Saturn square Jupiter
15.November.2006 – Venus conjunct Jupiter and both square Saturn

This will be a complete Venus-Jupiter cycle and now with this Grand Cross we are at the maximum influence of this cycle. It started with Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Libra and it will end with the same conj. in Scorpio.

It will interested to analyze this cycle influences in all our aspect of life. On personal level it’s interesting to see on which house this conj. started and on which house ends and if there were major aspects made with natal elements.

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