Grand Cross April 2014 – Reclaiming your power

This month, April 2014, there is a rare and strong planetary configuration taking place: Grand Cross of Mars-Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter. This configuration is very powerful and creates strong waves of energy in our lives. Things like Ukraine-Crimea-Russia, missing airplaine, earthquakes are events resulted from this energy flow.


From a personal perspective, I see this configuration as being a huge opportunity to make a change in your life. We can all benefit from this energies that are created on Earth.

We, humans, have always two options in our life: being Active or being Passive. We can either be Active and use our intention for our own benefit or we just can wait and see what’s happening. It’s not a better way to do, there is no Golden Rule. Sometimes it’s good to be Passive and sometime is better to being Active. More familiar terms are Yang and Yin.
This Grand Cross is Yang in manifestation. It’s creates patterns of energy and stimulates events. Being Yin-Passive in this situation you might lose a momentum.

In my opinion, this configuration allow us to reclaim our lost powers. But what it means? During our lifetime/lives we are constantly losing energy. When we are under stress or going through traumatic events we tend to lose our powers. It’s very often to hear something like ‘when I was young I was doing that and that…but now I cannot do it anymore’. This happens because an event occurred in your life that blocked that ability, that power. Now you can claim it back. It can be something from your childhood, adolescence or more recent time. You don’t have to remember it in order to get it back. The same aspect can be applied for energies from past lives.

23rd of April 2014 is the maximum moment for our Grand Cross. You can use this day(s) to focus your intention on recovering your lost powers. If you know what you want to recover it’s good. If not just manifest the intention of getting back something you lost. If you have a spiritual practice use it. It can be a simple prayer, meditation or a elaborate shamanic ritual. It’s up to you.  What you can recover depends on your inner strength. We are floating in a ocean of energy and our intention creates reality.
This is an event that you can use your freewill. Nothing is forcing you to do this action. But if you do it you can connect to the Grand Cross energy and make a difference in your life. Freewill it’s not about doing things when you have to do it but doing things when there is no external impulse. If you are in difficult situation where you have 3 options, no matter what you choose you didn’t used your freewill. In this case if you had used your freewill you will not be on that peculiar position.

You can use the entire period until 23rd of April to work on reclaiming your power. The Grand Cross got activated on the last New Moon. Use this month to reflect on your life and what you feel is missing. If you have the feeling of missing something it means that you had it but you lost it. The effects of this works can manifest differently from person to person: from instant change to a several months of slow process.

Now let’s talk about the astrological aspect of 23rd of April 2014 5:39am Bucharest, Romania – I using the chart for my location. You should find the right moment for you place.

We have many planets on 13rd degrees: Mars in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn. All this 4 planets creates the Grand Cross. Also Moon is on 13rd degree of Aquarius and this way connecting to the configuration.
In my opinion, Jupiter in Cancer is the focus point on this configuration.

Jupiter in Cancer is about bringing back old memories and connecting with the past. Pluto in Capricorn opposing help realizing the power (Capricorn). Mars retrograde in Libra is about fighting on the wrong wars. Mars being in exile make us act totally against us and creates conflictual situation where there is no real problem. With Mars retro in Libra we should focus on us and heal our anger and frustration. Uranus in Aries creates the perfect situation for us to realize this. The only thing with Uranus is that you get sudden changes and totally out of the ordinary.

In other words: Mars-Uranus are giving us the idea that we might have a problem in our life, in the way that we are not position correctly to things around us. Jupiter in Cancer is receiving this impulse and using Pluto’s energy can help us make a change. Moon in Aquarius is on exact quinqux with Jupiter – it’s a strong correction process that can take place. Moon in Aquarius might represent the world, the scenes from our life where we lost our powers.

Also Jupiter is conjunct of Sirius , the brightest star in the sky after Sun.
“Sirius struggles at a personal level as it seeks to link small personal actions to great sacred moments, to find the sacred in the mundane actions of daily life…” Bernadette Brady – Star and Planet Combinations.

I think that Sirius and Jupiter describe perfectly the opportunity we have to recover our lost powers, abilities, energies.
In addition we have:

  • Mercury conjunct South Node in the last degree of Aries. This aspects will allows to connect to your past and also lowers the mind influences and allows to go beyond our limitations.
  • Venus in Pisces and trine Saturn in Scorpio: intuition used in a proper manner. Let’s call it ‘planned intuition’. Also Venus is on antiscia with Mars – good energy flow.
  • Neptune on Pisces sextile with Sun and antiscia with Ceres and NN. Another support for going beyond our limits.
  • Sun in Taurus antiscia Pallas Athena – favorable for elaborate rituals and healing activities.

In conclusion: we are living a unique moment in our lives.  There is a very strong energy pattern around us. There is no way to control it or to oppose. We can either stay aside and pray that thing will not hit us or you can tap in and use this energy to make a change.

For sure there is a very dangerous time for us with all the unleashed energy. But it’s up to us, on individual level , to make a change. You cannot change the world. The world is changing on its own and it can use individuals as tools of change.

All the best,

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