Neptune and television – short astrological analysis

The appearance of television was an important breakthrough in our evolution as human kind.  Television is a mass information channel and accelerated the learning curve allowing us to  access various sources of knowledges from different places of the world.

The purpose of this article is to analyze the appearance and the evolution of Television from astrological point of view. In my opinion the starting point of the TV revolution was on 7th April 1927 when Philo Farnsworth demonstrated a working prototype of a TV. AT&T Bell Labs scientists invented long-distance TV transmission. An audience in New York saw an image of Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover in the first successful long-distance demonstration of television.

The chart can be seen here.

From astrological point of view television is ruled by Neptune and also by Uranus. Looking on the 7th April 1927 chart we can observe some interesting aspects:
Neptune in Leo : very creative position outlining the need for showing off and finding new ways to present the information through image.
Uranus just moved from Pisces on 0:23 degrees on Aries: enabled some interesting discoveries in science and technology.
conjunction Mercury-Jupiter in Pisces: expansion (Jupiter) of knowledge and information (Mercury) through images (Neptune)
Uranus trine Saturn : easy acceptance of the new technology without threatening the past, the tradition
There are also other interesting aspects forming on that period of time. I focused on those that from my point of view are directly linked with the nature of the event.

The reason why this subject got my attention is because in 2007 there will be 80 years since the Philo Farnsworth practical discovery. And more important because we are on the middle of the Neptune cycle , an important period of time for the entire TV industry. If we look around us we see that this industry is about to change and radically transform. The merge between TV and Internet is about to become part of our daily reality. This direction is not a surprise from astrological point of view because we know are living under the strong mutual reception Uranus-Neptune : Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. We all know that Internet is under Uranus influence.

This year we will be under some strong transits regarding the moment of 7th April 1927. Uranus will pass over the Mercury-Jupiter in Pisces simultaneous with Saturn transiting natal Neptune and oppose Neptune in transit. Also in the same period Jupiter will transit natal Saturn and Pluto will form an opposition with natal Mars and North Node.

Looking on the future time we see also the Uranus will end a full cycle in 2010 and also Neptune will enter Pisces. The Uranus return will be assisted also by Jupiter. I think that the 2007-2010 period of time will radically transform the entire television industry. And not only television but also cinema and other connected industries.

Looking back in time and analyzing the 1927 -2007 period of time we see some interesting correlations between TV events and astrological events. We still analyzing the transits based on the 1927 chart.

December 1938 :  An electronic television system was patented by V.K. Zworykin
September 1940 : The 1st showing of high definition color TV.
Neptune semi-sextile natal Neptune and oppose natal Mercury-Jupiter

July 1941: Commercial black and white television broadcasting began in the US
Jupiter transiting natal Venus

July 1949: 1st practical rectangular TV tube was announced in Toledo, Oh.
Uranus transit over natal North-Node and Moon

Sept 1951: The first transcontinental television broadcast in America was carried by 94 stations. President Truman addressed the nation from the Japanese peace treaty conference in San Francisco.
Uranus transiting natal Pluto and Saturn oppose natal Uranus

Dec 1953 The first color TV sets went on sale.
Neptune sextile natal Neptune , Uranus trine natal Mercury-Jupiter and Pluto transiting natal Neptune

Oct 1956 The 1st video recording on magnetic tape was televised coast-to-coast
Neptune enters Scorpio and trine natal North-Node and Moon

Apr 1962 The Massachusetts Institute of Technology achieved the first satellite relay of a television signal, between Camp Parks, Ca., and Westford, Mass.
July 1962 The Telstar I satellite carried the first transatlantic TV transmission.
Neptune in transit in trine with Mercury-Jupiter and in trine with natal Pluto..
Uranus entering Virgo

March 1967 The first nationwide strike in the 30-year history of the American Federation of Television occurred and lasted for 13 days.
Neptune square natal Neptune
Uranus-Pluto oppose natal Mercury-Jupiter

1979 -1980 Launch of several new and important TV station focusing on a specific subject: ESPN on sports, Nickelodeon on children programs, CNN on news. And also the strong penetration of cable television.

Neptune trine his natal position.
North Node transiting natal Neptune
Uranus in transit square natal Neptune
Pluto oppose natal Sun

1995 – Major changes in the US TV station market:  the Walt Disney Company agreed to acquire Capital Cities-ABC Inc. in a $19 billion deal and Westinghouse Electric Corporation struck a deal to buy CBS for $5.4 billion.

Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn quinqunx (150 degree) with Natal Neptune
Jupiter transiting Saturn
Pluto square Neptune
Saturn transiting over natal Mercury-Jupiter position

December 1996 – TV industry execs agreed to adopt a ratings system.
Saturn transiting natal Uranus and Pluto getting close to Saturn natal position

As we can see from the above events the Neptune transits to its natal position marked some milestones in the TV industry evolution. I’ve only mentioned only a few events. If you will search more deeply you will find out more connections between Neptune transits and media industry, esp. TV.

In conclusion I would like to say that the next 80 years it will show us a different television. Things like interactive TV’s or television over the Internet are normal things that days. And this merging between TV and Internet will become more and more important.
And also things like 3D television will not be only a theory.

I’m very sure that new things will be invented, things that we cannot imagine now.


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