Formula 1 Drivers – 2007 Season – Astrological profiles

Speed, super cars, accidents, races, drivers … words that can describe best the Formula One championship. And I think that for astrology is the perfect ground to make analysis and learn more about the planets influences. I’m planning to do some astrological overviews of the F1 world and I will start with a drivers analysis.

The 2007 season of Formula 1 started 2 weeks ago. More detalies about F1 championship can be find here.

In this post I will analyze the charts of the 22 drivers racing this season from the aspects point of view. Using Configuration Hunter I made a statistic about the various aspects that can be found in the drivers charts. Because I don’t have the exact time of the drivers birth I will exclude from the analysis the Moon position. The resulted statistics can be viewed here on my Google Docs

The analysis result is a table containing all aspects formed by planets in all 22 drivers charts:
– on the first column you have the planets pair list
– the next 5 columns contains the aspect name (conjunction,sextile,square,trine and opposition). On each row you can see the percentage of drivers which have that aspect between planets.
– the last column contain the percentage of the pilots which have any type of aspect between the planets pair indicated by the row

Now let’s see what interesting facts we can observe in the drivers charts…

In the first place we can see that the higher percentage is for Mars-Jupiter aspects: 59,09% drivers have an aspect between this planets. The Mars-Jupiter is a symbol of high speeds and also high risks. This high score is an indication that most of the drivers are risk takers and also have a strong addiction to speed. And half of these drivers ( 27,3% percentage from the total number of drivers) have Mars square Jupiter! In my opinion they have an internal problem regarding how to express, manifest their energies. And racing in F1 is the way to manifest and resolve this inner conflict. But they should pay attention that this is a very explosive combination and must be carefull.

Another higher percentage we can find on the drivers having Mars square Uranus aspect : 22,73% of them! The Mars square Uranus is another indication of a risk takers and need for high speeds for those drivers.

It is interesting to know that from all drivers only one (Scott Speed) is having both aspects: Mars square Jupiter and Mars square Uranus. For Scott I think that F1 it might be too dangerous. I didn’t analyze his chart yet so it’s only a first impression.

From the total number of drivers we can say the almost 50% have one of the above squares. Actually 14 drivers are having a Mars squared aspect. And remember that I didnt included Moon here.

Another higher percentages we can observe on the following aspects: Mercury square Pluto , Saturn square Uranus, Saturn trine Lilith (mean Apogee) and Sun square Pluto. They are all hard aspects involving a lot of strong energies. It also interesting to observe that 40% of the drivers has an aspect betwee Sun and Pluto and 45% between Venus and Jupiter.

As we can see from above analysis most of the drivers are ‘drived’ by strong and energetic aspects (squares esp.). This aspects are allowing them to face the danger of F1 racing and in the same time making them very prone to accidents.

If you observe another interesting correlations based on this statistic please reply here.


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One comment on “Formula 1 Drivers – 2007 Season – Astrological profiles

  1. So Scott Speed not only has a fast name, he also has both aspects Mars-Uranus and Mars-Jupiter, WOW.

    I can see the relation Mars/Jupiter and the keywords risk, speed and accident-prone, but I wondered how the relation to accidents is made? Formula one is quite safe nowadays and the latest fatality was 1994, can you elaborate on that?

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