Formula 1 drivers astrological analysis (1)

This post is the first in a series dedicated to Formula 1 astrology analysis. In a previous post I’ve already opened the discussion related to this subject by analyzing “Car Racing fatal accidents”.

The subject of this post is to see the occurance of the square and opposition aspects between Sun, Mars and Uranus in the drivers charts. The analyzed source is formed by 786 all time F1 drivers with valid birthdates.

The results were the followings:
– Mars square Uranus : 79 drivers meaning 10% from the total number of drivers
– Mars oppose Uranus : 44 drivers meaning 5.60% from the total number of drivers

This means that 15.6% of all drives has in their chart an hard aspect between Mars and Uranus. Compared with the results from the previous analysis , where there was a 33% of percentage of drivers with hard aspects between Mars and Uranus, we see that the drivers with this aspect in their chart are much more exposed to the fatal accidents.

Now let’s see the results for Sun-Uranus aspects:
– Sun square Uranus: 78 drivers meaning 9,92% from total number of drivers
– Sun oppose Uranus: 34 drivers meaning 4,33% from total number of drivers

In the previous analysis we had 27% of drivers (fatal accidents) with this hard aspect. Compared with the 14,25% (9,92% +4,33%) we can say that drivers with Sun-Uranus hard aspects are more predisposed to fatal accidents then the other race drivers.
As soon as I will have new results I will post it here.

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One comment on “Formula 1 drivers astrological analysis (1)

  1. would be interesting to see the numbers on conjuncts and inconjuncts with sun/uranus and mars/uranus …. my husband is a HUGE F1 fan … interesting you have, of all sports, F1 … yea!!!

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