Ford Motor record loss on 2006 – astrological analysis

Ford , one of the biggest companies in the world , reported a record loss of 12.7bn USD for 2006. The original news can be read it here. My curiosity make me take a look at the Ford astro chart and to try to identify the causes for these loss. I’ve searched the internet and found out that Ford Motor Co was founded on 16th June 1903. I’ve also found out the yearly net incomes for several years (all amounts are in USD billions):

2006 (12 bn)
2005 2,0 bn
2004 3,4bn
2003 0,5bn
2002 (1bn)
2001 (5,4bn)
2000 3,6bn
1999 4,9bn
1998 4,1bn
1997 4,2bn
1996 1,3bn
1995 2,1bn
1994 3,9bn
1993 1,0bn
1992 (8,6bn)
1991 (3,1bn)
1990 0,1bn
1989 3,2bn
1988 4,6bn
1987 3,7bn
1986 2,5bn
1985 2,0bn
1984 2,5bn

Looking on these figures we observe some important years from the financial point of view :1991,1992,2001,2002 and 2006. In all these years Ford recorded a loss instead a profit. Unfortunately I couln’t find out information for previous years. If someone has this numbers I will be grateful if he can send it to me.

Firstly I’ve tried transits analysis. I’ve searchead for some patterns but I couldn’t find anything relevant. The only interesting thing was the observation that starting with 1988 , Hades ( the Uranian planet) transited the planets Mercury, Pluto and Sun. The Hades transit over Sun just ended in 2006. So we have a 18 transit period marked by 2 loss records. But I can say that this Hades transit only is an indication of the Ford financials up and downs.

Moving to progression (secondary progr.) I’ve discovered some interesting aspects regarding Sun progressions.
Starting with 1990 and until the begining of 1993 , progressed Sun was in opposition with progressed Jupiter and in square with natal Pluto. I’m talking about aspects under 1 degree (perfect aspects). Looking on the financial info we observe that in this period Ford recorded some strong losses.
Moving forward in 1996 Sun in Venus progressed (Venus retrograde) was in conjunction. The year represented a weak financial year were net income decrease to 1,3bn comparing with 2,1bn in 1995. Also this year Sun progr. was in square with natal Uranus and in square with its natal position.
Until 2001 there are no important aspects made by Sun in progressions allowing Ford to gain strong profits. In 2001 we have some interesting aspects which may explain the 2 years of loss (2001 and 2002). And is not about aspects but more on planets ingress in progressions. We have Sun moving from Virgo to Libra and Mars from Scorpio to Sagittarius.
2004 and 2005 are years of a financial comeback where Sun progressed made a trine with Saturn progr.
In 2006 we have a progressed Sun square natal Neptune and also a progressed Venus square to natal Pluto. This difficult aspects are an indication of the 12,7bn USD loss in 2006. It is interesting to observe that progressed Sun is very close to natal Mars. Actually in 2008 there will be the perfect conjunction on 5 degrees Libra. I think , based on the natal chart Mars  well aspected , that Ford Motor starting with 2009 fiscal year will have a strong comeback from financial point of view. In the next years progressed Sun will form a Grand Trine with natal Mercury and Saturn and sextile with Venus. This will enable Ford to gain good profits and to recover the loss from 2006 and perhaps 2007.

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