[Case Study] Fatal car accident

Car accidents are events that are occuring very often and generates a lot of pain and suffering for all person involved. In my opinion most of this accidents can be avoided and a good astrologer can advice his clients how to avoid this high risks moments of time. That’s why I consider that is very usefull for all astrologers to study and share their knowledge.

Recently I’ve found out about a fatal car accident and one of the person involved was kind enough to provide necesarry data’s and also the approval for writting this analysis.

It’s about a girl born on 27th of March 1984 11:45am Bucharest, Romania. The chart can be seen here.
On the 26th of December 2008 she was involved in a car accident. She was sitting on the back seat and it was the less damaged place. Unfortunately she died as a result of a head injury. All other passangers are alive. Her sister was also in that car – she gave me all the data’s.

Now let’s take a look and see what we can learn from this tragic experience. I will outline only the major issues and aspects.

Looking at her natal chart we can observe the following aspects:

  • Cancer AS with the Moon as a ruler in 8th house: one of the first and most important aspects related to the high risks of accidents
  • The same Moon is forming a square aspect with Saturn: bad luck?!
  • Sun is in perfect square with Ascendant: this is an indication of weak physical body. From my point of view this is one of the most dangerous aspects that can be found in someone chart and requires a lot of attention for that person.
  • Sun and Mercury in Aries and Mars – the ruler – on the cusp of 6th house: again an explosive combination of aspects and related to health problems => Aries/Mars is the head
  • Mercury oppose Pluto: risk of accidents

All this aspects are outlining the high risk of accidents/violence in her chart. All 3 major elements (Sun,Moon,AS) are in difficult positions.

Also I would like to outline some active midpoints: Mercury on MP Moon/AS and Moon over MP Mercury/Mars and over MP Sun/Uranus. All this midpoints are strongly related to car accident: Mercury – the movement/the car, Mars – the violence/damage and Uranus – the surprise/the accident.

Now let’s take a look on the Solar Return chart….click here for the SR chart

First I will notice perfect conjunction between Sun and AS and both squared by Mars in Cancer.Also Sun and AS are making a square with Pluto. This combo is also highly explosive and is very active. I think that any comments are useless.

Other important aspect is Moon in 8th house – the exact location like in natal chart and another indication of accidents and violence.
Also we can notice Pluto on Midheaven, Saturn in 6th house (weaking the health) and Venus-Mercury-Uranus-Vesta in 12th house.

Another strong evidence is the fact the Mars in SR are in exact position like natal AS. On Solar Return charts is good to follow how is relating with the natal one.

Going forward we’ve reached the Lunar Return chartclick here for LR chart

Here we can observe the followings:

  • Scorpio rising and on exact position with natal Mars : again violent and dangerous elements are active
  • triple conjunction Sun-Mercury-Mars in 1st house and in square with Uranus
  • Moon in 3rd house – indication of short travels. But the Cancer, ruled by Moon , is intercepted in 8th house=> danger from travelling
  • Mercury ruler of the 8th house (accidents,death) is in 1st house. Always in RL chart the house ruled  by planets in 1st house are showing us the main life domain where things will happend for the month. In our case Mercury is not in a very good position.

Now let’s take a look on the transits for that day… click here for Transits chart

Here we will not find any strong evidence of this fatal accidents. If you were looking only for transits probably you are not able to realize that a serious event might occur. We have:

  • Jupiter just entering into the 8th house: increase the risk of accidents
  • North Node transiting Moon: karmic aspect
  • Uranus transiting natal Venus: amplify the risk and uncertainty- Venus rules the 12th house.

If you look up more deeply we can find out some interesting things. Sun was on exact position of midpoint MP Moon-Mars. Sometime ago I’ve written an analysis about this midpoint and how important is for the health and life of a person. Here you can find the article. Also Lilith-Mars  at 29th degree Sagittarius on exact position of MP Moon-Saturn: Saturn rules the 8th house and Moon ruling AS is in 8th house.

The last chart we will analyze is the one with secondary progressions. Click here for Secondary Progressions chart.

Here you easily notice that progressed Sun in on perfect opposition with natal Pluto.

In conclusion I would like to say that an astrologer looking on that person chart it could easily see the dangerous period and advice her to pay more attention to all travelling and esp. by car.

I remember that during a consultation  I’ve noticed that during a 1 week period of time there was a risk of accidents for that person. So I advice her to limit all the daily car trips. She called me later telling me that I was right and luckly she listen my advice. What happend:she left the car home for the entire week. On one day a brick felled from the roof and landed on her car making some small damages. Imagine if that ‘negative energy’ was released while she was driving. This way she was able to get easier to that period of time. That’s why I’m convinced that many bad things in our life can be avoided.

I’ve tried to keep it short and not to go thourgh all aspects. If you have any comments and notice something interested please reply here.
All the chart can be found here http://www.ciuboda.com/acharts/v/Persons/prettywoman24/

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9 comments on “[Case Study] Fatal car accident”:

  1. “Here you easily notice that progressed Sun in on perfect opposition with natal Pluto.”

    Out of all the aspects and house positions you mentioned, this seems to me to be the big flashing red light. Poor girl…

  2. Looking at the same chart, just knowing my astrology a bit better, I would point out that the Moon in the 8th is peregrine, and in Aversion (the worst possible thing) to the Ascendant, which you pointed out is… dangerous. And also you noted that it squares Saturn, with the question “bad luck??” attached.

    Let’s look at this in detail to get rid of confusion; because you are right, but seem to lack the knowledge of exactly why this is so.

    What sign rules Aquarius? Saturn, of course. And so the Moon, in awful condition in the 8th, is applying a dexter square unto its ruler, which is also peregrine in Scorpio, the sign of death. This is a diurnal chart, and Saturn is severely Out of Sect, which means that Saturn is unable to properly function, totally without ability. Saturn is also the detriment of the Ascendant, Cancer. This is looking really bad for the native…

    So the Moon is deadly, peregrine, and appling to the ruler of the 8th death, Saturn, in the sign of death, which is the detriment of the Ascendant, meaning that the Ascendant has both the Moon and Saturn working against it, in an anti-life way, and these planets are so important to her life to begin with.

    I use Whole Sign Houses to assign topics, and another house system to measure the strength of the planets dynamically (as is the proper, ancient way). The 6th house, place of injury and suffering, is Sagittarius and Jupiter is found angular and strong, but unfortunately in its depression, Capricorn. This makes it go through Saturn.

    You mentioned Mercury opposite Pluto in the natal chart. This is ridiculous. They’re out of sign, and very wide. There are other things to look for. Don’t overly focus on the outer planets. The inner planets give more information, considering we’ve known about them for thousands of years. You have to use greater detail instead of being so vague. Astrology is deeper than you present it.

    Looking into older forms of astrology will help you. Medieval, for example. I say this because, looking through this lens, this person’s life was clearly in danger. The keyword in that sentence is “clearly.”

    Also, Secondary Progressions are not ti be used in comparison with the natal chart; Solar Arc Directions are.

    Hope this information helps you. I hope you understand every single thing that I wrote, and if you don’t, you will research it. I didn’t even mention the hyleg or alcochoden, which give the entire story, I am sure! Peace be with you.


  3. Thanks HaroldAntares for your input!

    I really appreciate your answer!

    And you dont have to look only though medieval astrology lens to see the real danger of this person 🙂


  4. The planetary period belongs to RAHU Main period, VENUS sub period and JUPITER sub sub period. RAHU on the date of accident occupied the same sign and degree as that of Natal Moon. From Moon Transit Saturn is in the 8th house (ASHTAMA SANI) feared in India by even those who have no idea of Astrology. Hence the accident happened on 26 which adds up to 8. Dates of 8 get dangerous during Ashtama Sani. Ashtama Sani is when Transit Saturn moves in the 8th house from Moon Sign.


    Cast the chart using Indian Method. Of course Moon is in the 8th house but as the 2nd lord only. The Ascendant is GEMINI (MIthuna Lagna). Moon is in Marana Sthana. Jupiter is a full Maraka. Venus occupies the star of Jupiter (Poorvabhadra) and hence connected to death. RAHU is in the 12th house. In Maharshis Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Rahu in in the 12th house is considered very negative. The lord of the 21st Drekkana is VENUS. So the accident happened in the sub period of Venus.

    An astrological discussion without planetary period like dasha, bhukti, and antara is not worthy.

    Pluto has nothing to do with it. The Ancient masters of Astrology in India did not consider it and rightly so, today Pluto is kicked out of the planetary system.

  5. dear Dan,
    you have done a very hard work!
    but the absence of Solar Arc Directions, (planets and sensitive points), aspects with the natal planets and all sensitive points is very crucial!
    In this case the signifigance of 3d house is very important. In this case,we can see that the solar arc Pluto makes a triangle (120o) aspect, (that activates a natal square (90o), among natal Pluto with the natal 8h house).
    a) the S.A (solar arc), 3rd cusp house, makes square with the natal North Node and South Node.
    b)The S.A Sun (ruler of natal third house), makes an opposition (180o), with the natal Pluto.
    c) The S.A Neptune makes a conjuction (0o), with the natal cusp of 8th house.
    d) The S.A Saturn (ruler of 8th house, makes square (90o), with the natal North Node and South Node.


  6. Unfortunately, the links to the charts do not work anymore, but since you are giving the time and dates ok. I was recently looking at my friends accident at 2004, I can`t give more info because I have not taken her permission to do so yet, but suffice to say that she was born very close to the girl you are describing and so has quite a few similar factors. I think that , your analysis is very good, just because the primary indications are there and you saw them, all the other facts, midpoints, asteroids…etc are only complementary, The primary factors are in the natal chart as well as in the other charts and you saw them! Nice work

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