Familly Patterns – Grand Cross with Moon-Ceres

One of the most powerfull karmic connections is the relationship with our parents. If on the other types of relationships ( friends, lovers etc) we have some freewill , regarding parents we have no options…at least not a ‘Earthly’ one. And most of child-parent relationships have a strong karmic component. It can be a positive one where those two are helping each other or less positive where there are some debt to be payed and lessons to be learned. And this type of relationship is marked in both persons’ charts. And you can see what are the traces and elements taken by the child from his parents.
I would like to present you a familly situation that really surprise me from the astrological point of view. Of course I will not use names and other sensitive informations. On short story it’s about 2 persons ( divorced) mother and father of 2 girls. The problem is that the parents refused to assume the responsability to raise the girls. The sisters were raised by the sister of the mother – the girl’s aunt. I will not enter into detailes because there are a lot of sensitive and paintfull events on the girls life. The ideea is the mother after 16 years of absence returned in the girl’s life and in not a very positive way. Between the girls there is a 5 years diffference.

The thing that kept my attention was the appeareance of the same configuration in both sister’s charts: Grand Square formed by Moon-Saturn-Ceres-Chiron – see below charts. It’s really amazing how both sister have in their charts the same pattern. We have two oppositions : Moon- Ceres and Saturn – Chiron. This aspects are a clear indication of the karmic connections between the girls and theri parents. The Moon-Ceres square Saturn it’s a clear indication of the lack of the mother influence from their life’s. Also the Ceres-Moon opposition is on the same house axis: Ceres in 12th house and Moon in 6th house.
Looking on the parent’s charts we notice a strong Ceres-Sun square. Actually it’s a T-Square formed by Ceres- Sun- Uranus with Ceres-Uranus opposition. In my point of view, in this case, the Ceres-Sun square is an indication of difficulties of that person to assume his role as a mother/father, as a parent. I think that is about a conflict between his conscient and the need ot express his personality (Sun) and the external manifestation of the Moon energies (Ceres) . The Sun might block the need of nurturing and taking care of the family that the person might feel on a deeper level.

Another thing I noticed is the mother has no retrograde planets or asteroids ( only NN is retro)! And this might be an explanation why she never turn back to her daughter and never asked about them. She is only on fast forward gear..

Mother's ChartYounger sisterElder sisterFather's chart


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4 comments on “Familly Patterns – Grand Cross with Moon-Ceres”:

  1. I know someone who has ceres conjunct uranus on the I.C./4th house, opposing Chiron + Moon in/on the 10th house/MC, square saturn on the 7th house DC….
    and wondered about this configuration.

  2. Hi, Dan, I read this post with huge interest(it was very good). As you pointed out in other article before, Ceres dose play big role in Astrology and a very important one. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. And please keep on writing about Ceres.
    Take care!


  3. Wow, omg. I have the same aspects signs and planets as the younger sister. This is so similar. Theres mom, dad, me and my sis in my family. I have a Sun opp. Moon and Saturn opp. Chiron grand-cross. Sun in scorpio(12th), Moon in Taurus(6th), Saturn in Aquarius(3rd) and Chiron in Leo(9th).. and lastly, experiencing problems with mom..

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