F1 pilots vs Chess players – astrology statistics (1)

I was always interested in astrology statistics and to see what are the astrological traits for different area of life. My intention with this post is to start a serie of astrological analysis using statistical data’s from different sport disciplines. The goal is to see how the astrological profile of a person is changing through various sport disciplines. I will start with F1 pilots and Chess Grandmasters.

Formula 1 and Chess…two total different sports in terms of dynamics of the players. One is standing still and not moving during the game while the other is reaching top speeds. I’ve used a list of 1303 GrandMasters chess players and 785 F1 pilots – only date of birth without hour.

On this post I will focus on Sun and Mercury placement within the zodiacal signs. On the following episodes we will discuss about other planets , retrogrades and aspects.

On the chart below you can see the summary statistics for Sun and Mercury placement.
F1 vs Chess players astrological statistics

I will make a short analysis of Sun and Mercury placement. You need to count that we are dealing here with professionals and not persons with hobbies. Therefore any remarks or comment I make are strictly related to this fact and are not overall judgements.

Sun placement

Looking on the Sun position for both list we notice some interesting facts.

Aries -> is on top of signs for both lists. Surprisingly the score is higher for Chess players 10,51% compared with 9,94%. Initial you may thinking that Aries is quite linked with dynamics and powerfull actions. But it seems that also in case of a static discipline Aries is quite strong. I think it’s more related to boldness.

Taurus -> top score for Chess players (10,28%) and below average for F1 pilots (7,26%). A normal result counting the fact that Chess is more relating to strategy and how many pieces did you captured in order to gain victory. Also it’s more static sport.

Gemini,Cancer, Leo, Virgo -> average scores , a little bit higher for F1. Nothing special here. Just a remark for Virgo on Chess players: quite low score. It might show that too much focus on detailes can hurt the strategic thinking.

Libra-> lowest percentage on Chess players but high score for F1! This is the most unbalanced placement. I think that Libra for chess players is not soo good because indecision and focusing too much on how the other is doing can lead to errors. In F1 I think that Libra is all about chasing others and race standing. The F1 pilots are always reporting to the others. We are quite used with a lot of chasing in Formula 1.

Scorpio -> low percentage, below average, on both lists. Perhaps the Scopio energy is more difficult to manage and make it work.

Sagittarius -> lowest score for F1! There are less Sags on F1 drivers compared to all other signs. Perhaps the Sag ‘big pictures’ and overestimae attitude is not very heplful. Also on Chess there is a below average score.

Capricorn -> top score for F1 while on Chess is below average. It’s making sense if we think that F1 requires a lot of physical resistence and stamina.

Aquarius -> top score for Chess players and average score for F1. I think that here we have the aquarians enjoyingย  1 to 1 mental challenges , Aqurius being a air sign. On F1 is also a team sport where the driver depends a lot on his technical team and car.

Pisces -> top score for F1 and average for Chess. I think that is an expected result due to the fact that on F1 you are using a lot your intuition compared with Chess.

Mercury placement

Aries -> average scores. Sun in Aries got a higher score for both sports compared with Mercury. I think that an Aries attitudine is more important than a Aries mind. The lack of rushing in is well appreciated on both sports.

Taurus -> Lowest score for F1 and 2nd Highscore for Chess! Another unbalanced placement for Mercury. I think it can be an expected results thinking that Taurus is more related to strategic thinking and resource evaluation (counting pieces) compared with F1.Also I think Mercury is related with reflexes and instant decisions. And on F1 you life might depend on this.

Gemini -> below average scores for both. Maybe Chess and F1 are not among top choices for people with Mercury in Gemini. I link here more with a difficulty to focus on 1 thing only. We need to remember that we are analyzing professionals and not people with hobbies.

Cancer -> Lowest score for Chess, average for F1. Being too defensive in your thinking is not good even for chess ๐Ÿ™‚ In order to win you need to have a mind prone to taking risks. Also I think that in this case the mind is heavily influenced by emotions and is not something desired during a game.

Leo – > Lowest scores for both lists, F1 and chess! Interesting result! Perhaps thinking that you are always right doesnt help you too much in reaching a high performance ๐Ÿ™‚

Virgo -> below average scores for both lists. Again too much focus on detailes is not very usefull.

Libra -> average score for F1 and below average for Chess. Sun in Libra is more desired in F1 compared with the same placement of Mercury. Thinking to much on your opponent it might damage to your strategy and performance.

Scorpio -> above average scores for both lists. But a better score of Mercury compared with Sun. Perhaps a Scorpio mind provides the necessary radar to scan your opponent.

Sagittarius -> above average scores. A strong improvement for F1 compared with Sun placement. It might means that a positive thinking is better than a positive attitude ๐Ÿ™‚

Capricorn -> Top score for F1 and above average for Chess! Mercury in Capricorn is the most common placement in case of F1 drivers. Nerves of steel are required when you are running on high speeds. Also for Chess is a good score and can be linked with strategic thinking.

Aquarius -> Top score for Chess and high score for F1! Again Aquarius is dominating the charts. Need for competition and also ability to think out-of-the-box are two aquarian traits found very often on both Formula One and Chess.

Pisces -> high scores for both lists! Intuition is always good to have it.

I will continue this series with Venus and Mars position. If you have any comments or notice some interesting facts please share with us or send me an email.

All the best,


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9 comments on “F1 pilots vs Chess players – astrology statistics (1)”:

  1. Hi Dan,
    unforunately I have to agree with your statistics. :-((
    I hope you`ll find another sphere of activity where we (Virgo Sun and Virgo Mercury) will get better or the best results.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi there!

    Congrats for the very interesting idea! However, I would suggest you apply a Chi-Square or Fisher’s Exact Test, in order to evaluate whether the differences in percentages in one category (say, sun in Leo) between F1 pilots and chess players are indeed statistically significant. Here’s a website where this can be done easily:


    I have been very interested in this sort of approach to Astrology, so if you need any help just let me know.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Raquel for reply!
      My target for next year is to learn some basic statistics and to apply it on astrology. You link is welcomed! If I will need some help just let you know.


  3. Interesting…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have Tropical sun scorpio mercury in scorpio
    Sidereal Sun Libra 29’27 mercury in scorpio

    I’m ok at races,(I’m not sure if racing is what you’re talking about exactly, I’m assuming so)but lousy at Chess. I can’t seem to focus or make up my mind about what move to make. Also, I have trouble understanding rules./instructions I have dyscalculia….funny, you’d think I’d be good at strategy.

    All well.

    Thank you for sharing all of this. B)

  4. The Aries Sun would also be great in which you have to make decisions on your own and cannot rely on input from other people. This is probably why it’s higher in chess players than in pilots – pilots do interact with a variety of people all day even if they are flying the plane alone.

  5. Where did you get these statistical information and how are they reliable? I don’t buy it until i see some credible source.

  6. Hi Raquel

    I’m very interested in the statistical apporach to astrology too,

    can you tell me where I could get the data to make the calculatons.

    I made the calculatons this way:

    I took only the signs of the mercury (I could have taken the signs of the sun too),

    because the sun and the mercury are often in the same sign,

    since they are so close.

    9.04 785 70.964 10.67 1303 139.0301 68.0661
    8.15 785 63.9775 8.21 1303 106.9763 42.9988
    8.15 785 63.9775 6.83 1303 88.9949 25.0174
    10.45 785 82.0325 8.44 1303 109.9732 27.9407
    7.64 785 59.974 7.52 1303 97.9856 38.0116
    6.75 785 52.9875 6.91 1303 90.0373 37.0498
    8.97 785 70.4145 7.29 1303 94.9887 24.5742
    9.68 785 75.988 9.06 1303 118.0518 42.0638
    8.41 785 66.0185 8.44 1303 109.9732 43.9547
    8.54 785 67.039 8.6 1303 112.058 45.019
    6.75 785 52.9875 10.13 1303 131.9939 79.0064
    7.64 785 59.974 7.9 1303 102.937 42.963

    This is what I put into my excel sheet.

    I multiplied the percentage with the number of people,

    for both, the F1 and the chess.

    I subtraced the resulting colones from each other

    and took the absolute value of that,

    with that I calculated the average of the

    these numbers (43.05546),

    (the differences of how many people in one signe for chess and F1)

    and I calculated as well the standart deviation fo the differences.

    I took the case that it is all normally distributed.

    Then I took the theoretical difference,

    which is: (1303-785)/12=43.1667

    The numbers are very close,

    so I did not expect statistical significance.

    And this is what I found:

    Probability is 99.452 % = 2*49.726%

    that there is this difference or bigger between the

    allocation of the signs of F1 pilotes and chess players.

    Please tell me if my calculations are wrong.

    (They might very well be wrong).

    Because I have not done this for a long time,

    Thanks so much.

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