F1 pilots vs Chess players – astrology statistics (2)

We will continue our analysis on ‘F1 drivers vs Chess player’ with Venus and Mars sign placement. For more detail about this analysis and also the Sun-Mercury placement study please read the 1st part – click here.

On the below image you will see the summary statistics for both Venus and Mars position in signs.

Mars and Venus placement - F1 vs Chess players statistics

Venus placement

Aries -> top scores for both F1 and Chess. On Chess players is the highest percentage 10,44%. You might think that Venus in Aries might increase the lack of patience. But it seems that is increasing the desire to win without the side effects of Aries energy.

Taurus -> below average score for F1 and average score for Chess. I think it’s quite normal taking into consideration the desire for confort and ‘slow activities’ of an Taurus. And F1 sport is quite the opposite.

Gemini -> Lowest score for F1 and above average for Chess. Interesting result here. You might expect that Gemini will strongly relate with Formula 1 being both linked with speed and movement. Perhaps Venus in Gemini is not feeling very well to run on the same track again and again and it’s getting bored.

Cancer -> average score for both sports. Nothing to comment here. Just compared with Mercury in Cancer on Chess player (was the lowest score) we see a strong comeback.

Leo -> average score for F1 and below average for Chess. It’s normal counting the fact the F1 drivers are more famous and well known compared with Chess players.

Virgo -> high score for both! A little touch of  detail doesnt hurt to anyone.  Score is higher for F1 and I think it’s linked with reflexes and dealing with technology. An F1 driver knows a lot of technical stuff about his car.

Libra -> lowest score for Chess and low score for F1. Focusing to much on the opponent style of playing is not very good for your own tactics.  Perhaps Venus in Libra is connecting you too much on your opponent.

Scorpio -> high score for F1 and above agerage for Chess. Formula 1 is far more distructive compared with Chess. Venus in Scorpio is linked with desire for danger and risky situation.

Sagittarius -> low score for both areas!  Risking too much is not a wise choice. Also Sagittarius is linked with overestimating chances and situation.

Capricorn -> below average for both.  Venus in Capricorn is too shy on early ages and I think it’s blocking access for this persons to have sport performances. When person is becoming bolder and courageous is too late for top performances.

Aquarius -> top score for F1 and high score for Chess! Again Aquarius influence is strong. Also on Sun and Mercury we had high scores. Aquarius is quite competitive and always trying to prove it’s better.

Pisces -> above average score for both. A little bit of inspiration is always good to have.

Mars placement

Aries -> low scores for both areas! What a change compared with Venus placement, from top to bottom. Mars in Aries is too impatient and this is damaging on both sports.

Taurus -> top scores for both sports. Practical approach is always a winning card. Also Mars in Taurus is linkend of clear objectives and ability to reach targets.

Gemini -> top scores for both.  Quite a difference in case of F1 compared with Venus placement. Mars in Gemini adds skills more appreciated by drivers. Perhaps is linked with good reflexes.

Cancer -> top score for F1 and above average for Chess. Hmm…Cancer and speed. But dont forget that one important criteria for winning in F1 is to finish the race! Mars in Cancer adds this type of precaucion.

Leo -> Top scores for both sports! Winning, winning, winning…ambition, desire to be the best, strong ego…some qualities well appreciated by Chess and F1.

Virgo -> same as Leo: top scores for both sports! Mars in Virgo I relate with detailed planning of all your steps and actions. And both sports requires some level of detail and ability to organize yourself. For Chess is quite clear. But also in F1 you have to carefully plan your stops for refuelling.

Libra -> above agerage scores for both. Better score compared with Venus in Libra. Perhaps Mars is more related with actions performed to ‘block’ your opponent.

Scorpio -> average scores for both. Scorpio is there but without any excess 🙂

Sagittarius -> below average scores. Again Sags is not a good energy for sport performance.

Capricorn -> lowest scores for both sports! Stubbornness is not something that will make you win. Mars in Capricorn provides solid ambition but is not very flexibile in reaching goals.

Aquarius -> oooopppsss….below average. The first downgrade for Aquarius energy. Perhaps Mars in Aquarius is hard to control and might lead to unexpected reactions and decisions.

Pisces -> below average scores and lowest compared with Venus in Pisces.  Perhaps Mars in Pisces reduce the impulse for action and always waiting to feel the moment.

I will continue this series of analysis with other interesting data’s . If you have any comments or notice some interesting facts please share with us or send me an email.

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2 comments on “F1 pilots vs Chess players – astrology statistics (2)”:

  1. Thank you! Very interesting:)

    I have Venus OOB Capricorn/Mars in Scorpio Tropical
    Venus OOB Sagittarius/Mars in Scorpio Western Sidereal

  2. Quite interesting finds! I was happy to see my combo scored high for both – even though I’m not a chess player or F1 pilot!

    Venus in Aries/Mars in Cancer
    Loving to win + tenacity

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