Endings in astrology

Everything in your life and in nature is part of a cycle. There is the cycle of life which start when we are born and it ends when we die. There is the cycle of our day from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep. Everything has a starting and an ending point. And no matter what we think and feel about these cycles they are constantly manifesting in our life.

In this article I want to discuss about ‘endings’ in our life, about how are are dealing when something is to be finished/closed in our life. The natal chart contains all this information about how we are dealing with endings.

In my opinion, in astrology is crucial to understand that there is a huge difference between what is really happening and what a person is thinking/feeling about it. Things are occurring in our life no matter what we think. The Sun is rising each morning no matter what you think about him, no matter where you are , what is your religion, beliefs etc. But our perception about the sunrise can be very different: for one person might be the call for wake up and for other might be the call to go home. The same sunrise is triggering a different emotion in each of us.

The same thing is happening with everything in our life. Our perception creates our reality. And we have an emotional pattern, a perception attached to everything we do. Therefore each of us has a different perception about ‘endings’, about closing up things in our life.

Let’s talk a little more in details about ‘endings’.

From my perspective there are 3 ways you can finish something, to end a cycle:

a) Normal ending – is the situation when you are aware about the event and your actions are making a clear close, a clear ending. It’s the most occurring type of finishing something and usually leads to achieving the initial goal.

b) Accidental ending – there is an external event that force you to make the ending. Usually you are not able to reach your goal.

c) Withdrawal ending – you are taking the decision that you no longer continue the activity. Usually leads to redefining the original goals.

Let’s take an example – preparing a cake. In this case you have the following options to end this task:
a) Normal ending – prepare the cake as you planned.
b) Accidental ending – you might have a problem with your oven and your cake is burned.
c) Withdrawal ending – during the process of preparing the cake you realize that something was not working properly and decided to stop doing it. You consider that is best for you to see what is not working and do it another time.

I hope I made my self clear about how I see ‘endings’. Now let’s go back to astrology…

Looking on a natal chart we can map those type of endings as it follows:

a) Normal ending – IC and 4th house

b) Accidental ending – 8th house

c) Withdrawal ending – 12th house

The logic behind this was the following: our perception is driven more about emotion and instinct rather than logic. Even that logical thinking is an important part of perception I don’t think it’s the crucial factor. There are a lot of logical things in nature and in our world which are totally dismissed by our emotional perception. The most important one: we all know we gone die one day. But 99% of us acting like we are immortals.

In astrology, emotions are related to the Water element. Perceptions in general represented by the energy and the structure of astrological houses. Zodiacal signs are forming the patterns of energy on which our world is built.  The perception of endings (including death) is one of the strongest thing in our life. It’a actually driving our life by generating the fear of loss. We mostly do things to avoid that something we love to came to an end.

I think that the ‘watery’ houses – 4th, 8th and 12th – are important for us in relation with the idea of ‘ending’ . In traditional astrology we know that 4th house is the house of endings, of how things are completing. This is normal ending. The 8th house is about accidents and death (not your own) – so it’s a good candidate for ‘accidental endings’ . The 12th house is related to abandon, let go etc. And my view is the perfect candidate for ‘withdrawal endings’. It’s interesting also that we have a Angular ending (4th house), a Succedent ending (8th house) and a Cadent ending (12th house).

The big question now will be: how can I use this information?

As I said, the Houses and especially the Cusps are showing our perceptions related to a range of subjects.
Note: I’m not using Whole signs system. I’m using Placidus. For me the cusps are very important.


Cusp of 4th house : our perception about ‘normal endings’. How you want to complete a task? For example, someone with Aries on the IC – the 4th house cusp – will want to have a quick finish and move forward. And someone with Pisces there might tend to complicate fix right at the end. Aspects to IC and planets in 4th house are adjusting our perception about ‘normal endings’. Saturn in 4th house for example might create problems for that person to complete the tasks. It will make it stop right at the end because it’s not perfect, it’s not the essence.

Cusp of 8th house: our perception about ‘ accidental endings’. How are dealing with accidents in your life? How do you react when something happen and you are forced to stop doing what you do? It might shows us our attitude in critical situations. How do you feel when you have no power over what’s happening? The same, aspects to 8th house cusp and planets in 8th house are altering this perception.

Cusp of 12th house: our perception about ‘withdrawal ending ‘. How do you thing about giving up and starting again another time? How about accepting that this time will not work? What is you attitude about the idea of withdrawal, taking a step back? The same, aspects to 12th house cusp and planets in 12th house are changing this perception. For example, a person with Saturn or Pluto in 12th house will have problems in situation when it’s best for them to give up, to reconsider their position. They may tend to continue carrying that activity no matter the cost.
One thing to remember is the perception and all that I presented above is related to HOW we are ending things and not WHAT we we will end. Each house has a larger area of topics and it’s not limited only to this subject.

I hope you find this article useful and if you have any comments I would love to read it.


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