December 2012 Yod Configuration – Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto

21st of December 2012… the date when all things will change. Hmm.. at least this is the story sold today. This post is not to discuss about the importance of this event but to analyze some astrological facts related to.

On December 2012 a Yod configuration (Finger of God) will be formed having Jupiter as focal point and Saturn and Pluto as supporting planets. An Yod is a configuration where two planets are 150 degrees apart from a third one and between them there are 60 degrees.  For more detailes about Yod configurations click here.

The interesting story is not directly related to Yod symbolysm but the occurences. And I’m talking about the same Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod.

How often do you think that this configuration appeared in last 400 years?

Once excepting 2012.  In May 1989 when Jupiter was still focal point but Pluto was in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn. I’ve used Configuration Hunter tool to perform the search – see here.

This means that the 2012 Yod is a mirror Yod of 1989 : Saturn and Pluto switch places. In 1989 the Yod took place on 13en degree while in 2012 will be on 8th degree.

Yod 1989-2012

In my opinion the 2012 events are linked with the 1989 events – at least from political point of view.

And 1989 was quite an important year for world politics:  end of Cold War, end of Communism regime in Eastern Europe, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 (took place on exact Yod configuration) etc. See Wikipedia for 1989 for full detailes.

Againg things on 2012 will be around US-Russia-China triangle. Perhaps the final power shift…


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13 comments on “December 2012 Yod Configuration – Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto”:

  1. Woah! I have my Sun in 8 degrees Taurus. My Nodes are also in that same numerical degree; North Node in 8 degrees Gemini and South Node in 8 degrees Sagittarius.

    So, during this time, I will be experiencing:
    Saturn Opposition Sun
    Pluto Trine Sun
    Jupiter Conjunction North Node

    I’m not sure what those transiting Yod to Natal aspects will bring.

  2. Bravo, Dan !

    This is a very clever observation and a remarkable configuration as the same planets are involved and almost in the same position in the zodiac. As if the two events/periods are not only linked but part of the same bigger transformation, in several stages.

    1989 meant the challenge of political power that separated the world between the communist and capitalist regimes. At that time the two planets at the bottom of the configuration (Saturn and Pluto) were in their own signs, therefore very strong by themselves and also very different to each other – just as the capitalism and the communism were.

    2012 will be different: the communist countries have turned to capitalism and the capitalist countries suffered globalization. The astrological configuration expresses this situation by the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto, each one in weak situation (out of signs they control). So is the globalized world we live in: west and east cannot live apart anymore, economic exchanges are what make the world still function (as in the word Chinamerica).

    What will happen in 2012? First off, it is interesting to see that even this way of functioning will be challenged by crisis ALREADY. I mean: the communist / capitalist game was played for 50 years before being challenged, now we see the new organization of the world being challenged after only 13 years ? Why the hurry ?

    The 2 quincunxes in the configuration imply that energies/realities absolutely NEED to be fixed as tensions accumulated in time made the situation unbearable anymore. But how? I think it is not by hazard that the Yod is called the Finger of God. It really says that there is a potential of different evolution of events depending on the way people will choose to go. God’s ways are by definition unknown.

    Btw, the 2012 configuration will affect Romania as well, as Jupiter in Romania’s natal chart (1859) is at 11 Gemini, therefore conjunct with Jupiter from the Yod. What would destiny have in store for us, Romanians? What adjustment or release of tensions is there? For now, it seems we cannot get over the socio-economical crisis, nor will we do that in the future years, so tensions are indeed building up.



  3. I have a couple of questions: how was the house division determined and where are the other planets placed at this time? In order to really understand this yod, these two answers would be most helpful. Thanks for this information!!

  4. Also, on 12/21/2012 Pluto and Saturn will be in mutual reception, whereas in 1989 these two planets were in their own signs. Does this intensify the malefic influences of Pluto and Saturn?

    In 2012 the Sun will be essentially at the cusp of Capricorn, whose ruler, of course, is Saturn. So the Sun will be tied in some way to Saturn.

  5. The release point of the Yod, 8 Degrees Sagittarius, is conjunct my natal Neptune in the 3rd House by less than 1 degree.

  6. Wow..I just was researching this topic and found out that my birthdate (May 18, 1989) is the exact date of the previous Yod configuration… I wonder if the December 2012 will be of importance to me somehow. Hope so 🙂

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