Configuration Hunter – new update


I’ve just added a new version of Configuration Hunter astrology software. This version contains TransNeptunian planets used in Uranian astrology :Cupido , Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Appolon, Admetos , VulKanus and Poseidon.

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One comment on “Configuration Hunter – new update

  1. Dear Dan:

    Firstly, thanks for the software!
    I’ve been unable to use your last installment (I am using the 1.4 version) as this one opens uo but immediately produce an error (I believe it may be some Bordlan trouble?) First, it reads, File not Found (a pop up opens)then another little pop up menu reads: sqlreturn, and when finally the program menu opens…Ok, just now it functioned, but NOT if I use the visual menu (the keys with titles: single chart etc. Pressing this produces a program crash) I have to go to the Configuration Hunter menu and from ther the program operates.

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