Configuration Hunter – new release of the free software


I’ve just finished the work to the latest release of  Configuration Hunter – an astrology software.

This software version (v2.0) is a major improvement from the previous one (v1.4) and all his major modules was re-written. Below you can find the complete list of improvements:
• Complete redesign and functionalities improved
• Astrological aspects search capabilities added
• Two new search types: List Seach and Combined List Search
• Custom aspect with orb setting included
• Can load Astrolog54 file (.dat files)
• Export to .html and .csv file
• Optimized computing algorithms
• Detailed infos about aspect or configuration

…and is still free

Take a look at

Configuration Hunter is a free astrology software and it was designed with the purpose of helping you in your astrological activities and it was built on the Swiss Ephemeris ( It is not created to replace any other astrology software that you are working with but to extend their existing functionalities.

The primary goal of this application is to offer you the ability to search for aspects and configurations within a chart or a series of charts and to display the results in a simple and analytical manner. It has no fancy graphics , only pure information.

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One comment on “Configuration Hunter – new release of the free software

  1. great job with the configuration software!!! too bad i run the mac … oh, well, i can come to your site and look at the calendar! it is a great resource, thank you. i hope you do not mind if i link your site on my blog …, and … as a resource.

    thanks again for your contribution to the astrology world!!!
    peace & harmony,
    ‘freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!’

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