Ceres part 3 – Cycles

This post is the 3rd one from the series dedicated to Ceres dwarf planets. The previous articles can be read from heroda.com/pe Part 2 and Part 1 .

Now after analyzing Ceres influence and Ceres-Moon link I will focus on the Ceres cycle. There are interesting things to discover about Ceres complete transit through the entire zodiac. The Ceres return occur every 4.6 years and it may depends on the retrogrades times.

Firstly a few words about Ceres transits influence… From the beginning I will mention that Ceres transits are more active for a women person and more subtile and less direct for a male person. This is normal considering the Ceres type of energy which is more Yin related.

Basically Ceres transit will point out events in our life when our emotions and inner life are very strong influenced and changes might occur. Ceres is outlining the source of these events while the Moon (esp. progressed) show us what type of change is about. Imagine that you are a still lake and from time to time rock are falling from the near mountains. This rocks are making waves…similar to external events which are creating emotional waves in our soul. Ceres is showing us information about the rock, the source of rock and when and where will hit the water surface. It’s not about the waves created by the rock.

Of course the most important aspects are conjunction esp. when Ceres is transiting Sun,Moon and Venus and other personal planets or points. In particulary Ceres is a good indication for child birth and pregnancy for a women but not restricted to this.

Now let’s talk about some interesting facts about Ceres cycle. In my opinion Ceres cycle is a major cycle and a link betwenn Moon cycles: in transit and in progression (secondary progression). The Moon cycle in transits is aprox. 28 (27,75) days while in progression is about 28 (27,75) years. So we have 360 Moon-transits-cycles for 1 Moon-progressed-cycle. Translated I can say that each person in 28 years (also the cycle period of Saturn 🙂 ) will experience the full complete zodiacal circle experience from emotional point of view. This is a growing up and maturiy cycle and each of us must go through. But the 28 year cycle is a long one and just a few persons will reach the complete 3rd cycle. Now Ceres is entering into scene…

With a 4,6 years cycle Ceres is the missing link between Moon cycles. Making a simple calculation we will find out that 1 Ceres cycle = 60 Moon-transits-cycles and 1 Moon-progressed-cycles= 6 Ceres-cycles. And I might say that are perfect correlations…

In conclusion we will have 1 Moon-Progressed-cycle = 6 Ceres-cycles = 60 Moon-transit-cycles. Pretty interesting, isnt’ it?
Based on this I can say that in our growing up cycle (28 years) the external events which help us evolve are repeting for 6 times. Each time the Ceres transit will activate the same point in our chart and it will send us the same type of experience. I’m not saying the same life experience but the same type of event. And is in our duty to be able to learn from this 6 opportunities.

From the practical point of view the Ceres return chart is very helpful. And for a women is a clear indication of the conception and birth process and all aspects related with. But Ceres is not limited to this because it is showing us all the events that are reaching us on a deeper level: familly events, medical problems etc. I’m currently using Ceres return for each consultation I have and my client is a women. It help me understand her better and to be able to make a more detalied analysis of her future evolution.

About the Ceres return chart interpretation I will discuss in a future articles. Until then I’m eager to find out your opinion about Ceres cycles. Try to use it on your chart or your clients chart and see what you can observe there.



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12 comments on “Ceres part 3 – Cycles”:

  1. I really loved reading all three of these articles about Ceres, and I the story of the Moon… POOR MOON!!!! Now I can’t agree that the words Yin/Yang mean independence and dependency, as I connect it to every action has a reaction, both are co-dependent on eachothers to express their differences.

    I got Ceres in Cancer, and Moon in Virgo… there is no way that I would hide my natural talents and gifts, because there is so much of me to give to the world then to just sit there, and let it all float by me as if I didn’t know what directly comes from inside of me (it does go down that mountain!!). Also I am too much into myself, I am my first judge, well before anyone else is. Energy is formed inside of me, then expressed outworldly, there isn’t this passive, non-active influence you discribe, it is reflective and thought out on my own path, my own choice. The Yang/Yang fits me just as much, as I just feel that double Yin/Yin is almost there, but just misses the mark….

    In Yin, there is a seed of Yang, and the same applies to Yang towards Yin.

    Overall this was a great read, and thank you very much for writing it, as I got way too many Ceres connections in my own chart!

  2. Hi Allan,

    Thanks for your kind words and for your excellent input!

    What is your Sun and Ascendant sign?
    I think is that you are using a different source of energy for expressing your Moon-Ceres.


  3. Its a cradle I think it is called, with Sun, Ceres, Mars, Moon, Pluto, Neptune…

    Sun 2 Cancer – Mars 8 Cancer – Ceres 5 Cancer
    Moon 5 Virgo
    Pluto 2 Scorpio
    Neptune 2 Capricorn

    All of them in inverted houses… So I should know something about Yin energy…

    Also you are very much welcome 🙂

  4. Being a man the Sun position is very important to you. And you have a Sun-Mars conjunction in 10th house which gives you a strong energy and desire to express yourself. And the Ceres is in the middle , between Mars and Sun. It’s normal I think for you do no to feel your Yin Ceres energy. We know that a conjunction is creating a new type of energy from its components. And in your chart the Ceres energy is ‘burned’ by Sun and Mars. It’s no wonder that you are feeling yourself as a mountain rivers… 🙂
    In my articles I was talking about ‘pure’ Ceres-Moon energy in signs and not counting the aspects influence. Similar to you there might be some persons with Yang Ceres in their charts but feeling more the Yin energy.

  5. HI DAN,

    Glad to read something about Ceres. I have Ceres exactly opposite my ascendant in my solar return, transiting Ceres conjunct my 10th house natal moon, progressed Ceres in the 1st house conjunct transiting Pluto in 2nd (3 degrees apart) with natal 2nd house Ceres 4 degrees from transiting pluto. Given your Ceres study, can you tell me what this indicates? A birth or possible reproductive health issues? Thank you.


  6. So glad to have discovered your site. I am researching Ceres right now in connection to its current conjunction with Pluto and the Icelanic volcano eruption. I have over looked Ceres in favour of Lilith and Eris. But I am starting to get a handle of her being more than just a mumsey, earthy version of the Moon.

  7. Just came across Ceres…..
    On 20-04-2011 I have Ceres transit conjunct my natal Venus.
    Natal Venus is in yod with Nepunus and Pluto.
    Transit scorpio moon is conjunct my natal moon.

    That evening a have an apointment with my son and his girlfriend, and I never had such before. They are very much upset about me and negative thinking…..
    I hope to manage peace will occur again, as we in our familie are’t used to this sort of things.

  8. Very interesting, i am a 27 year old female with my Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo, ascendent in Aries. I also have Pluto in Scorpio & Neptune in Capricorn.

    Born 25th of June 1985 ,)

    Great site!!! 🙂

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