Ceres part 2 – polarities

This is the second post about Ceres after this first one http://www.ciuboda.com/post/ceres-part-1/51

Let’s discuss a little about Moon- Ceres connection. The energy flowing between Moon and Ceres is bi-directional, meaning that it moves from Moon to Ceres and also from Ceres to Moon.

It’s very similar with the Sun-Ascendant connection where the Sun symbolize our inner personality (our soul) and the Ascendant is the outer personality which is formed during our current life. Both Ascendant and Ceres acting as a filter, a  shield for Sun and Moon. And in both cases we are dealing with a bi-directional energy transfer. We are receiving impulses from outside but in the same time we are sending away different signals and energies.

In this manner we are expressing our emotions and also energies from subconscious (Moon) using the Ceres filter. And in the same time we are receiving energies from the outer world using the same filter – Ceres. Saying this we can conclude that Ceres is a symbol of external events that occur in our life and with an impact on our emotions. There are events that are happening to us and are events that are generated by us…in both cases the emotional impact is strong.

Now let’s introduce in the scene another element: polarities. We all know that the world where we are living (actually our dimension of existence) is based on polarities excellent described by Yin and Yang.

Yin is the feminine and passive principle while Yang is the masculine and the active side. The zodiacal signs are having also a polarity.  You can read more here about this.

Now back to our subject… Moon and Ceres based on their sign placement can be either in a Yin element or a Yang one. But what does this mean?

I will try to give an answer to this question…
When the Moon is in a Yin sign our emotional inner status is a passive and static one. The entire energy is directed to inside and there is no need to express what we are feelings and emotions are. It’s like a mountain lake where only springs are providing the necessary water. And the lake is not distributing his water.

When the Moon is in a Yang sign our emotional level is a dynamic and very active  one. We need to express what’s inside and we are searching for ways to do this. The energy is flowing in the outer space. It’s like a mountain river…very dynamic and finding his way to freedom. Nothing can stop him from going down on the mountain.

Ceres in a Yin sign show us that we are reacting to external events and we are ‘victims’ of what is happening in our life. I’m referring to the emotional status and mood changes. Ceres in a Yang sign on the other hands is an indication that we are facing the results of our actions. What we do in our life and how do we are using our energy is very important because the result , the feedback is turning back to ourselves and is affecting us on a deeper level. Persons with Yang Ceres are under the direct influence of their actions while persons with Yin Ceres are under the influence of others.

Now let’s analyze also the combination of Moon-Ceres from polarity point of view. We have 4 different situations:

Moon Yin – Ceres Yin
This is the most passive and non-active combination. This person is the perfect imagine the still lake mountain. He is only reacting to the external events without feeling the need to action. Things happing in their life and the received impulses are making strong waves on our emotions.

Moon Yang – Ceres Yang
This is the opposite of the above combination. Totally dynamic one. Emotions must me expressed and we are taking decisions and initiating actions in our life. The results of our actions it can produce a much more stronger wave in our emotional status. Persons in this situation are rarely influenced by other people actions unless they are a direct response. This combination is the perfect image of a the mountain river which it never stoppes and is changing the landscape around him.

Moon Yin – Ceres Yang

This combination and the next one are the most conflicting because the differences in the ways that Moon and Ceres are vibrating. The Moon is passive while the Ceres is very active. It might be interpreted like the persons is often in position where he must action and take decisions but in the same time is not something that he really wants to do. Is something like on inside there is a voice screaming to you: Stay calm! Don’t do anything! wait to see what happen!. But on outside you are forced by life to do something. It’s like a mountain lake which is receiving to much water from surrounding springs and now he is forced to find out a way to eliminate the water surpluss. And in this way he is creating a small river…

Moon Yang – Ceres Yin

This combination it can be very frustrating for a person. His Yang, active emotional level needs to be expressed. Energy must flow free without any obstacle. But from some reasons ( life situation) the person is not so convinced that he really must do something to express his inner emotions. It might say wait a little to see what’s happing next. It can lead to some serious problems and inner conflicts. It’s like a mountain river which now facing a very strong obstacle ( a beaver building a dam 🙂 ) and he must calm down a little and try to find out a solution.

The above interpretation are generally ones and you should analyze for yourself how are you dealing with your Moon – Ceres.

We will continue with Ceres in house positions…

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4 comments on “Ceres part 2 – polarities”:

  1. Thank you Elsa!
    I’m happy to be able to offer some new perspectives about Ceres.
    In my chart Ceres is conjunct with both Neptune and Mercury…so I have to sustain the Ceres ‘point of view’ 🙂

  2. I love the description of the Mountain Lake. That describes EXACTLY how I feel internally. I have Moon-Ceres both in Yin (Virgo and Cancer). When a storm brews, my waters stir and I get agitated. But other than that…I feel absolutely calm. In combination with my Mars in Scorpio in the 12th I do feel a victim a lot of the time. I don’t have the fire to action. But I am powerful in my capacity to feel deeply and compassionately. Wow…just so insightful Dan! Look forward to reading Part 3.

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