Ceres – part 1

In the last year I’ve took a close look to the Ceres dwarf planet and his role in our chart and in our evolution. I start analyzing people charts and to see how Ceres is influencing their life and what is the meaning of this asteroid.

For me the traditional meaning regarding the nurturing feelings and other similar interpretations was not enough. I sense that there is more about the biggest asteroid orbiting on the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

In my opinion Ceres has a very strong link with the Moon. The Moon in a horoscope represent the emotional level of a person and how he is reacting to external events. But the Moon is a Yin element, a passive one and is showing us a status and how a person will change on inside. Transits and progressions to the Moon are an indication of the changes that implies the person mood and emotional status.

Ceres on the other hands is a very connected with our Moon, with our emotional status, because it is outlining the types of events, of life experiences which will alter/change/improve our inner status. In other words Ceres it can be view as an outer Moon , as a shield which filter all the external events and is sending to our emotional level (Moon) only those inputs that are required for our evolution.

I prefer to refer to the Moon – Ceres duo as a two sisters: Moon the younger one and Ceres the elder one. For a better understanding of what I want to say please imagine the followings:

Two sisters are taking a walk on the forest on a sunny day. The youngest one ,named Moon, is very curious about the surroundings and she doesn’t know much things about it. The eldest one, named Ceres, is very patient and is trying to explain to her sister all the elements that are part of the forest. At one moment a bee is approaching them. The Ceres immediately warn Moon that this tiny and beautiful insect might sting here and it will cause her pain. The Moon looking at this beautiful insect which was flying towards her is saying in her mind that her sister is wrong and the bee will do no harm. So she reach her hand and grab the bee. The result is obvious: the bee stang Moon and she start crying.

I hoped you enjoyed this short story. This is an example of how we are internally dealing with our Moon and Ceres. Ceres is always looking to take care of our emotions and feelings but we sometime are not listening her. We sometimes we are not paying attention to what happening around us and from time to time we get stang.

In a horoscope Ceres is an indication of the external events which occur in our life and having a strong influence on our emotions , our inner side. It is showing us by position in sign and house what types of events are really touching us on a deeper level. By position in sign Ceres show us the nature of those events while the position in the house is an indication of the type, characteristic of the events. Also aspects with other planets and elements are important.

But more important is the relationship between Ceres and Moon. When Moon is square or opposition with Ceres it means that we are failing to assimilate the lessons of the events on our life. We are simply refuse to change on inside and this is a reason why we have to repeat some hard lessons over and over. It’s like those two sisters are arguing and Moon is not listening to her elder sister Ceres.

When Ceres and Moon are in favourable aspect ( sextile, trine, conjunction) we are receptive to our surrounding events and lessons and we are able to deal more easier with difficult aspects from our life.

This is just an introduction on how I see Ceres and her role in our life. There are many things to discuss here and we will do it on the next posts.

I hope you enjoyed by story and if you have any comments please feel free to write it down.

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10 comments on “Ceres – part 1”:

  1. Dan, this is especially interesting to me because I have had a horrible life by most anyone standards but enjoy a tight grand trine between the moon, Ceres and Jupiter and can cope with virtually anything. I look forward to reading the rest of your series.

  2. I’ve read that Ceres is a mother to older children while the Moon is the Mother of babies.

    I recently downloaded your software & I love it, I’m using it to observe the transits of Vesta, which I think has potential as a modern ruler of Virgo (for me anyway [Virgo ascendant], though there are those who prefer tradition), but it always lists Vesta last, even after Pholus. Is there a way that I can get it to list the aspecting (or faster) planet first (ex: Vesta sq. Uranus instead of Uranus sq. Vesta)?

  3. There is nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) “traditional” about the use of Ceres in horoscopic astrology. A flatulent modernism in my opinion. Speculate all you like with hearsay observations, but its just not real astrology… You may choose to re-invent astrology in your own image, but it holds little value other than as a subjective meandering…

  4. Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your input and I accept you point of view!

    But I think that considering Ceres or any other asteroid analysis as a ‘flatulent modernism’ it seems a little bit to radical. I have all the respect for traditional astrology but these doesnt mean that we should stop from improving things and trying to explore new ways on astrology.

    Maybe there is nothing “traditional” about Ceres in astrology. But I’m not considering myself a “traditional” astrologer and neither that I’m practicing the “real astrology”.

    I’m just a curious mind in this interesting universe!


  5. Hi Dan,

    Like you- I am “curious” about all asteroids PARTICULARLY *Ceres*

    Not only bc CERES is the largest asteroid in our solar system but it is at the TOP of my chart in Cancer/10th house conjunct my MIdheaven + Pars of Fortune.

    I also just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in April 2010- her moon conjuncts my Ceres (4 degree orb) and her CERES (Capricorn) opposes MY ceres (Cancer).

    We both have LIBRA RISING, Cancer MC.

    What’s more interesting is our COMPOSITE chart: Ceres CONJUNCTS libra ASC exactly!!

    There must be a connection I feel…everyone has told me that we had an emotional connection while she was in my womb- long before she was born.

  6. Hello to anyone who reads this.
    I have been studying astrology, for a long time. I am always picking up new ways to look at things. Moments of omg! are rare, but great nonetheless.
    The asteroids in my opinion fine tune the rest of the chart, and can be very useful way to hone in on a personal angle.Giving great clarity to a persons view of their world.

  7. I agree Karen and Dan. Cere has now been deemed a PLANET anyway, so there is even more validity. Not that I discount asteroids…not by a long shot. I can feel Ceres everyday in my life. She is at 29 degrees in my 8th house. She works closely with my Moon/Pluto conj. in my 10th. I do not have children, but there are days I feel like a mother to everyone I come into contact with.

  8. Wow! What a powerful article! I’ve just recently learned about the asteroids and it makes so much sense to me, feels like all the pieces are coming together. Thank you! I’ve never thought about Ceres & the moon that way. Ceres is sitting right in my first house 1 degree in Aquarius, opposite the moon in Leo 0 degrees in the 7th house. I strongly identify with Ceres and I had my son when I was 16 years old and now I’m a single parent but I love it and my sweet little boy. Me & my mother are really close and my sisters think I need to move away from her because I always come to her rescue in financial matters lol. I have to agree with your description of Ceres opposite moon. I have repeated many hard lesson’s over and over again. Hopefully since in my progressed chart Ceres doesn’t aspect the moon that way anymore, things will change.

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