Car racing fatal accidents – small astrological analysis

Formula 1, WRC, NASCAR, IndyCAR – just a few competitions gathered around car racings where the keyword is speed. This auto sports has a lot of fans all over the world and the drivers are in continuous battle for the championship.But it also a very dangerous sport and sometimes tragedies occurs. We all remember the tragic death of Ayrton Senna on 1st of May 1994 on San Marino circuit. A great loss!

Doing some research on Ayrton Senna life I’ve found out some similarities between the charts of different racing drivers with a tragic end. I’ve analyzed charts of 32 drivers (list at the end of the post) and I’ve focused mainly on the following aspects: Mars square Uranus, Mars opposition Uranus, Sun square Mars and Sun square Uranus and Sun opposition Uranus. The main ideea is that each of this aspects are indicating some risks involving accidents , espeacially car accidents. This aspects also outline the need for speed of that persons and also the risk takers (sometimes too risky).

Analyzing all this data’s I’ve found the followings:
22 of drivers from a total of 32 have in their charts one of the above aspects. This mean a 69% percentage. Also 10 of them didn’t have any of this aspects in their chart (31%) but 2 of them had Sun-Mars conjunction.
– 5 drivers had Sun-square-Uranus, 6 Sun-square-Mars, 8 Mars-square-Uranus, 4 Sun-oppose-Uranus and 4 Mars-oppose-Uranus.

Based on this results we might say that drivers with any square of opposition aspect between Sun-Mars-Uranus are having a higher risk of fatal accidents. But it’s not true because we have to compare with the total number of racing drivers; we have to see from the total number of racing drivers how many of them have this aspects.

If the percentage is different to 69% (lower) than we can say that a driver with hard aspects between Sun-Uranus-Mars is exposed to accidents, fatal accidents. I’ll do this analysis but it will take a while (I’ve just collected 796 Formula 1 drivers birthdates).

As a supplementary info…
From the active Formula 1 racing drivers there are some with this types of aspects in their horoscopes:Giancarlo Fisichella, Kimi Raikkonnen ,M. Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya ,Ralf Schumaher ,Jacques Villeneuve , Rubens Barrichello ,Jarno Trulli ,David Coulthard ,Scott Speed ,Takuma Sato, Tiago Monteiro.

The complete list of drivers analyzed is : Ayrton Senna, Roland Ratzenberger ,Elio de Angelis ,Stefan Bellof ,Manfried Winkelholck , Ricardo Paletti, Gilles Villeneuve ,Patrick Depailler ,Grant Adcox ,Michele Alboreto ,Blaise Alexander ,Scott Baker ,Peter ‘Possum’ Bourne ,Scott Brayton ,Sergio Cresto ,Paul Dana ,Dale Earnhardt ,Markus Höttinger ,Kenny Irwin, Jr. ,Blaine Johnson ,Jeff Krosnoff ,Janusz Kulig ,Greg Moore ,Michael Park, Adam Petty ,Tony Renna ,Gonzalo Rodriguez ,Tony Roper ,Darrell Russell ,Terry Schoonover ,Robbie Stanley ,Henri Toivonen.

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